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Stuck In A Sleeping Bag

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Wed, 02.04.15 at 3:15pm

Casely Hayford pretty much deaded the long bomber game with this one, fam. Goodness, me this long shell bomber is fucking exquisite.  It meets all the requirements to be a great long bomber: it’s long, it’s a bomber and it ...


The Most Money You’ll Ever Spend At J.Crew

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Wed, 02.04.15 at 2:30pm

2015 is the year of the Chelsea boot if you have not properly educated yourself yet. And if you’re looking for the perfect brown suede pair that aren’t going to be a complete fucking pain in the ass to break ...


Boogie Down With Rag & Bone Fall/Winter 2015

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Wed, 02.04.15 at 12:32pm

At this point it’s pretty clear that Rag & Bone has established itself as a reliable source for solid menswear. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that you already own a pair of their jeans or a ...


The Fall/Winter 2015 Footwear Report

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Wed, 02.04.15 at 11:22am

All of the kicks. ...


Inside The Cult Of Uniqlo

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Wed, 02.04.15 at 10:32am

Everyone loves Uniqlo. That’s a fucking fact. But while the racks of shirts, jeans, sweaters and puffer jackets aren’t paid much mind by the regulars who stop in for their monthly boxers and socks supply, everything that goes into a ...


The Conflict And In-Fighting Of The Four Pins Comments

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Tue, 02.03.15 at 4:48pm

You guys are probably thinking that this EG hat that sells for $84 is a little extravagant, especially considering it doesn’t even have a brim. But enough about cost-efficient cops for your dome. Do you think you could even pull ...


Never Let Them See You Sweat…At New York Fashion Week

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Tue, 02.03.15 at 3:32pm

I’ve had my eye on some highwater trousers from visvim for a minute now. I just want to wear big fuzzy socks with them or leggings underneath with some ankle socks. I’ve mentioned that particular look like fifteen hundred times, ...


When Larry Met Moy

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Tue, 02.03.15 at 2:39pm

Did you guys know I met Four Pins’ fearless overlord outside a YMC booth at a trade show, like, 25 years ago? TRUE STORY. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago, but I smoke mad weed so whatever. Moving on. ...


Shopping Japan With Four Pins: Vendor, Nakameguro

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Tue, 02.03.15 at 2:06pm

"Shopping Japan With Four Pins" is an ongoing series in which Amardeep Singh takes us on a tour of the country's best shops. ...


Chinese Post-Postmodern Malls

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Tue, 02.03.15 at 1:46pm

Y-3 JUST CAME THROUGH WITH YOUR BUCKET HAT FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER, FAM. I have a bunch of family in China. In fact, it’s, like, half of my family, so I’ve been over there more than a handful of times. ...