The Abandoned Supercars Of Dubai

Evidently even Dubai, a city I thought was literally dripping in wealth, has been hit hard by the economic downturn. And by "hit hard," I mean rich motherfuckers are abandoning their cars to avoid defaulting on their loans. Defaulting or even bouncing a check is a criminal offense in Dubai, so mad people are just driving their cars to the airport or wherever and leaving them there indefinitely before skipping town. If this was popping off in Detroit that would mean a ton of Grand Marquis and a whole bunch of other strugglemobiles, but since this is Dubai we're talking about, that means Ferrari Enzos and every other car mentioned in a rap song in the last 5 years. Supercars are literally sitting around, collecting dust on the street. Who wants to fly to Dubai with me to buy some Range Rovers and 911s on the low low? It’ll be like a sample sale, my dudes!

This is totally fucking crazy, right? But before you get a schadenfreude boner, remember these cars still represent crushed dreams, broken promises and the sickening feeling that comes with the realization that what you had was the result of living way beyond your means, no matter how baller those means may have seemed at one point.

There can’t be a better possible reification of the excess and thoughtlessness of the worldwide financial bubble than a bunch of lonely luxury cars littering even lonelier fancy streets and facades. I can’t wait until a bunch of photographers start taking high definition shots of this shit because maybe, just maybe, then they'll stop coming to Detroit to take pictures of the American Dream’s corpse.

  • Vis Markie

    Fuck breh, so that’s where I Ieft my Enzo.

  • Godfrey

    da fk we waiting for? let’s hit these auctions.

  • SC

    isn’t it still defaulting on the loan if you’re not paying the carnote no matter where you leave the actual car? i don’t see how just leaving it in a random place make a difference

    • jon

      They leave the country after abandoning the car.

      • Gabriel Rodriguez

        But why aren’t the repo’d by the loan givers?

        • Joel Oliver

          They’d have to be located, I’m sure they are eventually, but it’s not like the repo man has a GPS tracker on the car, they usually go to people’s houses/places of work, not the airport.

        • Booyah Boy

          who the f*Ck takes out a loan in dubai – you a simple ass

          • Gabriel Rodriguez

            Your reply doesn’t make any sense. If they didn’t take out a loan and paid their cars outright, they wouldn’t need to abandon their cars.

      • SC


  • sea_bass

    i posted this shit to my tumblr 2 years ago

    • Lawrence


      • sea_bass


  • D.A.

    i just want that mini cooper and I’m straight…………..maybe range rover too for road trips.

  • HappyPennyStocks.Com

    I;ll be getting that rich very soon. check my site out to see why.

  • Justin L

    btw car in the 3rd slide is just some random car with a ferarri F40 kit

  • Justin L

    since when are deloreans and M6’s classified as “super cars”?

    • Andrew So

      Delorean- not a supercar, but definitely a super car.

  • Sully of Doha

    The cars that appear to be damaged are often left because in order to get them repaired the person needs a police report. In addition, the car is not supposed to be moved until the police have arrived at the scene to ascertain responsibility. That being said, if you’ve even had one beer/glass of wine you will go to jail. SO…most people leave their vehicle to rot.
    Sully of Doha

  • Eddie Drood

    I sense a shitty photography book coming in the near future.

    • Old Blogger

      Yeah maybe Noah Emrich can be the shitty photographer for it lol

  • Booyah Boy

    das some cash money rite deh

    • p00kienrayray

      ^ das some uneducated, ingnorant form of communication rite deh

  • Themediabull

    This article is basically 4 years old by now and not particularly current.

    Dubai is recovering. Yes, they did fuck up with The World but they have started building hotels and shit on Palm Jebel Ali (west of Palm Jumeirah) and they will most likely finish Dubailand in 2 years. The World, however, is fucked up and will sink back into the ocean. Remember, Dubai´s GDP consists of only 6 % income originating from oil. Tourism is moderately rising again and hotels and shops are doing OK, not great, but fine.

    Source: I live in Dubai

    • lipstadt

      so that one island with a model home…
      i see an arabic version of arrested development

  • Fred

    A lot of these pictures are simply taken at the police impound where they are sometimes retained for weeks or months. Besides that, did people forget that Dubai is in the middle of the DESERT?? It doesnt take very long for a car to collect a thick layer of dust, doesnt mean they are abondend! I suggest to come and visit Dubai and you will swiftly figure out the reality…

  • SadCLown

    I get nauseous looking at these pictures. Not how these cars were meant to be treated fucking ultra rich don’t appreciate shit.

  • paul

    fucking late…this happened in 2010

  • Steven Smith

    just putting this out there. The enzo at the top was impounded after recieving a speeding fine. it was driving at 200 kmph on a 90 road. Tis picture was taken after a sandstorm and was shown in the dubai newspaper days after being impounded. a bidder paid it off and it is now his. The mercedes AMG is not abandoned it is in a long stay car-park in the airport, the owner was simply in a different country for the summer. The range rover was impounded. The porsche cayman is still sitting inn al Qoz but it moves around a bit and now has a font bumper. As for the delorian, it is probably a fake, yet i could be wrong. But put it this way, who would paint a delorian red?

  • Ass Hole

    hey ahole what the hell detroit has to do with this i hate mf always metioning my city like we are the worst place in the world leave my damn city out your mouth faG

  • Alexander Marchurs


  • Santiago

    isnt this like a year old Vice article?

  • Sarcasmo

    That F40 is FAKE… it looks like a kit car. No wonder it was abandoned… the shitty Fiero engine prolly gave up the ghost. lol