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Sweat Your Gennies Clean Off

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Thu, 09.11.14 at 12:42pm

My personal highlight of fashion week wasn’t getting street styled three whole times by Tommy Ton. It was seeing all the models I see in lookbooks in real life. OK, I’m lying. The street style was the highlight. But I ...


Preview The Upcoming GQ x Gap Best New Menswear Designers In America Collection

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Thu, 09.11.14 at 12:01pm

You guys, the day is almost here. That is, the day when the GQ x Gap Best New Menswear Designers in America collection finally drops. If you haven’t kept up with the news, four rising designers in America get to ...


Calling All Strug Lords, Four Pins Needs Your Help Staying In Complex Magazine As Always

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Thu, 09.11.14 at 11:49am

Look, we all know that the first installment of “Under the #Influence with Four Pins” was a rousing success. And if you haven’t seen it yet, read it immediately before your Klout score plummets to even impossibly lower levels. Before ...


Sweater Stat lines

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Thu, 09.11.14 at 11:16am

I’m gonna give you guys three guesses as to why I like this Nanamica sweater so much: Nope, it’s not the Thermolite technical wool blend fabric. Nope, not the ribbed chest pocket. Anyone? It’s your last chance… YEP, IT’S THE ...


“Fashion Bros!” Season 2 Premiere, Featuring Tommy Ton

Written by
Thu, 09.11.14 at 10:24am

Clothes before hoes. ...


Instead Of Being Judgmental, Be Prepared

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 4:47pm

Winter Session makes these two-tone canvas backpacks. I like the fact that the bottom panel is a waxed canvas. I have accidentally put many a backpack in some crazy gross shit. That’s on my unobservant ass. But I’ve also been ...


Dope Sweatshirts Are Going To Be Very Big For Fall

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 4:05pm

I know better than to admit I’m not too familiar with a brand because—HELLO—I’m a fucking menswear expert guys. I go to fashion shows and make really strong observations like, “The zippers on the tunic? So dope.” And then I ...


Bulletproof Alphets

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 3:33pm

You guys remember the era of 50 Cent wearing bulletproof vests? Man, those were the days. I mean violence is never a good look, but bulletproof vests sure are. I would most definitely wear a bulletproof vest if it wouldn’t ...


Isaora Fall/Winter 2014 Helps You Move Better

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 3:05pm

Amongst all the other techwear brands out there today, I like Isaora most because its clothes don’t make me look like I’m a walking piece of futuristic technology. Instead, they’re just super cozy, fit well and repel a lot of ...


When Everything Reminds You Of Cigarettes

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 2:48pm

Hello, dawgies. It Me Again™. Sorry, I’m not actually dead. My life is mad busy because I’m not an unemployed philosophy graduate like you. Have you ever tried to quit smoking? I’m trying right now and it’s much more difficult ...