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Sleeve Length Predilections

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Thu, 02.19.15 at 12:11pm

Guys, I don’t really fuck with non-T-shirt short sleeve shirts because I’m broke so I gotta buy shirts that will function in the winter and short sleeves aren’t conducive to cold weather survival. But I’ll make an exception to my ...


“Fashion Bros!” On The Street At New York Fashion Week

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Thu, 02.19.15 at 11:12am

Clothes before hoes. ...


Don’t Act Like You’re New

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Thu, 02.19.15 at 10:43am

Universal Works makes this bucket hat that End describes as “a refined take on a classic,” which is exactly what I like to call really eloquent racists, like the white people at the airport that are all, “If you just ...


New York Fashion Week Street Style: Part VIII

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Thu, 02.19.15 at 10:19am

Live from the F/W 15 shows. ...


It All Works Out In The End

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 5:05pm

Junya is still out here making patchwork shit that on paper seems bananas, but somehow it all works out in the end. Take this paisley, chambray and striped shirt for example. I would wear this under a very casually styled ...


Rolling Your Eyes So Hard That The Axis Of The Earth Shifts

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 4:17pm

There’s A LOT going on with this Our Legacy pullover: It’s super crinkly, an electric shade of blue, has a drawstring waist and side pockets. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Sure Jon, this is pretty chill, but how the fuck ...


The Best (And Most Ridiculous) Looks From New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015: Part I

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 4:05pm

F/W 15 is here. ...


The Car Parked Itself

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 3:23pm

That’s it, I’m all in on traditional hats. Fedoras, gaucho, pilgrim, wide brims, whatever, fam. Just stop thinking about how you look driving a car that can park itself while wearing a hat that originated in, like, 1834. If you ...


You Just Got Served…A Subpoena

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 2:52pm

I thought I was done with bombers, but then I saw Fear of God re-upped their bomber with the poacher’s pocket on the back and I was like, “YA GOT ME AGAIN, BOMBERS. I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU.” Okay, ...


Hedi Slimane Has Doubled Saint Laurent’s Revenue

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 1:33pm

To avoid making this a boring as shit business post about revenues, income, profits, holding companies and conglomerates, and the fact that even though fashion is about “art,” it’s still about making that paper, let’s not worry so much about ...

nike pigalle

Pigalle Has Another Nike Collaboration Dropping Soon

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 12:07pm

Last year, Pigalle and Nike dropped a pretty hyped collaboration together, featuring two luxurious takes on the Air Force 1 low and high amongst tanks, tees, shorts and a basketball. Then, the duo got all the nerds’ panties wet with ...


New York Fashion Week Street Style: Part VII

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 8:48am

Live from the F/W 15 shows. ...


Le Protocole Outlook Fall/Winter 2015 Keeps Things Simple, The Right Way

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Tue, 02.17.15 at 3:47pm

We’ve given Le Protocole Outlook a little bit of shine in the past and they just sent through their lookbook for F/W 15. The Canadian brand has turned out some solid staples over the past couple of seasons and F/W 15 takes a ...


Visvim Fall/Winter 2015 Is The Ultimate Flex

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Tue, 02.17.15 at 2:58pm

We had to get up super early (read: 10am) on Saturday morning in order to see visvim’s F/W 15 presentation. What a fucking hassle, amirite? Fortunately, it was totally worth it. What I think people tend to forget about Hiroki and ...



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Tue, 02.17.15 at 1:40pm

UNIONMADE gives a really nice description of The Plant Journal. It’s all about how the magazine not only examines our personal relationships with plants and the living world, but also provides some scientific insights into specific plants and their environs. ...