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Worshipping At The Altar Of Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2015

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 1:25pm

I don’t think my menswear writing pedigree would grant me admission into the Hall of People Allowed to Write About Ralph Lauren, but because this is the Internet and I reside in a little place called America, I guess I’m ...


Getting Bullied For Your Reeboks

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 12:52pm

Yo, you know what’s fucked up? When I was a young’n, dudes used to get bullied for wearing Reebok. I AIN’T EVEN PLAYING, DAWGIES. I distinctly remember some kid in my class being asked to take OFF his Classics because ...


Ruell And Ray Spring/Summer 2015 Is Heavy On Light Denim

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 12:38pm

I’m not much of a denimhead, really. I only own a couple pairs of jeans and I never got super into the Americana circle jerk a few years back. I did have one pair of raw denim that I promptly ...


Unidentified Upper Body Garments

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 12:10pm

It’s rare that I browse through Monsieur Porter’s new arrival section and peep something I really want, but this half-placket Barena shirt/T-shirt/henley/whatever tingaling is hella beautiful. Is it actually a T-shirt? Fuck if I know. It’s collarless and has a ...


Standard Skydiving Altitude

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 11:54am

I’m not about to spring up here with some basic ass Dockers or other swagless variation of trouser and tell you they’re worth a $400 pricetag. But there’s only so much designers can do to a pair of pants to ...

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Bird Is The Word

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 11:29am

How the fuck do you say “Arc’teryx Veilance”? Everyone I know just calls it “Bird.” I have no idea why and I’m too scared to ask because I’m a blogger now and I should know this stuff. But I don’t ...


Crumbs Clinging To Your Shirt

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 11:02am

Gentry got a new location AND a grip of new product. My favorite of the new batch online is this Our Legacy printed herringbone joint. Classic, boring patterns on an inky blue relaxed shirt? YEP. You guys gotta wear shirts ...


Hiroki’s FBT History Lesson

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Fri, 08.15.14 at 10:47am

You’re not a boss until you own a pair of visvim FBTs. I think that’s one of the 10 commandments of menswear blogging. Shit’s like number 9—somewhere near the end there for sure. But don’t forget about it because when ...


Business In The Front, Party In The Back (You Gotta Click Through If You Wanna See The Back FYI)

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Thu, 08.14.14 at 5:32pm

The typical polo is pretty much swagless. It brings about visions of out of shape middle managers kicking back at a backyard barbecue with a couple of Bud Light Limes, and not, like, in shape, totally brolic badass fashion bloggers ...


The Menswear Blogging Thesaurus

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Thu, 08.14.14 at 4:55pm

If alongside “must write about Margiela sneakers everyday” on my job description was a clause that said “they must be the same model as well,” I’d honestly be fine because I can write about Margiela GATs all day everyday. With ...