Very Rare IRL Flows

Japanese designer and tongue-twister Yohji Yamamoto has reworked the sneaker you haven't worn since the 4th grade. The Y-3 Adidas superstar, set to drop August 10, features nicer material and what not, but the main detail that propels these into the so-called "next level" is the stitching used on the iconic three stripes. As you can see, the threads extend beyond the midsole, which Adidas says can "either be cut or left to fray naturally." If I had these, I'd let them shits hang low and catch some of that very rare IRL flows that you typically only get when you go Cholo on a windy day or rock extra-long du-rags.

  • William Sells

    i’m calling it now
    the next stupid instagram fad will be oversized laces that just drag on the floor

  • john

    wtf man, these aren’t Y-3 and they aren’t even Superstars. They’re Y’s Super Position. It even says so on the fucking shoe!! Jake Woolf sucks!!!