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Different People With Separate Lives

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 1:28pm

I know we’re all just waiting for the murder she wrote Qasa drop, but in the meantime Y-3 is trying to remind us that there’s a whole clothing collection and—GASP!—even other sneakers made by the collaborative label. Like, check out ...


She Doesn’t Need To Know

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 12:56pm

Bro, you ever even seen Bullitt with Steve McQueen? Dude was so stylish that God had to take him up to heaven because we weren’t worthy of his presence on earth. And yo, that chase scene though? OHMYFUCKINGGODAMAZEBALLZ. Best in film ...


Nonnative Fall/Winter 2014 Is 100% Dank

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 12:28pm

Don’t act surprised when you realize you want almost every piece of nonnative’s F/W 14 collection. It’s fucking nonnative, you assholes. nonnative is always 100% dank. ARE THOSE LONG QUILTED SHIRTS? BRB starting a store called Coppington Gardens just so ...


Yung Chef Boyardee

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 12:03pm

Apparently, Istanbul is really well known for its whirling Dervish scene. Like, shit is popping over there. Peep the performance. Granted, I only found out about the Dervish scene because I’ve heard the phrase mentioned so many times by sports ...


When You Peep The Sneaks And Go, “WOW”

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 11:32am

Ya know, dawgies, I’ve never been sure about Common Projects. Their stuff is always clean, simple, wearable, etc., but I’ve never peeped a pair and thought to myself, “Wow.” That sentence was wholly valid and true until I caught eye ...


What Is An “Alphet”: An Analysis

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 11:10am

Alphet: Is it just a silly word? On the surface, it certainly seems as such. Is it a pejorative, tongue-in-cheek mocking of the great linguist French Montana? On the surface, to a plebeian, it’s very possible to appear that way. ...


Catching Feelings With Sensitive Thugs Who Ride Or Die

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 10:41am

Have you caught feelings recently? Do you ride or die? Or maybe you’re more of a Sensitive Thug™? Well, why not let the people know? When I try to describe my public persona, I run into the problem of how ...


Agents Of Garmenture Justice

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 10:27am

Thom Browne and I have a rocky relationship. A lot of times we’re all good and I talk about how I wish more menswear designers embraced theatricality and a sense of place as much as Browne does for his runway ...


Stay In Your Lane

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 4:37pm

Look here, brands, I’m not payed to hang around and criticize your names—just your products. That’s not my lane. I let others take care of that. But for this one, I have to make an exception. Long Journey, come on, ...


Don’t Cheat Off The Asian Kid Sitting Next To You

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 3:57pm

Lee makes dope western shirts for the Euros and, luckily, Americans with Internet connections too. That is a fact. I own, like, 7 vintage Lee western shirts and several certified #influencers have asked me where I got my shirt whilst ...