Keep Your #Influence On An Even Keel

These Air Max 1 Premium sneakers from Nike are stuuuuuupid. They're so fucking dope it makes me mad, but then I'm happy again because they're available for a $192 pre-order at Luisviaroma. These are the perfect Nikes to pair with your new found street goth look, as they basically encompass the only 3 colors that matter anymore, while still keeping you level headed in the sneaker game. I think you could even get away with saying these are some crazy exclusive Rick Owens x Nike collab to your less informed friends. Even if they don't know or care who the fuck Ricky O is, that shit still sounds pretty cool and keeps your #influence on an even keel.

  • Marc

    Finally Four Pins is back to its #menswear blogging roots, encouraging lying about the provenance of a garment to seem more next-level (which we know is where we all started). Wait, is encouraging people to struggle blog the new #influencer shit? AHH #MENSWEAR IS OUROBOROS-ING AGAIN.

  • based G

    its funny bc ricky x adidas is happening