Easily Getting 10 Wears

Damn, nonnative is a brand that I really need to hang out with more. Like, who does their PR? LEMME HOLD SOME SAMPLES FOR AN IN DEPTH PRODUCT REVIEW THAT I WILL NEVER WRITE. But seriously folks, this driver jacket is the fucking business. The hidden placket, two way zips, stowaway hood, MA-1 sleeve pocket detail—what more could you possible want in a S/S jacket? Waterproofing because of the unpredictable weather? BOOM. THIS SHIT IS LINED IN BONDED GORE-TEX. nonnative is out here to serve your wants and needs as a consumer. And, of course, you really want a thousand dollar coat that you'll wear 10 times before it's so hot outside that the guy you hate reverts to his summer alphet of tank top and cut-off jean shorts. The infuriating thing is he thinks you and him are similar because you both wear Vans. SMFH.

  • Jordan Baird

    I am too poor for this shit

  • Hans_II

    That cut-off jean shorts guy is a real person and I can’t stand him

  • http://danielheard.squarespace.com danielheard

    The platonic ideal of raincoats. Shit.