Strange Matter Will Help You Achieve The Ultimate Flex

Strange Matter is a new, high-end sneaker label from our homie who's a footwear vet, so if you're looking for some epic slander then this won't be the post for you. Having just launched at Barneys New York exclusively, Strange Matter utilizes progressive silhouettes and top quality raw materials and all that good shit for their sneakers, which means a couple of things: First and foremost, you will have some really nice sneakers, so congrats, bro. It also means you will have some really nice sneakers that no one else will know about, thus rendering you superior. Someone will come up to you in the street and ask you, "Yo, where'd you get those really nice sneakers?" To which you can sincerely reply, "Oh, these? They're from this new sneaker brand no one really knows about yet," which we all know is THE ULTIMATE FLEX.

  • Vaughn

    i think Creative Recreation and Vans OTW just had a baby?
    im all for luxury footwear, but none of these silhouettes have anything really special about them

  • MonkeyBalls

    That’s only “THE ULTIMATE FLEX” if you are a hipster menswear asshole.

    Q: How many hipster menswear assholes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: This new number no one really knows about yet.

  • freshgear99

    basically ripping off margiela and giuliano fujiwara designs