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Jul 29th


Stay In Your Lane

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 4:37pm

Look here, brands, I’m not payed to hang around and criticize your names—just your products. That’s not my lane. I let others take care of that. But for this one, I have to make an exception. Long Journey, come on,...


Don’t Cheat Off The Asian Kid Sitting Next To You

Written by
Tue, 07.29.14 at 3:57pm

Lee makes dope western shirts for the Euros and, luckily, Americans with Internet connections too. That is a fact. I own, like, 7 vintage Lee western shirts and several certified #influencers have asked me where I got my shirt whilst...


Drawn Out Psychological Justifications

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 3:15pm

Obviously, I really like caps. I don’t like calling them “caps” though because in my mind “hat” sounds way better. Personal predilections aside, this AMI melton wool hat is a hat that I would totally buy if I was looking...

Four Pins Newsletter

Man Up And Beard Out (The Other Kind Of Beard Though)

Written by
Tue, 07.29.14 at 2:27pm

Have you ever needed to cover for someone else’s sexuality? Ladies (if you’re reading this), is your best guy friend still in the closet, but needs to play it straight around the family? Or, guys, maybe one of your close...


Handicap Swag

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 1:54pm

Guys, I’m fucking pissed. I’ve been working with Four Pins for, like, more than a few years now and I still haven’t seen anything that crazy. I’M OUT HERE TRYING TO SEE SOME JACOBIM MUGATU LEVEL TYPE SHIT AND ALL...


Kale And Cashmere

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 1:29pm

If I see anyone in this Thom Browne T shirt, I guarantee they chomp on the finest of kale and (usually) dress themselves in the finest of cashmere. Is that not the shopping list for a one percenter who heads...


How To Exploit, Er, Photograph Your Kids Fashionably

Written by
Tue, 07.29.14 at 1:14pm

F.E. Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep fame just put together a guide on “How To Photograph Your Kids…Fashionably,” which is obviously the demographic over here at Four Pins. All I know about hanging out with kids is that it’s either awesome...


Desperate Enough To Watch Two And A Half Men

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 1:01pm

What are your plans for the next month or so? Whatever they are, cancel them because all your alcohol money will be spent on this Haider Ackermann grandad collar wool flannel shirt that weighs in at a whopping $1,020 buckaroos. I’ve...


Sock Ergonomics

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 12:01pm

I’m writing about beige socks today because I’m fucking lame lol. Remember a week ago when I hit up those Blue Blue Japan flag socks and they instantly sold out? I do because I never actually picked a pair up...


Top Shelf Cheese Plates

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 11:37am

When I’m invited to a party or event, the first thing I look for on the invite is what I’m going to get for free. I know you’re thinking, “Word, free booze makes for a good party.” But no, you’re...


Busting Your First Drug Ring

Written by
Tue, 07.29.14 at 11:24am

Spalwarts are like the New Balance of Europe: super geriatric, but they’re also in the upper echelon of Narc Dad™ swag. If you wear Spalwarts, you definitely have the NYPD tip hotline programmed in your phone. Hell, you probably have...


Tank Tops Are Sandals For Your Arms

Written by
Tue, 07.29.14 at 11:07am

That headline should be enough to discourage any of you from wearing a tank top for the rest of your life, but for me to get paid I have to actually back up that statement. Honestly, I’d tell you to...


EXCLUSIVE: Fight Club 2: The Fightening Sneak Peek

Written by
Tue, 07.29.14 at 10:43am

Chuck Palahniuk recently announced a follow-up to his seminal 1999 book, Fight Club. The sequel, a graphic novel, will focus on both the current life of The Narrator, our unnamed protagonist, as well as the mysterious past of Tyler Durden....


Good Luck In The Real World

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 10:28am

KENZO JEANS! Kenzo jeans. Look at these fuckin’ things, dawgies. The waist is, like, black or navy or some shit, but the rest of the jean is regular ass looking denim. WILD. Also, the area surrounding one of the pockets...


Jul 28th


Small Talk, Disengage

Written by
Mon, 07.28.14 at 5:50pm

Brands like A Kind Of Guise always throw me because I always forget if the “a” is part of their name or not. Like, when bands purposely leave off articles in their names like “Stars” and then you’re like, “Hey...