At Least You Don’t Have To Go To Brooklyn To Visit Left Field’s New Store

Left Field just opened its first brick and mortar in Queens. Double shouts to the location choice. I've never heard of Ridgewood, Queens and you probably haven’t either, but who cares? At least you don’t have to go to Brooklyn. The store will carry the entire collections of both Left Field and Choctaw Ridge and is open by appointment only. By appointment only is the most baller of all retail maneuvers. From what I can tell, the shop looks a lot like this Japanese vintage store I went to. Though it wasn’t by appointment only and didn’t have free vintage pinball machines and porno.

Hit 'em up to make your appointment.

Left Field NYC

753 Onderdonk Ave

Ridgewood, NY 11385

(718) 366-7308

  • b

    what the fuck is wrong with Brooklyn, Moy?

  • P

    You’re a complete lame.
    Ridgewood, is virtually in BK. It’s right on the borderline of one of Brooklyn’s “hippest” neighborhoods in fact. And yes, I would venture to say that most of us living in the largest metropolitan area of the US, have heard of it.