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Oct 30th


Matching Your Fire Personality To Your Fire Alphet

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 5:19pm

What do you know about Henrik Vibskov? I just know that he’s probably the realest fashion designer out there. Dude makes wild clothes, does interior design, occasionally makes films and is an active musician. Talk about a low-key renaissance man....


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Lease On Life Society “BRVDO2.5″

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 4:39pm

After a couple months off the radar, Lease on Life Society is bringing it right the fuck back with another collection—a sort of a part II, if you will, to its F/W 14 collection we wrote about a little bit ago....

friend zone

Dressing Better Will Not Get You Out Of The Friend Zone

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 3:34pm

LMAO. SMFH. GTFOH. This shit is hilarious. I thought #menswear had evolved past the point of dressing to get chicks. But I guess not because this whole article in Esquire is about how dressing better can get you out of...

Four Pins Newsletter

Self Edge And Que Pasa Shop Team Up For Insane Warehouse Sale

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 3:06pm

If you don’t know, this Friday is the big Self Edge online warehouse sale at Que Pasa Shop. I think it’s also a holiday in which dudes dress like velociraptors and girls dress in ways that make us feel bad about...


These Socks Cost $800 And Are Surprisingly Not Worth It

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 2:37pm

Few things in life are taken for granted as much as the lowly pair of socks you put on every single morning. If you’re anything like me, you have a bunch of pairs by C9 from Target and a few...


“Deuce” As A Synonym For “Poop”

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 2:14pm

These Puma Boris Beckers have a really weird silhouette, but I think that’s what makes me like them so much. Apparently, Boris Becker wore these when he won Wimbledon in 1985 at the age of 17. Wow, what a Cool Teen™....


Starting Forest Fires With A Blunt

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 1:27pm

I want to wear this Creep anorak while I camp on a beach this winter. It would all be v rustic, but I would still keep my car, like, 10 feet away, stocked to the brim with Trader Joe’s Jo-Jos and organic...


Get To Know 5 Japanese Brands You Already Love

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 1:01pm

Japan turns out some of the best menswear on earth. We see it, we wear it, we write about it and we love it unconditionally. But there’s always tbhat barrier of entry of learning more about these brands through non-Google...


Behind Schedule Cobblers

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 12:26pm

Gray boots are the best boots. You don’t see them a lot so you have to snatch those fuckers up whenever they surface. These Sophnet joints have a RiRi zipper on the side which, at worst, could be really lame...


“Fashion Bros!” Season 2, Episode 8, Featuring Theophilus London

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 11:44am

Clothes before hoes....


Premium Co. Fall/Winter 2014 Brings Back The Cozy Boyz

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 10:54am

Premium Co. makes really comfy basics and pretty much has the look down pat. Well-fitting sweatpants, longer hoodies with side vents, tees layered under oversized sweaters, you know, pretty much what everyone these days wears once fall actually shows up...


Skipping The Party To Demolish Some Gelato Alone

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Thu, 10.30.14 at 10:30am

Guys. This. Is. It. I think I found the grail of grails of coach’s jackets. I’m going to ascend straight to heaven like Galahad after I procure this, for there is nothing more worth living for on this terrestrial plane. The wool blend already...


Oct 29th


The First Non-Butt Sneakerboot

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Wed, 10.29.14 at 4:35pm

I’m not really on board with the whole sneakerboot thing happening right now. It just feels like an excuse to turn perfectly good sneakers into ugly, hybridized boot-like tanks that don’t look good even if they’re supposed to handle the...


Master Gardeners With Off The Chain Koi Ponds

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Wed, 10.29.14 at 4:10pm

Knickerbocker makes this bucket hat and I’m not going to make fun of them for their old timey name because they included a sweatband inside this bucket. On top of that, they also threw a chain stitch detail on the...


Recommended Pre-Made Salad Options

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Wed, 10.29.14 at 3:25pm

This cotton fishtail by Apolis has a pocket on the left sleeve, which makes it just different enough from everyone else’s fishtail parka for you to think about buying it. Is it just me or does this jacket feel sleeker...