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Breaking Down London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Womenswear

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Thu, 09.18.14 at 1:05pm

A real, actual woman on S/S 15. ...


Consider This Your Introduction To Whiz Limited

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Thu, 09.18.14 at 12:26pm

Sup fam? Welcome back. I’ve been meaning to write about veteran Japanese brand Whiz Limited for a minute now. They dropped some really beautiful, unique pieces toward the end of last month, but I’ve been too fucking busy to put ...

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Nothing Was The Same: Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Pyer Moss Is About To Break Through

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Thu, 09.18.14 at 11:36am

A classic New York sequel. ...


Take A Look At The GQ x Gap 2014 Best New Menswear Designers In America Collection

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Thu, 09.18.14 at 11:02am

In the lead up to the GQ x Gap 2014 Best New Menswear Designers in America collection, the folks over at GQ dropped a lookbook that features the limited-edition items. Now, the release date for the collaborative effort has finally been announced as ...


“Fashion Bros!” Season 2, Episode 2, Featuring Makonnen

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Thu, 09.18.14 at 10:24am

Clothes before hoes. ...


Splitting The Blanket Difference

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Wed, 09.17.14 at 5:38pm

I remember when all of menswear was in a hubbub about people draping shawls and thick blankets over their shoulders to keep warm. It was right around the time of the forever controversial Floppy Hatgate, I believe. People flipped their ...


It’s The Small Accoutrements That Make The Cypher Complete

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Wed, 09.17.14 at 5:11pm

I fuck with Neighborhood, the brand, as a whole, but by far and away my favorite items they produce are from their pottery series. Specifically, the incense chambers. Sure, you could just burn incense in an ashtray or on those ...


Traversing The Outerwear Spectrum

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Wed, 09.17.14 at 4:40pm

I hope your closet can hold more outerwear because that’s basically all I’ve written about for the past month. Get used to it. With fall steadily approaching, anyone who says outerwear isn’t the most vital part of your alphet is ...


That One Time You Had To Go Camping With Your Girlfriend’s Family

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Wed, 09.17.14 at 4:08pm

Guys, I love backpacks of all kinds: technical backpacks, really old school hippie backpacks, backpacks that turn into briefcases, you name it. But, yo, for real this time, Teranishi’s “Venture” backpack is my new and forever favorite. I really love ...


Good Really Does Exist In This World

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Wed, 09.17.14 at 3:24pm

Wow, UNIONMADE’s signature lone product shot flex is getting more popular, but this time I’m gonna let it slide because Bodga is selling N. Hoolywood and I’m not sure of too many other online retailers carrying what is one of ...