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Unimpressed Loan Officers

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 3:52pm

Did you guys miss me yesterday? DID THAT MOKSHA KID ALREADY MAKE ME IRRELEVANT? Well, if you’re curious as to why I was absent from class, it’s because when I woke up I couldn’t get out of bed. And then, ...


Canvas Gators

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 3:06pm

Did all your friends fall for Stan Smiths this summer? FUCK ‘EM ‘CAUSE YOU CAN COP THESE NIKE X SIZE? TENNIS CLASSIC ACs, AYYYYYEEEE. The canvas upper is embossed with a crocodile pattern, which is crucial because CANVAS GATORS. (I ...


What’s Your Kryptonite?

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 2:44pm

Damn, neoprene really gonna be a thing isn’t it? I have no idea what it’s like to wear neoprene because I don’t scuba dive or surf. I feel like those are the only times you ever come into contact with ...


E.J. Johnson’s Fabulous Life

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 1:36pm

Did you guys know that Magic Johnson’s son, E.J., is a certifiable swag lord? First of all, he got that Magic Johnson money. Second, he wears caftans and capes and shit and if Andre Leon Talley fucks with similar garments, ...


Your Dad’s Favorite Country Singer-Songwriter

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 1:20pm

So you want to stunt on them hoes in a $700 denim shirt, but you’re scared you’ll accidentally resonate Billy Ray Cyrus? Don’t worry, homie. I see you. This chambray map pocket shirt by Garbstore is several miles away from ...


In Defense Of Ronnie Fieg

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 12:50pm

Ronnie Fieg doesn’t need anyone to rush to his defense. The sneaker designer and Kith owner has enough clout to get hundreds of thousands of people to flood his website for an anticipated release. But amidst the racks that roll ...


Just Oozing Sass

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 12:13pm

I want to look like a sassy bitch 24/7, but I also don’t want to waste valuable kinetic energy by scrunching up my face muscles for a prolonged period of time. Life is a fucking struggle, man. ‘’m not worrying ...

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Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2015 Recruits Celebrity Friends To Showcase Their Best Collection Ever

Written by
Thu, 07.10.14 at 11:53am

Truth be told, a new Rag & Bone collection usually isn’t one we get overly excited to see. It’s not that we don’t like the label, it’s just that at this point we kind of know what to expect. There’s ...

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Ovadia & Sons Launching Activewear Line, OVADIA+

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 10:58am

As we’ve come to learn over the past few seasons, Ovadia & Sons is a brand that is constantly evolving. What began as a traditional line of suiting and tailored garments has slowly but surely evolved into a fashion-forward range ...


“Fashion Bros!” Episode 18, Season Finale!

Written by
Thu, 07.10.14 at 10:40am

Clothes before hoes. ...