Ranking Mark McNairy’s Best Shoes

If you like fine footwear and haven't been napping for the last four years, Mark McNairy requires no introduction. Ever since the former J.Press creative director launched his eponymous label, McNasty can only be described as one of the boldest and best menswear designers in the game with a blithe disregard for anybody who thinks otherwise. The man spawned numerous collaborations with dope brands like Union, Bape, Tres Bien Shop and even Timberland. Here are 25 of his greatest shoes in order because that's how we do.

  • http://charismatist.tumblr.com/ Naraya

    This Stone Suede Longwing Brogues is so clean.

  • Clint

    I love the “reviews” on the BBC site for the McNairy boots complaining about the price and then turning into a bitch-fest about US economy.

  • rekab

    far from the best.