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Clothsurgeon Spring/Summer 2014 Is For The Cultured Sportsman, Whatever That Is

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 10:34am

Clothsurgeon just unveiled their S/S 14 collection, entitled “The cultured sportsman.” What exactly is a cultured sportsman? I am not really sure, but it seems like a guy who both fucks bitches (sport) and gets money (culture). As for the ...


Floating Into SuFu Nerds’ DMs

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 5:11pm

Kapital kontinues to make klothing that you wish you could wear. I know you think you could pull off wearing a tattered patchwork shirt with a pocket underneath your armpit and one floral button, but you can’t. It’s bad enough ...


Eastbay’s Life-Changing Jordan Re-Stock

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 3:43pm

April 19th. Mark that shit down right fucking meow because on that day the beautiful saints at Eastbay are going to re-stock some incredible Jordans, most of which you definitely bricked copping the first time around. Amongst the grails are ...


Hard-Hitting Analysis On Sneakers That Have Been Out For 3 Years

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 3:07pm

These Jack Purcell x Comme des Garcons PLAY shoes were pretty dope when they first came out before becoming super strug, but now I think are pretty cool again. Like, if you rock them with the right black pants and ...


Shortsighted Herbs

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 2:25pm

Made with Rest came through with these “Uniform” shoes in sage. Sage is a v underrated shoe colorway. I know that you exclusively wear sneakers that make your feet look like transformers now, but you need to embrace diversity. It’s ...


Going Shirt-For-Shirt With Jay Leno

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 2:11pm

How many denim shirts can one man own? I don’t know, but I lemme just throw it out there that me and Jay Leno prolly could go shirt-for-shirt at this point. Except Leno takes it to moderate psychopath levels by ...


The Second Layer Of Exclusivity

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 1:46pm

Yo, we haven’t written about Second/Layer in a minute, which is our bad because they’re basically putting the SoCal clothing scene on their back, lifting up a pathetic region where Aviator Nation rainbow tank tops are the unfortunate norm. Second/Layer’s ...


Making Your Dad’s Soul Cry

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 1:34pm

Dawgs, were you considering buying a pair of shorts and then just skating thru Dick’s Sporting Goods and picking up a pair of running tights to wear underneath them in some sort of lame attempt to become your circle of ...


A Disproportionate Amount Of Pockets To Buttons

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 12:49pm

Wow, Natic Marine looks like it’s gonna be your go-to popover company. For a while, if you needed a popover with eleventy pockets, you had to go to Post O’alls, but now you have TWO options for popovers with a ...


The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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Mon, 04.14.14 at 12:09pm

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how hard you party. ...