The Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook Is, Um, A Lot of Things

Thom Browne is eternally one of the brands in the fashion world that I want to fit me, but never will. I'm too tall and lanky (and broke). But, again and again, I see his stuff online and begin to talk myself into it with increasingly illogical statements, like, "Maybe I'll just wear the oxfords with the sleeves rolled up all the time," or "You know what? Maybe I can stunt the cropped trousers look." (I most assuredly cannot). But for as much as we all hate the shrunken suit look because it's so 2000 and late, TB comes through with a kinda hot fire lookbook for F/W 14 to show off what he does best: crazy expensive jawnery with a signature look and fit. No, I'm not a preteen headed back to school on Monday (slide 9), Johnny Depp in Alice and Wonderland (slide 7) or the most photographed man in New York who would definitely wear whatever the fuck is happening in slide 3. However—and this is a big HOWEVER—I am still a twenty-something with little to no concept of crafting a budget or fiscal responsibility. So, I still want a pair of Thom Browne sweatpants with four white stripes because I'm basic and want to show off that I once had more than $500 (!) in my checking account. Also, the little sportswear kick everyone is going on, like TB in slide 10, is welcomed with arms as open as The Big Ticket. Plus, floral brogue boots and mismatched spectators? Thommy ain't never scared.

  • Luke

    Getting wild German vibes from this . Which is rarely what you want

  • Soul

    Lame, dead, crappy, shit. Stab my eyes out with the antler horn hat

  • Eduardo Meneses

    Definitely felt like I was looking at the wardrobe of a Tim Burton film… and yet its wildly flames. If you’ve got that rare TB body top, ball out my friend

  • Frank da Plank

    Is this a Willy Wonka x Thom Browne collab?