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Re-Evaluating Kid Cudi x Giuseppe Zanotti A Day Later

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Wed, 08.20.14 at 10:34am

A few of you Internet surfin’ playas have probably seen this image circulate in the past 24 hours. To cop or not to cop may have even started to percolate. So I will speak candidly of the matter with an ...



Written by
Tue, 08.19.14 at 5:29pm

Oh snap, this Ganryu shirt has got an anorak-style kangaroo pocket. Granted, the rest of the shirt is fucking insano, but c’mon, this is Ganryu we’re talking about. These dudes pretty much stay Hadokening style and fashion conventions and that’s ...


The Worst Kind Of Person

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 4:48pm

Sometimes I get real existential about my clothing. More often than not I end up really conflicted about the item, like this Norse Projects puffer jacket. What is it? It’s obviously a jacket with some puffy quilts. But dig a ...


Low-Key Gawdess

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 4:13pm

Margaret Howell is such a low-key gawdess. A lot of times, I’ll see a true blue influencer’s selfie and be like, “Damn, what kind of trousers are those?” And since I only follow real #influencers, they never tag the brands ...


A Coat For Under Your Coat

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 3:41pm

We’ve posted precisely once about Flistfia. Seriously, check the tape. We have no idea how to pronounce the name and I have personally only come across the brand at Blue Button Shop, which, you guessed it, is precisely where I ...


Old Enough To Actually Mean It

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 3:09pm

Dogs, I know I need to talk the actual product in these posts, but I fucking love the WTaps slogan: “Placing things where they should be.” SO FUCKING GOOD. Anyways, these are basically tight-baggy jeans, which is what all the ...


Hugh Hefner Meets Mr. Rogers

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 2:26pm

It does not get more luxurious than this. You know when Kevin McCallister gets in the cab in Home Alone 2 with a pizza? This satin-lined Sacai sweater just usurped that as the height of luxury. Thank you for the material, ...


Clarks And Staple Help You Vanquish Your Archnemesis

Written by
Tue, 08.19.14 at 1:43pm

Boy, these are some strange looking Clarks. The design is the product of a collaboration with the English shoemaker and Staple Design. They feature a sock liner, ripple sole, and a combo suede and leather upper. I know what you’re ...


Russian Internet Cowboys

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 1:17pm

Russian designer names are so fire. Like, fuck, Vladimir Lenin? Grigori Rasputin? Gosha Rubchinskiy? That sounds like some historic Russian emperor that ran shit back in the 1500s and killed anyone who spoke ill against him. Such a fire name. ...


Nike x Fragment Tennis Classics Are Cheap And Beautiful

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 12:38pm

I know summer is pretty much definitely over (as if you even left your virgin bunker lmao), but you should already be preparing for 2015. That’s what separates us from the lames. These Nike x Fragment Tennis Classic SPs are ...