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Stretching Questionable Sources Of Income

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 1:44pm

Did any of y’all peep that A.P.C. x Kanye drop video on Complex? Shout out to the “unemployed” homies copping stacks worth of product and bleating about it on camera. I’m a white suburban Jew (so what the fuck do...

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You Can’t Be Trusted

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 12:39pm

I don’t know what it is about Europe, but, for some reason, they get all the best sneaker colorways. It must have something to do with all the socialized medicine over there because it’s seriously busted that us over here...

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Kith x Dover Street Market “Achromatic” Collection Will Have You Colorblind

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 12:13pm

No shades of gray up in here. Ronnie Fieg’s finally dropped the lookbook for his upcoming “Achromatic” collection for Dover Street Market and it’s as black and white as Casablanca. But it won’t have you looking like a Humphrey Bogart Halloween costume. Pieces...

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The New Middle Class: Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 11:48am

We owe a lot to the comic book writers who invented the notion of the normal, mild-mannered person transformed into a remarkable mutant by freak accident. As a result, our generation must do extraordinary things. We have to! It would...


Balotelli’s Burden

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 11:22am

Over-the-top Philly brand Ikiré Jones, founded by lawyer-cum-designer Wale Oyejide, just dropped a duet of all-over print popovers that would put your grandmother’s most prized Arabian rugs to shame. Aladdin’s magic carpet ain’t got shit on these, and that thing...


Live Chatting With Jonathan

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 11:02am

Happy Monday, you fuckin’ losers. These Margiela slim-fit stretch cotton trousers are better than all the trousers you currently own, combined. They have these really rad irregular belt hoops and large parcel pockets around the butt. I had to hit...


New York City Street Style: July 21, 2014

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 10:22am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish....


Jul 18th



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Fri, 07.18.14 at 4:11pm

iBought is a magazine all about what people, who design things you purchase, buy for themselves. Yes, it’s a magazine that documents pure, unadulterated consumption. I like this style of publication because it reminds me of OG menswear blogs. The...


Not Even Trying To Exaggerate

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 4:02pm

If you’re in the market for a new pair of sneakers at all, you should probably at least pause your shit and check out these dark slate Vans chukkas. The colorway is probably one of the best options you can...


Cop Now Because You Never Know When Things Will Die

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 3:36pm

Guys, I know buying a fedora from A.P.C. feels very struggle, but I didn’t even get the balaclava from the Kanye collection, so hear me out on this. A ways back I was all about this hat from Camo: a...


What Does Anonymity Mean? Reacting To Margiela’s Unmasking

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 3:04pm

The Internet simultaneously improves and ruins everything. Like last week, when Mathieu Blazy was outed as the head designer of the equally illustrious and mysterious Maison Martin Margiela. We now know who’s designing the line. Which is good. Blazy deserves...


Three Hooded Experiments

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 2:50pm

Outlier’s “Three Hooded Experiments” yielded some exciting results. That’s exactly how I imagine starting sentences if I wrote for an academic journal. Personally, I’d prefer to write for a scientific journal that publishes agricultural science experiments, but that’s only because...


Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2015 Gets Weirder

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 1:53pm

Daiki Suzuki is one of the true meswear masters of our time. Only Suzuki is capable of introducing new, challenging silhouettes with little to no introduction so goddamn successfully. We may talk of directional European designers or high-concept runway shows...


Considering A Splash

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 1:08pm

Fuck this weather, dawgies. I’m actually starting to think global warming is a real thing (LOL). I want to dress like a cybergoth all year round, but these perennial summer rays are meddling with my perspiration levels. Fear not though....


Never Get Tasered In The Dick Again

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 12:30pm

You got that girlie right where you want her. You’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Catfish and it’s starting to get dark. You’ve just split a large gluten-free pizza and conversation is flowing (you’re not as boring as you...