Your Feet Smell Like Salt And Vinegar Chips, Get Some Socks

& Life makes socks in Japan and Bodega sells them in Boston—is this the global economy thing I've been hearing about every time I flip past CNN to get to the Game Show Network? And who doesn't want fancy socks to go along with all their fancy shoes? Having an "understated, sober suit" with "playful and colorful" socks is the new killing it right? What I do know is good socks go a long way in keeping your feet from smelling like a bag of salt and vinegar chips and from freezing in the winter, which more or less makes them invaluable if you have feet.

  • Stephanie Stepp

    Your statement should say weather they are for male or female the fancy socks. JUST KEEPING IT REAL years ago you would never hear the word fancy when it comes to speaking about men socks