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’80s High School Students Explain Fashion

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Fri, 07.25.14 at 11:00am

Dogs, 1984-85 at Antioch High School was so turbo. It basically looked exactly like The Karate Kid. Side note: I plan on circulating an Internet rumor that Ernie Reyes Jr. was supposed to get the role of Daniel, but studio ...


The Unbearable Sadness Of A Great Night Being Over

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 3:48pm

It’s 8:30am on Sunday morning and I feel like dying. I haven’t slept. I’ve been partying for four days straight. I’ve been drinking. I’ve been doing drugs. I’m about to finish the last eight cigs in my girlfriend’s pack before ...


Lighting A Joint With A Burning Twig

Written by
Thu, 07.24.14 at 1:53pm

Keeping up with our ridiculous theme of fancy camping goods, this Log Tote from Winter Sessions and CampWell is perfect for your crappy apartment. Or crappy car. Or crappy tent that seemed way bigger when you imagined the measurements in ...


Young, Dumb And High As Fuck

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 12:01pm

I was 18 the first time I got high. I remember it vividly, better than I remember pretty much everything else from high school, including, but not limited to: getting my driver’s license, trying and miserably failing to date our ...


The Beauty Of Getting Lost This Summer

Written by
Thu, 07.24.14 at 11:17am

As a kid I never liked the summer. I always expected too much of it, thinking I needed to have the best summer ever and inevitably setting myself up for failure by staying inside reading books all day. Of course, ...


Poster Pages

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 5:52pm

Guys, we need to reinvest in magazines printed in languages that we are actually capable of reading. Or not. I mean, I really like the intellectual and cultural flex of telling people that “I don’t have to be able to ...


A $700 Sleeping Bag For When You Go Fancy Camping With Rich Girls

Written by
Wed, 07.23.14 at 4:29pm

Scout Seattle, we know about ya. I see you swapping out Italian selvedge for that raw, uncut Japanese shit and subsequently flipping what was already the most expensive sleeping bag of all time at $487 into a $712 yam. I ...


10 Summer Style Tips (From A Fashion Editor Who’s Going Through A Painful Divorce)

Written by
Tue, 07.22.14 at 1:01pm

Goddammit, Cynthia! ...


The New Middle Class: Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires

Written by
Mon, 07.21.14 at 11:48am

We owe a lot to the comic book writers who invented the notion of the normal, mild-mannered person transformed into a remarkable mutant by freak accident. As a result, our generation must do extraordinary things. We have to! It would ...



Written by
Fri, 07.18.14 at 4:11pm

iBought is a magazine all about what people, who design things you purchase, buy for themselves. Yes, it’s a magazine that documents pure, unadulterated consumption. I like this style of publication because it reminds me of OG menswear blogs. The ...

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