Acne’s SEO Game Is So Ill

What's the only thing better than a dope ass MA-1 with double zips? A dope ass MA-1 with double zips AND rare hemlines. And would ya look at that, Acne just served up such a garment for you to feast your eyes $600 dollars upon. Side note: Acne has some of the illest SEO in the game. Seriously, if you search "Acne" on Google, their site is #1. Step your fucking game up, Proactiv. Anyway, this bomber is lighter weight than the label's more traditional, puffy winter version, but that shouldn't stop you from copping because dropping flex bombs in bombers in a year-round sport.

  • fuccyouraunty

    dont post no acne bruh shit hurt my pockets

  • thot

    your search results are not everyone’s search results!

    • //

      If you just Google the word acne they’re the first thing that comes up