Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Chest Pockets…

Obviously this Sophnet corduroy shirt has some cool details—it doesn't take a blogger to point that out. But did you know it has a chest pocket inside the chest pocket? Yup, Sophnet’s 1+1 pocket has an interior pocket sized to hold credit cards. Or ninja stars or poison darts. Or a USB drive with top secret government undercover identities that you have to keep from falling into the wrong hands. Or just your driver’s license and Jimmy John’s frequent shopper punch card. YO DAWG, WE HEARD YOU LIKE CHEST POCKETS SO WE PUT A CHEST POCKET INSIDE OF YOUR CHEST POCKET!

  • http://jerusalemsunflowers.tumblr.com/ Elvisio

    and inside that chest pocket inside a chest pocket there’s a russian doll with a russian doll inside of it. either that or that’s where your weed keeps its weed at.