Neighborhood Spring/Summer 2013 Is Moody As Fuck

Neighborhood lookbooks are moody as fuck and this S/S 13 joint is no exception. The only thing moodier is their store in Tokyo. That shit is all dark and full of weird incense holders and leather and there are motorcycles parked out front for no apparent reason other than, you know, like, motorcycles. No lie, I love all the cigarettes, taciturn models, skulls, racially insensitive headdresses, pineapple prints and sick scarves featured above. If your lookbook doesn’t have a smoking model, you don’t really have a lookbook, you just have a bunch of pictures of some dude, which is wild sus.

  • Jesse

    Must have pineapple shirt

  • Jagen

    Blonde model straight out of Mary Kate & Ashley’s Billboard Dad.