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The Mean Editor Look

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 10:28am

Mid-length jackets like these are the move right now and, like, always to be honest since they’re perfect for layering and perfect on their own. I would wear one of these Post O’Alls numbers with a tunic or a boro...


Apr 7th


Here’s A Backpack To Rock With Your Air Yeezy 2′s If You Like Looking Like A Total Boner

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 4:52pm

Okay, so these “Yeezy” backpacks from Magic Stick and Porter are pretty wack. Not only are the OG color schemes used in Air Yeezy 2′s extremely hackneyed, but Kanye himself is onto bigger (and maybe better) things at Adidas. But...


Dick Pants

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 4:08pm

Robert Geller just made the perfect spring trousers, ya cornballs. You should most definitely buy them because they are the ideal length for those dope top down selfies you take where you’re holding a latte to go in your other...

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“In June We’ll See The New Yeezys” And Everything Else We Know About Kanye West x Adidas

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 3:43pm

Easily the most hyped collaboration of the year, Kanye West x Adidas took an interesting turn when West himself took the stage at Adidas’s Global Brand Conference, or GBC. Very few details have been made available surrounding the offering thus...


Scorn For The Establishment

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 2:49pm

I really love Head Porter Plus releases because they remind me of the really cool older kids you got to know in, like, junior high. They introduce you to cool bands and they still think comic books are cool, although...


Someone Actually Bought This $15,000 Gold Plated Skateboard

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 2:01pm

LOL @ the “art deck” you have hanging on your wall right now. Don’t play dumb, you know what I’m taking about—the one made by that guy who collaborated with those people and did that album cover for that band...

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The Dangers Of Dancing In Jeans

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 1:39pm

i-D and Diesel teamed up to create this video that demonstrates “The A To Z Of Dance”. From Ballroom to Twerk, the video shows people shaking their ass in Diesel’s new Jogg jeans, which are crafted using a denim/jersey mix...


Normcore Redux: So, This Was Never Supposed To Be A Trend?

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 1:20pm

The New York Times’ Alex Williams notes that no matter the origin of the term, normcore has, for better or for worse, “metastasized” into some sort of fashion trend and that given the general state of Internet and media culture...


20 Ways #Menswear Is Like A Terrorist Organization

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 12:26pm

This cult-like extremism must be stopped!...


Hender Scheme’s Piggy Bank Proves That They Literally Want All Of Your Monies

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 12:08pm

Hender Scheme just dropped their hottest new product in the streets in the form of a, um, “home bank.” At this point the brand is not shying away from the fact that they literally want all of your monies. Although,...


It’s Much Easier To Just Assume Shit Rather Than Actually Look It Up

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 11:22am

I am beginning to feel I am genetically predisposed to write about every fishtail parka that I see on the Internet. I mean, you probably have, like, 8 weeks tops of weather that would be considered even remotely appropriate for...


New York City Street Style: April 7, 2014

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 10:29am

George Elder snaps NYC’s most stylish....


Supreme x Dead Kennedys Spring/Summer 2014 May Get You Punched In A Sweaty Crowd

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 9:52am

On the heels of the epic fuckery that was the release of the Supreme x Nike Foamposite collection, the NYC-based label has just unveiled its latest collaborative effort. This time around, they’ve teamed up with hardcore band Dead Kennedys, which...


Apr 4th


What Group Of Individuals Will Try And Ruin Western Shirts Next?

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Fri, 04.04.14 at 3:06pm

Western shirts almost went extinct. Back in the early 2000s, the western shirt was the chosen style of dudes who get beer samplers at Buffalo Wild Wings. After that, they were the chosen shirt of baristas who are incredibly grumpy...


Buying Pants Over The Phone

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Fri, 04.04.14 at 2:54pm

Why is it that Cash CA always comes through with a pair of pants that I want to buy despite the fact that I own enough pair of pants to have fully clothed legs for the rest of my life?...