Val Kilmer’s Personal Brand Is Dope

Guys, Val Kilmer is becoming my favorite celebrity. Dude is straight killing it with his website! Have you checked it out the Val Kilmer shop lately? Not only does he have blankets made in collaboration with Pendleton, but he's got some dope personal brand merch that look straight outta V-Files. Yeah, Val Kilmer got his own streetwear line and collaborated with a heritage brand before you did AND he played Batman that one time AND he was in Top Gun. Speaking of which, the real highlight of Val's site is all the behind-the-scenes video he takes on set. There's clips of him smoking and tearing pages out of the Top Gun script, swimming with that tiny guy from The Island of Doctor Moreau and even footage of everyone wearing sunglasses indoors at the Top Gun wrap party. Clearly, I fucking love Top Gun. Really though, this site just makes me miss Kanye's blog all that much more. Remember that?

  • MK

    How could you forget about HEAT? tisk

  • jackhmar321

    who the fuck is this guy

    • Bazooka Joe


  • Luke

    Only man to play both god and batman

    • Kevin

      And Jim Morrison, the God off all rock stars.

      • London Calling


        • Kevin

          Hendrix is good too, but has nothing to do with Val Kilmer lol. And he still ain’t the God that Jim Morrison is.