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Looking Like A Video Glitch

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 4:04pm

Shout out to SASQUATCHFabrix for making a shirt that will let me look like a video glitch. I wonder what it’s like to put this shirt on. I’m assuming you have to pull it over your head. That’s part of ...


Expensively Dressed Janitors

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 3:15pm

Shout out to End for locking down this exclusive colorway from ETQ. They didn’t fuck it up by getting a wack exclusive either. Some people describe sneakers like this as “triple black,” which seems needlessly complicated when you could just ...


Neighborhood Spring/Summer 2015 Is Multi-Dimensional

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 2:56pm

Neighborhood made things complicated with its S/S 15 collection. It’s not the typical lookbook in terms of dropping the clothes on a model, setting the scene with some visually pleasing location and then letting them traipse around with the sunlight ...


Money, But No Taste

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 2:28pm

You guys ever go to Niagara Falls? Maybe somewhere similar? Anyways, you can take a boat ride almost directly underneath the falls and I remember my parents busted out the disposable clear plastic ponchos when we went. At first, I ...


The Golden Rule Of #Menswear

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 1:34pm

If you don’t own at least one 19th Century BD from Engineered Garments, you don’t love EG like the way you tweet you do. You just want a long shirt or jacket with fifty pockets because it fits into the ...

canada goose

How Kate Upton’s Boobs Helped Canada Goose Take Over

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 1:16pm

Of all places,¬†The New York Post documented the rise of the Canada Goose parka, the very same parka that has been a required piece of gear for the U.S. Antarctic Program for decades. They’re a huge fucking hit in New ...


Why “Derelicte” Fashion Is A Problem

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 12:39pm

Fashion’s obsession with extreme youth is well-documented, but not to be forgotten amongst the waves of scrawny guys are the tumbled, ripped and dirty clothes they tend to wear. Refinery 29 dropped an essay¬†about why fashion’s infatuation with homelessness/vagrancy/whatever else ...


Quiet Elegance Vs. Deafening Awkwardness

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 10:49am

Mr. Porter describes this Balenciaga wool, cashmere and silk blend sweater as exemplifying “quiet elegance.” Just once I wish I could embody something like quiet elegance. Normally, I’m rocking with a deafening awkwardness even if I never even say anything. ...

man bags

Man Bag Business Is Booming

Written by
Fri, 01.30.15 at 10:37am

Every season, designers send their models down the runway kitted up heavy with a lot of shit we likely never end up wearing. It’s a function of showing off the collection with a full vision. While I tend to gloss ...


Dr. Mario

Written by
Thu, 01.29.15 at 4:26pm

Ayy, check out this Tetris jam from Marni. You guys ever fuck with the v strong Tetris-related game Dr. Mario? That was a very big game in my household. I remember even the parental units would jump in on some ...

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