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Capsule Street Style: Part I

Written by
Tue, 01.20.15 at 10:13am

NYC Men's Market Week is here. ...


New York City Street Style: January 19, 2015

Written by
Mon, 01.19.15 at 12:02pm

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


Marni Fall/Winter 2015 Will Get You To Try Fur

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 5:31pm

I don’t know how much stock you put in the return of a brand to the runway, but Marni’s F/W 15 show was its first in five years. So, whether that means something or not is totally up to you. ...

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We Love You Too

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 5:09pm

Would you guys be surprised to know that I don’t own a pair of Common Projects? I KNOW, RIGHT? I feel like every other influencer I know owns a pair of CPs. Let’s say I was in the market for ...

nyt consumer

Analyzing The New Menswear Consumer (He’s Straight BTW)

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 4:41pm

Guy Trebay penned an intriguing essay for The New York Times about the changing of the prototypical menswear consumer. And, to be honest, it’s so on point it’s impossible to ignore and probably even a few years late to the party, ...


The Fire Lifestyle Of Italian Sheep

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 4:03pm

KNEW KNOTTERY ALERT! KNEW KNOTTERY ALERT! And don’t be like, “Ugh, another typo in a Four Pins post.” That typo was on purpose, okay? It’s supposed to be clever. I bet you bitches complain all the time when your professors ...

lagerfeld muse

Meet Karl Lagerfeld’s Muse

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 3:11pm

The New York Times Magazine has a very, in-depth profile of Brad Kroenig, who is a prominent member of a group of male models known as “Karl’s Boys” and essentially Lagerfeld’s muse. He regularly accompanies Karl around the world on vacations ...


Just Be Honest With Yourself

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 2:28pm

This ts(s) turtle is on sale, so don’t say I never did anything for you. Not only is it on sale, it’s basically two turtlenecks in one. You can wear it with the light green panel or the darker forest ...


Loving Someone You’ve Never Met Before

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Fri, 01.16.15 at 1:47pm

Raf Simons is fucking awesome because he threw a shark on a sweatshirt and was like, “This is definitely worth 310 Euros.” I can’t really judge though. Sometimes I’m like, “Throw some caps lock on this bitch. That’s good enough ...

lets build fam

What Do You Build With Your Fam?

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 1:08pm

I love how pins are making a major comeback. I’ve actually started to collect a very dope assortment of pins to stud onto my jean jackets and the lapels on my coats. While I figure out the best mix of pins ...

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Mister Freedom Includes Racist Asian Caricature In Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 12:06pm

A BIG FUCK YOU TO MISTER FREEDOM FOR THIS FUFU RACIST SHIT. In his latest S/S 15 collection, entitled “Saigon Cowboy” and clearly inspired by the Vietnam War, there appears to be a jacket with a completely fucking racist Asian ...

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The Next Fitness Fad Is A Gym For Your Face

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 11:38am

With smartphones absolutely ruining any chance we have at looking normal and cosmetics companies making bank on the fact that people are unable to mentally handle the process of aging, the next fitness revolution is here: GYMS FOR YOUR FACE. ...


Don’t Judge

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 11:18am

It’s like Saucony and Bodega teamed up to make a sneaker almost exclusively based on my personal taste. Suede? Knit paneling? A chunky fucking sole unit? I’ve pretty much just convinced myself to buy these sneakers in what amounts to ...


Pitti Uomo 87 Street Style: Part III

Written by
Fri, 01.16.15 at 10:43am

Chris Fenimore snaps the world's most stylish men at the world's most stylish trade show. ...

fashion law

The Future Of Fashion Law Is Now

Written by
Thu, 01.15.15 at 5:27pm

For years independent designers have had their own original designs ripped off by larger companies. Urban Outfitters is well-known for stealing designs and selling them as their own without any consequences. Lawyers have avoided getting into the area of fashion ...