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The Good Kind Of Skid Marks

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 3:03pm

In the immortal words of Del the Funky Homosapien, as famously heard in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, “You gotta wash yo’ ass.” If you don’t wash your ass closely enough, you end up with ruined undies because—NEWSFLASH—you now are the...


Kapital Fall/Winter 2014 Is Bucolic (Oh Yeah, There’s A Fucking Falcon Too!)

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 2:36pm

So, an OG Illuminati member hit me up on Twitter yesterday and was like, “Why don’t you write about the Kapital lookbook?” Normally, I ignore any and all requests on Twitter because that is a slippery slope I’m not tryna...


“World’s First Instagram Hotel” Doesn’t Really Have All That Much To Do With Instagram

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 2:18pm

Ayy lmao, I just got sent a link to “the world’s first Instagram hotel.” I thought every hotel was an Instagram hotel to be quite honest, but evidentlyb the 1888 Hotel in Sydney is, indeed, the world’s first. What makes...

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Welcome To The Weird Sneaker Movement™

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 1:49pm

Collaborations are easily one of my favorite things about fashion. Big companies, like Adidas and Nike, bring in guest chefs to add a little flavor to their designer kitchens. For example, Yohji Yamamoto is a triple OG and Adidas is...


How We Sometimes Destroy Ourselves Only To Build Ourselves Back Up Again

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 1:13pm

Many of us live on a sliding scale anchored between self-preservation and catching our jollies. On one hand, we know what’s best for our minds, our bodies. That eating vegetables and not hitting the bottle are the best table odds...


Awesome Words, Aesthetically Speaking

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 12:24pm

Miss me with that fake ass inspirational shit, all you wannabe brands out there. I don’t wear any clothing item until it makes me feel a substantial dose of existential dread and remorse. Speak to me with some nonsensical epitaphs,...


Navigating A Corn Maze Of Death

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 11:59am

Burlap, for all its utilitarian uses, is a really fucking uncomfortable fabric. I mean, you use it to haul around potatoes and shit and then repurpose it for sack races every time you head out to the country with your...


Swagless Sheep With Zero Personality

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 11:31am

Alexander McQueen, with all the skulls and crossbones, is not exactly the “people’s brand.” But every once in a while, even the worst brands come through with a banger or two. This season, McQueen rolled up on the murder-out footwear...


The Time Is Right Now: How John Elliott Turned Perspective Into Progress

Written by
Wed, 08.13.14 at 9:17am

A kid from San Francisco becomes the best new menswear designer in America....


Aug 12th


The Politically Correct Term For “Vibrator”

Written by
Tue, 08.12.14 at 5:04pm

Fair warning, if you Google “The Gigi” like I did to find out more information, a few of the top hits pertain to the world’s apparently #1 selling “personal massager,” specifically engineered to find the, well, G-spot. We all know...


Shout Out To Dolly Parton

Written by
Tue, 08.12.14 at 4:15pm

08Sircus has a game-changingly weird name, but at this stage in the game, pointing out weird brand names is like pointing out dudes that are moderately uncomfortable in social situations milling about SoHo while wearing huaraches. But, sticking with the...


Levi’s Made & Crafted Fall/Winter 2014 Might Just Convince You To Move

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 3:49pm

How many different lines does Levi’s actually have? And which one is the best? That’s a trick question because nobody knows how deep the Levi’s sub-label conspiracy actually goes, and Levi’s Red is clearly the best. But Made & Crafted...


Self Edge Fall/Winter 2014 Makes The Proper Adjustments

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 3:08pm

Guys, I fucking love Self Edge. For real. Been down since day one. What was day one? I don’t even know anymore, but I believe it was when Self Edge NY opened up and Andrew Chen invited a bunch of...


The Inner Turmoil Of A Blogging Superstar

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 2:32pm

You know how sometimes your best friend can almost read your mind? Well, Robert Geller and I have finally transcended to that plane of friendship BECAUSE THESE OVERLONG PLAID SHIRTS ARE PRETTY MUCH MY DREAMS REIFIED. Robert Geller killed it...


Set It And Forget It

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 2:08pm

I’m sorry, Paul Smith, but with such a bland name it sounds like your product catalog should be full of button-downs, blazers and slacks despite that fact that you were knighted. Ah, but then I remember I’m thinking about Paul...