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Sep 16th


Fisting Yourself

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 5:02pm

Wow, why is Han Kjobenhavn the most fire menswear brand out there for dudes who want to look like they’re specifically en route to a soccer game aka me? This trench, which is called the “Square Trench“ because it has these...


Congrats On Being Ahead Of The Curve

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 4:25pm

Guys, furry socks are the new maneuver. Or maybe they’re your old maneuver. In that case, congrats on being ahead of the curve I’ve just created in my head. But, look, it’s already starting to get cold out and you...


Take A Look Inside Sandro’s First U.S. Men’s Store

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 3:56pm

Man, us New Yorkers are so lucky. Even when a dope brand like Sandro already has outposts in SoHo, it wants to dive back in and drop a men’s only store a few blocks away. Talk about a drone strike...

Four Pins Newsletter

The Genesis Of Your Love For Particular Garments

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 3:25pm

I love cardigans. Maybe it’s cause my grandpa always wore this really furry yellow cardigan. Or maybe it’s because I like to layer the fuck out of my alphets. The genesis of your love for particular garments is fucking irrelevant,...


Roll Your Sleeves Up However You Damn Well Please

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 1:38pm

Yesterday, I wrote about how crucial double sleeves are. The verdict: SUPER FUCKING CRUCIAL. So crucial, in fact, that I’m here to remind you that there are more double sleeves out there for you to gobble up with your most...


Murdered Out SIG Sauer

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 1:05pm

Journal makes this geometrically patterned sweatshirt and I like it quite a bit. The woven pattern is very wavy and it would like nice with a monochromatic fit. I would let a bit of a white tee hang out the...

Getting Physical™ Vs. Getting Active™

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 12:35pm

A couple weeks ago, Jian got this super baggy, weirdly patterned Soulland suit that had pants that were probably 6″ too long. Everyone in the office was like, “Wow Jian, you’re so wack.” Honestly, we say this about most of...


Three Years Later And They’re Kind Of Killing It

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 12:12pm

J. Crew is really out here killing shit. You ever have a lame friend and/or acquaintance that always bit your steez, but you never worried about it because they did it in kind of a crappier, cheaper way that was...


A Jacket That Won’t Judge You

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 11:58am

This Wood Wood jacket kind of looks like it was made by mistake. The pocket on one side looks totally normal, but then there’s the other side with the sealed-on patch and zip pocket and it feels like one of...


Sep 15th


Not Buying A Dope Bomber Is Not An Option

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 4:49pm

Even though it lacks double zippers, this Stampd LA bomber (availabe in black and olive) is on fucking point. It feels like an ode or spiritual successor, if you will, to the S/S 2002 bondage-themed Helmut Lang collection, one of...