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Remember Beer Jesus?

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Thu, 04.24.14 at 4:38pm

This jersey crew is pretty much a regular sweatshirt/long sleeve shirt, except for the asymmetric hemline and cycling-style back pockets. So, not really that regular at all. I love rear pockets like these because you never think you’ll need them ...


Tres Bien Shop Launches In-House Label

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Thu, 04.24.14 at 4:02pm

While Tres Bien is arguably the best store in the world, the inherent limit of any retail outlet’s genius is always that it’s the result of a mastery of curation. In the case of Hannes and Simon Hogemann, it’s that ...


Justin Saunders : Tumblr :: Virginia Woolf : Feminism

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Thu, 04.24.14 at 2:55pm

JJJJound just dropped this new Canadian-made crew neck sweatshirt that features his logo on the breasticle region. Rock this abreast your bestie at a festival and bump chests while the music plays at crazy decibels. Damn, I should be a ...


Taking Up Space Meant For Paying Customers

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Thu, 04.24.14 at 1:50pm

Dog, copper bracelets are the fucking truth right now, especially copper bracelets made by Navajo artisans for Self Edge. I always look at the jewelry when I’m at Self Edge, but I never buy anything because my job as a ...


What You Will Find Under The #Interiors Tag On Tumblr

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Thu, 04.24.14 at 1:22pm

We recently brought you the lookbook for the BWGH x Puma “Joy” collection, and now the two parties have returned with a sort of supplement to the aforementioned offering, entitled “Dark Shadow.” The capsule collection consists of black and vanilla ...


Carven Is For The People

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Thu, 04.24.14 at 12:12pm

Carven is one of those labels that I always associate with really classy people. Like, I’m pretty sure if anyone on the Four Pins team owns Carven, it’s probably Rachel because she uses big words and can make actual jokes ...


Supreme 20th Anniversary Collection Release Street Style

Written by
Thu, 04.24.14 at 11:50am

Box logo fever. ...


The Fashion Trolls Who Are Flourishing Right Now

Written by
Thu, 04.24.14 at 11:42am

Trying our best to make some sense out of the bullshit. ...


“Fashion Bros!” Episode 10

Written by
Thu, 04.24.14 at 10:02am

Clothes before hoes. ...


The Sociocultural Implications Of T-Shirts

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Wed, 04.23.14 at 5:07pm

Sophnet is dope because they stamp these tees with an image of a scorpion. Only cool drugs like cocaine and heroin and sometimes hash get stamped with scorpion logos. Sophnet even takes a page out of Hanes’s notebook and sells ...

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