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A Kind Of Guise Fall/Winter 2014 Steps Outside Of Your Comfort Zone So You Don’t Have To

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 1:16pm

A Kind of Guise traveled to Istanbul to shoot their F/W 14 lookbook and showcase the many sites and people of the Grand Bazaar. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere like Istanbul. It seems so dope. But that’s what lookbooks ...


Our Legacy’s Hot Pocket Of Outerwear Goodness

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 12:49pm

“Family, friends, we’ve gathered here today to honor the life of all other outerwear because Our Legacy just shit on their graves and disrespected their work.” That’s how the pastor would being the burial ceremony for Outerwear, if such a ...


Instagram Artist Flips Fashion Into Erotica

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 12:24pm

AYE DOG, I HEARD YOU’RE AN ARTIST. HOPE YOU GOT AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO DISPLAY YOUR WORK. Because Instagram is fucking popping for artists that use Photoshop or X-ACTO knives to do their own analog Photoshops. Shouts to this guy ...


21st Century B-Boy

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 12:06pm

Opening Ceremony tends to be a lot of people’s first foray into high-fashion because it stocks every single brand of all time at every single pricepoint of all time. Usually that entails a very, very high level of corniness—like Yoko ...


Mainting Proper Thrive Levels

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 11:28am

Hey guys, I have a confession to make. I’m super into that movie Rockers and Jamaican style. Due to that interest, I recently went to Dick’s Sporting Goods (aka Modell’s for those of you on the East Coast) and bought ...


Woke Up Feeling Like Art

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 11:08am

Somedays, I wake up and just want to look like an obscure piece of art. I say, “Jeeves, go through my closet and pick the most impressionistic piece of clothing you can find and bring it to me, while I ...


Avant-Garde Fashion Butt Plugs, Er, Decorative Home Furnishings

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 5:26pm

Yo dawgies, I have a lil’ treat for the more adventurous of you fucking lames. If you hit up Goodhood’s homepage and tap in “R1, R2, L1, X, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up” you unlock access to ...


Lame Chubby White Dudes

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 5:08pm

Have we beaten you over the head with enough New Balance sneakers yet? Jesus Christ, how many times do you need to hear it before you go out and buy a pair? It’s sort of like when everywhere you go ...


Have You Copped Your Bodega Mystery Bag Yet?

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 4:27pm

Fat shouts to Bodega for employing the rare junky store in Chinatown technique of selling kids mystery bags. I remember always going to the same shop and every single time without fail my sister would ask my parents if she ...


Art History Meets High-End Fashion On Instagram

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 2:59pm

Photoshop is fucking crazy, you guys. At first I was like, “Damn, this Tumblr chick looks just like Frida lola.” And then I realized that this dude Chris Rellas started Copylab to create juxtapositions of classic art history and high-fashion. ...