The Connectedness Of Humanity And Wraparound Pockets

I love Cash CA, I’m not gonna lie. I threw my journalistic integrity out the window on this one and pretty much every write up I've done on 'em. These twill Gardening pants are my absolute favorite though. I mean, they have wraparound pockets. The front pocket and the back pockets ARE CONNECTED, MAN—just like all of humanity. For real though, I know "workwear is dead," but its details will live on forever. So, who's gonna buy me these pants? Let’s pull a Kickstarter together for my wardrobe. Actually, fuck Kickstarter. Get your money the old fashioned way—steal it or sleep with someone for it. There's this little thing called integrity. EVER HEARD OF IT? GEEZ.

  • Art

    I followed blogs and shit since all that americana heritage bullshit. I went out and spent so much fucking money on all these bullshit trends up til now. This Japanese shit isn’t cutting it anymore four-pins. I got the most pussy when I was on that Italian sprezz shit. Wraparound pockets?… No Thanks