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Weed Dealer Shaman Wave

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 1:13pm

Wings + Horns has dipped their toes into the weed dealer shaman wave with this indigo belted cardigan. There’s also a subtle fisherman print featured, which gives it that extra bit of, well, how do I put this, detail you...


The Trial

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 1:04pm

Innocent. Guilty. Your honor, what do these words even mean? I humbly request that the bailiff bring out the official dictionary of the court. What? Look, which one of us went to law school? All right, fair enough, calm down....


The Secrets Of How The Rest Of America Dresses

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 12:50pm

The stuff normal dreams are made of....

Four Pins Newsletter

Money-Saving Life Hacks!

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 11:57am

A fun little thing about the Internet is that it is chock-full of helpful tidbits known as “life hacks.” For those unaware of the existence of life hacks, life hacks are mostly just ways to save money and get the...


Japanese Businessmen Are Now Flexing With Nail Art

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 11:39am

At first I thought maybe this was an April Fool’s Day joke gone wrong or something. And based on some of the quotes in this piece from Japan Today, I still think it might be. According to the online newspaper,...


The Week In NBA Style: April 9, 2014

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 10:41am

Pauly C vs. the National Basketball Association....


Apr 8th


The American Blogger Documentary Is No Joke, But It Sure Sounds Like One

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 5:18pm

So, I don’t know how to break this to you, but apparently there’s a new documentary coming out called American Blogger, which chronicles one filmmaker’s drive across America to, um, meet bloggers and talk about blogging aka bang all these...


Gianni Agnelli Vs. Drake

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 4:44pm

I mean, there are some decent popovers out there, but not many are as nice as G. Inglese popovers. Handsewn shirts are a funny thing because they always feel so light and delicate. This particular shirt is inspired by Gianni...


A Beautiful Piece Of Slaughtered Livestock

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 4:04pm

As all of the employees at Carson Street Clothiers will tell you, I’ve been bugging over this Ovadia & Sons leather jacket for a minute now. I try it on every time I go in there and don’t buy it,...


On Some Weak Impulse Control Shit

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 3:22pm

Cav Empt always makes a few pieces that I would cop if I were in store on some weak impulse control shit, but because I can’t remember a series of numbers anymore, I often refrain from buying shit online impulsively...



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Tue, 04.08.14 at 2:45pm

Duffer of Saint George Japan just makes me think of someone getting punched straight in their fucking face. I don’t know what the fuck an actually “duffer” is, but I do know what getting “duffed” means. Using context clues alone,...


A Day In The Life Of An #Influencer

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 1:12pm

A peek into the type of high-end, wonderful shit that actually goes on during press trips....


Worshipping The Style Of Legitimately Horrible People

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 12:36pm

Look at that photo of Hitler in Paris. His whole squad was the physical manifestation of evil and they would’ve had me and most people I know executed for being what they deemed “subhuman” and yet I have a perverse...


Supportive Friends

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 11:26am

I can get down with oxfords like this Uniform Experiment button down because they vibe very relaxed and casual. You could totally wear this shirt pretty much anywhere. If people are like, “Nice stripes, bro. You a fucking Easter egg...


The Difference Between Mayans And Aztecs

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 10:55am

Consider this vintage rug expertly curated by the folks at Three Potato Four because it is Native American and thus highly spiritual and important to your living space/Instagram photos. Let’s be honest, you’re not getting the deposit back anyway after...