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Breaking Down Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Womenswear

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 4:17pm

A real, actual woman on S/S 15. ...


Wear With Caution

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 3:38pm

I’ve really reached the tipping point with sweaters. It takes a lot for me to be even just be like, “Yo, this is a super fucking sick sweater.” I think that’s because I’m a complete plastic and judge everything based on ...


The Precise Moment When You Realize That You Need An Entirely New Set Of Friends

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 2:54pm

Nonnative is fucking killing it on the regular. Just check out this long ass hoodie. Are you guys tired of your asshole friends playing with your side zips? Buy this instead. Although, it is a goddamn guarantee that those same asshole ...


Do You Want To Be A Pirate?

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 2:21pm

There is something in the water right now that has infected the minds of designers to keep making black and white horizontal striped shirts. Fear of God, Saint Laurent and others are doing it. Whether they’re sweaters, tees or anything ...


Wave Caps For The Follicular Challenged

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 1:49pm

Cable knit caps are my fucking jam. Beams Plus makes this cap, which means not only is it Japanese, but it’s Japanese plus. Due to my follicular distress and being on the wrong side of 30, I can’t have a caesar ...


Burritos And Biryani

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 1:15pm

Do you guys own a fleece button down? I don’t either, but now I want one. I feel like it would be really cozy and comfortable for the coming winter. Although, every time I wear fleece I get such a ...


All The Great Things Happening In This World At The Current Moment

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 12:42pm

I don’t know why Chapter wasn’t on my radar before, like, last week. But they’re now firmly entrenched on the ‘dar. If I were on a submarine in the middle of battle, the dot (read: Chapter) would be getting closer ...


Just Like Drake’s Xans

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 12:21pm

Wow, normally I leave the visvim clothing at the door and just drool over the footwear, but I’m all the way down with this pullover tunic thing. I could do without the red stripe, but this is vis we’re talking ...


U Clothing Spring/Summer 2015 Can Stand The Rain

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 11:51am

Those dudes over at U Clothing really know how to lift up a shitty morning filled with rain. Their S/S 15 collection gives us a little bit of hope to look forward to in six months when fall is finished ...


Adults Keep It Moving

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Thu, 09.25.14 at 11:21am

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you guys are a little over bomber jackets. And by “a little over,” I mean that you’re waiting for a bunch of ‘em to go on sale. So, in the meantime, ...