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More Distant That We’ve Ever Been

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 3:56pm

Oh goodie, I get to write about another popover, this time from Deluxe. I quite like this shirt because it’s made up in a cotton twill and that hidden placket detail is made crucial. Do you guys even still like...


The Importance Of Butt Pockets

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 3:28pm

We’ve written about Engineered Garments more than any other brand here on the Pins. Blame that partially on Jon Moy’s incessant desire to become Daiki’s best friend, but also blame the product. I suppose “blame” isn’t the best term here...


Working On Your Reading Comprehension Skills

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 2:18pm

Yes, these Adidas Powerphase OGs look exactly like every pair of Reebok Classics I’ve ever written about because, for the most part, I’m given complete autonomy when it comes to picking out what I write about for this site. And...

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Disproportionate Hate Towards America’s Pastime

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 2:00pm

I have the feeling I’m about to make a few enemies with this next sentence, but whatever. I fucking hate baseball. Like, it’s in my personal bottom tier of sports to both watch and play, alongside water polo and cricket....


Honorary Member Of The Foot Clan

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 1:33pm

Holy shit, Maharishi just made us an awesome “Visor Sweat.” I fucking love Maharishi, guys. This shit will turn you into an honorary member of the Foot Clan. This hoodie is fucking bananas with its ninja mask hood. I would...


How To Deal With Being The Biggest Bricklayer In Your Squad

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 1:16pm

Social dynamics have largely remained the same since the first group of Romans decided to single out their weakest homie for flaunting that F/W 202 B.C. toga praetexta like it was still hot come February 201 B.C. Throughout the history...


Directly Proportional To Your Own Personal Cool Factor

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 12:31pm

At first, uneducated glance, this fleece bomber from P.A.M. looks like your standard North Face, which isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. The deal with really basic pieces from the North Face is that their coolness is directly proportional...


Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2015 Footwear Is Haute Garbagio

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 11:55am

Something is happening over at Saint Laurent and I’m not sure I like it. There are a whole lot of problems with the haute garbagio line of footwear SLP is releasing for S/S 15. Granted, I like a lot of...


Twitter On Fleek: Corporate Memes, Joke Attribution And The Life Cycle Of Cool

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 11:16am

It’s 2014 and teens are coming up with new memes faster than we can clumsily appropriate them for Twitter jokes. We’ve weathered the storms of “it me,” “my anaconda don’t,” “bitch you guessed it,” people holding non-phone objects up to...


Philosophically Explaining Asymmetrical Zippers

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 10:45am

I have a feeling this Robert Geller zippered sweatshirt would make even the waifiest person look like they’re built harder than a motherfucker. Maybe it’s because raglans sleeves are pretty much the tits and make anyone look like they’re in...


Leftover Chinese New Year Money

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Wed, 10.08.14 at 10:07am

No Man Walks Alone suggests that this shawl collar lambswool cardigan looks and feels best when worn as outerwear, which is a bold statement for a sweater. But then I looked at the price tag and $370 is most definitely...


Oct 7th


Posted Up At Modern Art Museums

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Tue, 10.07.14 at 5:24pm

Norse Projects low-key consistently puts out dope, plain shit, like this utility jacket. This thing is super incognito. The only thing that would even give people clues that this was an expensive version of a utility jacket are the press...


Challenging The Credit Card Gods

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Tue, 10.07.14 at 4:28pm

Wow, I’ve completely desensitized myself from the world of affordable knitwear. I don’t think I’ve written about a sweater that costs under $300 samolians in a month or two. This is what Four Pins turns you into, kids. You begin...


Inadvertent Nostalgia Boners

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Tue, 10.07.14 at 3:57pm

I know this Bedwin shirt is inspired by samue kimonos, but to me this shirt vibes a little more Chico’s, early 2000s hot mom-inspired. I mean, I love the look. In college, I was in love with this girl who...


Post-Vacation Stunting

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Tue, 10.07.14 at 3:26pm

You guys, I fucking love the Palace x Adidas collabo. I think it’s because the first time I went to London it was the full-on ’90s and that’s how I remember all the cool kids dressed back then. I also...