The Token Black Guy Chronicles: African Americana At NorthernGRADE

Uh-oh, the young god is making power moves, y'all. This past weekend, I mosey-d on up to one of the negroidal capitals on the U.S., Chicago, for a very non-negroidal event. As you may or may not know, I also do a little writing for Well Spent, the online home of sustainable, affordable goods. Well Spent, along with Haberdash, Pierrepont Hicks and a few others, sponsored NorthernGRADE, a pop-up focusing on American made good. Heritage is the theme and it doesn't get less black than than this! Nevertheless, things change and people change, so I Uncle Tom'd my way over, hoping that someone's great, great grandson didn't catch me slippin'.

  • Chadd

    Alex Delany or Alex Maier?

    • lawrences

      Alex Maier…error on our part.

      • Nick Grant

        My bad, yo

  • juannycash