Weather Proof Modern Art

Mt. Rainier are rad because they make anoraks that is a little more heavy duty than most of their contemporaries—real deal type shit thanks to polyester insulation. You're looking at a finished product that's both windproof, water repellant and colorblocked. When you put this on you’re basically a weather proof piece of modern art, which automatically makes you better than any modern art that's not weather proof. But are you better than postmodern art? I don’t know, man. I missed that day in Art History. I just remember being like, "THOSE FLOWERS ARE VAGINAS, DUH. CHIAROSCURO, I’M OUT."

  • Spencer

    You guys really need to learn the difference between a wind shirt, and something that you actually use if you were standing in the rain longer than 5 seconds.

    • Shane

      yeah guys its REALLY IMPORTANT that you make this distinction, REALLY IMPORTANT