Market Week Recap: Baldwin Spring/Summer 2014

Badwin's S/S 14 offerings and their accompanying lookbook are as solid as solid gets. Like I explained after viewing the lookbook, their clothes are for the man who doesn't want to seem like he cares about clothes, but is still absolutely intent on dressing well. This method of dressing is probably the best way to actually get girls IRL as oppose to reblogs because girls love attention and you can't give them attention if you won't ever shut the fuck about your clothes. Standouts from next spring include a stellar washed trucker that, wait for it, has a zipper and snaps as oppose to traditional buttons *mind explodes out of asshole*.  Also, while kind of hard to show you over the interwebz with our super-not-even-remotely-official iPhone photos, the brand's T-shirts have some of the softest hand feelz out. Shit's like running your hand through a bathtub full of lotion.

  • Mturman3

    Attention KC. Baldwin is clearing out their warehouse and is discounting some items at 75% (I visited the Plaza location). I just copped a chambray shirt and pair of jeans for $50 a piece. Can’t beat American-made, designer clothing on the cheap.