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Outerwear To Get Lit In

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 1:10pm

Wow, this Eidos blouson is super clean. Let the record show that the perfect piece of outerwear to get totally fucking lit in is a blouson. Meaning, it’s not big and cumbersome like a coat, field jackets have too many ...


Why You Dress Subtly

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 12:31pm

I’m super into this Portuguese Flannel shirt. Wildly literal brand name aside, I like it because it’s formal enough to wear with a jacket, but still casual enough to wear on its own. And this is the kind of fire ...

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Beautiful Fül Fall/Winter 2014 Is For Aspiring Renegades

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 12:03pm

Beautiful Fül is one of the most low-key, underrated brands out. I don’t know if you can be low-key and underrated. Maybe it should be low-key amazing or low-key, like, the fucking best. Either way, don’t let my feeble grasp ...


Discovering New Euphemisms For Cocaine

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 11:34am

This Baracuta G9 is all white, but I won’t call it “coke white” because, according to the copy, this colorway is called “McQueens Stone.” GUYS, WE JUST DISCOVERED A NEW EUPHEMISM FOR COCAINE. “Aye, I got that McQeens Stone. Shit ...


A Dog Wearing Men’s Clothing Makes $15,000 A Month And You Don’t

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 11:15am

As a part of Fast Company‘s Pet Week coverage, we get a full-on profile of the uber blog-famous Menswear Dog. What did we learn? First off, you can write a profile about a dog. Second, it’s better to have a famous dog ...


New York City Street Style: October 20, 2014

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 10:46am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


Spending Some Time In Another, More Well-Adjusted Person’s Home

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Fri, 10.17.14 at 5:34pm

I love Our Legacy because they always give expensive gear very low-key names. For example, this bag is called “Small Shopping Bag Grey Paper.” Like, for real, guys? I actually kinda really want a $260 shopping bag that may or ...


Hitting The Pleat Jackpot

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Fri, 10.17.14 at 3:23pm

Natural Selection is a young company based in London that makes decidedly British clothes. Like, super British. Like, it looks like you’ll-see-Benedict-Cumberbatch-in-this-stuff-on-the-next-season-of-Sherlock British. That sort of royal looking shit appeals to me on some level. I don’t know why, but ...

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You’re Just Gonna Leave That Hat On At The Table?

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Fri, 10.17.14 at 3:00pm

Whoa, Anonymous Ism makes hats now? No one told me. It makes sense though since hat material and sock material really isn’t that different. That’s actually a v smart business move. Do you guys take your beanies off when you ...


Getting Mobbed At Chico’s

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Fri, 10.17.14 at 2:28pm

These Needles sweatshirts are calling my name. Doesn’t matter if it’s the crew or the zip-up, both are baggy, dyed an inky blue and, yeah, peep the hemline. The extended rear hem makes it look like you’re wearing your art ...