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Twirl Your Umbrella Like You’re Living In The ’50s

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Fri, 10.17.14 at 11:17am

Let me tell you something that you did when you were younger: You held an umbrella like a cane and used that shit as a walking stick. Actually, you might still do that now since you’ve never actually grown up. ...


Not Just Some Thrift Store Garbage

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 4:40pm

Look here, it’s gonna start getting colder soon and not only do your fabric choices need to reflect the drop in temperature, but your patterns also gotta keep up. You need some real fall shit on deck, fam. But, at ...


R.I.P. To A Pre-Uber Existence

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 3:51pm

The Inventory crew has always had a knack for the collabo and this natural twill Ebbets Field Flannel cap continues the streak. They also low-key have the G.O.A.T. Jake Davis Test Shots. That shit was way back when Capsule was ...


Barbour x Adidas Originals Drop A Very British Capsule Collection

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 3:00pm

The English have a very involved relationship with the idea of the tracksuit. Like, even more than Run DMC. This might be why Barbour and Adidas teamed up on a small capsule collection that is sort of tracksuit-like. Made up ...


The Credits Of A Non-Existent Movie

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 2:25pm

I just found what I would style the main character in for a movie about a band of 20-something layabouts who occasionally dabble in misdemeanors that tend to escalate to full-on, five-star GTA wanted level felonies. Obviously, the movie would have a good soundtrack ...


Patchwork Garms Just Like Mom Used To Make

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 1:57pm

Junya’s patchwork game continues to be the most prestigious patchwork game in the industry. You couldn’t get a better selection of patchwork garms if your mom made them specially for you out of all the extra fabric she has lying ...


Strong Feelings Toward Mid-Top Sneakers

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 1:14pm

I feel like a lot of people have strong feelings toward mid-top sneakers, like most people are weirdly against them. Granted, I can sorta understand that, but you can’t have a complete prohibition on the mid entirely. You never know when ...


Stand Out From The Other Box Logos

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 12:46pm

I really only went on Union Los Angeles’s website to see if there was some rare chance that I’d be able to cop the newest Tisci x Air Force 1s (the mids, of course). But then I saw this Pigalle ...


The Inherent Subjectivity Of Perfection

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 12:20pm

Guys, I still fuck with cargo pants. Particularly, kinda slimmed down, kinda tapered cargos. Fight me. These Orslow cargos are pretty much perfect. I realize that definitions of perfection are inherently subjective, but if you let little things like that ...

The Arrivals_mens_parka_campaign1

The Arrivals Debuts For Fall/Winter 2014

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Thu, 10.16.14 at 11:59am

In general, I don’t really trust the sort of “fashion label started by someone who has no idea about fashion” business model. Maybe I’m just closed-minded. The same skepticism came when I received a pitch for The Arrivals, a new ...