Getting A Meal For Under $10 To Justify Buying A $900 Jacket

Damn, Gentry out here creating editorials based on my times in New York City, except IRL there's a lot more standing in front of buildings staring at my phone. And also frantically checking my mobile banking app before I confidently stroll into the cheap dumplings spot. Those dumplings are so good and a certified #influencer told me about them, so I go every time I'm in town now. But, really, mainly because I can get, like, 4 gigantic ass dumplings, a scallion pancake and a can of Coke for $4.25. Getting a meal for under 10 bucks means that I can justify buying a 900 dollar jacket that is exactly like another jacket I already own.

  • d

    which dumpling spot, lmk lmk

  • Duece

    story of my life with the cheap meal/jacket deal.

  • FyuuR

    Those dollar dumplings are clutch as fuck.