Common Projects Is Coming For Ya Neck, Hender Scheme

Protect your goddamn neck, Hender Scheme! Common Projects is comin' for ya! Okay, so nothing will ever compare to Hender Scheme's all leather perfection, but today is apparently the day we start calling Common Projects the struggle versions of something more high-end, so I guess we just got super paid without even realizing it. You can hit us up on the money phone. If you show up to The Rucker wearing these, an arm sleeve and hella finger bands, while keeping your Hender Schemes on ice, can you please let us know how it goes in the comments? Thanks. Deemed the "Bball High" and "Bball Low", Common Projects isn't being shy about the fact that these are just luxe ass AF1's and we fuck with that transparency. Common Projects ain't trying to change the game, they're just making it a more beautiful place.

  • WAVY

    The toe cap looks like it was sewn by Michael J. Fox (no shots)

    • Michele D’Agnillo

      been waiting long to use that line?

      • WAVY

        I never wait long to use lines (no Charlie Sheen)

  • Anthony Sykes II

    Happy they are releasing the BBall again.

  • Very Common Projects

    Here’s the problem with Common Projects:

    They began with a super minimal, beautifully constructed shoe – the Achillies Low. ( however…let’s not kid ourselves, it’s a paired down Stan Smith)

    It’s an instant classic…

    The gold foil stamp on the back becomes a calling card, a subtle way to let the world know you dropped $350 for a nice white casual sneaker. And it makes an impression without being too showy.

    But where do you go from there????

    Apparently, you knock off more classics, muddle the designs, complicate the once simple silhouettes and details, and as a result things start to go south.

    That new B Ball low is especially butt.

  • jlp

    these are based off the Big Nike High not AF1. poverty sneaker writer

  • Stanley Tucci Mane

    I said fuck out loud 87 times when I saw these. Dope (not cliche dope).

    Navy sneakers are also a thing.

  • meow

    Sick joints