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BREAKING: New York Fashion Week Forced To Leave Lincoln Center

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 2:10pm

We usually use the “BREAKING” announcement in jest, but this time there’s actually some real news to report, so bear with me. In addition to men getting their own dedicated New York Fashion Week next year, there is some other ...

second life lead

The Bizarre World Of Second Life Fashion

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 1:12pm

At the urging of my Editor-in-chief, I am now aware of what Second Life is because of a documentary called Life 2.0. In essence, it is a totally beefed-up version of The Sims where you create and control an avatar throughout this ...


Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2015 Is A Slow Build

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 12:30pm

Carhartt Work In Progress makes fun shit that looks good. Full stop. When a “regular Joe” asks me where to get clothes that will make him look good, but not cost too much money and also don’t look too fashion-y, ...


Two Socioeconomic Rungs Up

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 12:13pm

Drake’s is one of those companies that makes accessories that I envision myself wearing if I were just, like, two socioeconomic rungs up from my current station in life. Like, the baseline stuff would remain the same, but I’d just ...


“Fashion Bros!” Season 2, Episode 12, Featuring Migos

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 11:38am

Clothes before hoes. ...


The Real Story Of How Normcore, A Fake Trend, Became An Actual Thing

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 11:10am

2014 was the year of a lot of stupid shit and near the top of the list was “Normcore,” a fashion trend focused on dressing “normal” for irony’s sake. But it didn’t come about organically like some other trends do. ...


Nike Was The Most Popular Fashion Brand On Tumblr In 2014

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 10:55am

Tumblr can be either a great barometer for fashion since it’s the most used platform for a lot of big brands OR it can be the most useless piece of shit because it’s just a community of 100 million teenage ...


Being Able To Ditch Your Friends Is Totally Worth $260

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Wed, 12.17.14 at 4:27pm

Remember when we all used to put our gloves in the breast pocket of our fancy jackets? What the fuck was that about, guys? Now, it would have made sense if we did that when we were inside a venue, but ...


Dope Hangers For Your Dope Jeans

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Wed, 12.17.14 at 3:40pm

You guys ever been to any of the Self Edge locations? They’re really nice. The one in NYC has this wooden bench outside that I always make a point to sit on and smoke menthols, artfully blowing smoke into the ...


When Was The Last Time Your Ankles Were Ever Cold?

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Wed, 12.17.14 at 3:09pm

I love me some cropped trousers like these Norse Projects joints. Granted, I wouldn’t wear them with those black CP chelsea sneakers, but that’s just a personal predilection. Instead, I’d probably wear some actual boots and, like, technical leggings underneath ...