Riccardo Tisci x Nike Is Actually Happening

Somewhat shocking news surfaced this morning over at Style.com, in which Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci announced that he has collaborated with Nike and that the collection will drop in 2014. While Nike and Tisci both arguably design garments for the streets, Nike seldom ever collaborates with high-end fashion designers. Tisci said that when he was approached by Nike, he thought,"It sounded so strong, so perfect for my DNA. It’s a big honor for me, especially because they’re always working with sports people." He also alluded to Nike's impact across the world as a symbol of American culture.

While specific details regarding the collaboration are sparse at this time, we do know that the garments will don the "Nike RT" logo pictured above. Tisci does big, bold graphics best, although he ensured his work with Nike is "strong without being loud." If you're expecting crazy sneakers with straps and stars, you may be in for a major disappointment. After all, Tisci has worn Air Force 1's exclusively for 16 years.

It doesn't seem too farfetched to say that none of this would have possible without Kanye West's influence on Givenchy's streetwear presence during his Watch The Throne days combined with his (former) relationship with Nike. That said, this also appears to be part of Nike's larger initiative to enter high-end stores and markets, as seen recently with their White Label collection and collaboration with Dover Street Market.

  • http://kennyp.tumblr.com/ Ken P

    Trying to make up for all that AIR YEEZY money they just lost.

    • Tucci

      Which is… Not a lot at all. It’s not like the Yeezy outsells any of their other shoes like the Flyknits/Foams/Jordan Brand/Lebrons. They couldn’t care less if the Yeezy is gone.

      • Sir

        SIKE NIGGA

        • Tucci

          Do you work for Nike? Bitch, shut the fuck up

          • Sir

            lmao you mad?

    • JayFlex

      Yeezys weren’t a big seller for Nike. The retail was $250 and the quantity was extremely limited

  • Tad Cajipe Demata

    nike adding sophistication to their lines.

  • Angelo

    the link of tisci thooooo