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The Wall Street Journal Writes About Shoes 700 Days Later

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 2:56pm

Shoutout to The Wall Street Journal for writing this trend piece, like, 700 days too late. DUDES ARE REALLY INTO BUYING SHOES, ALMOST LIKE GIRLS. Cue the obligatory Sex in the City reference and anecdotes about how fucking stodgy bankers...


Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2014 Is What Jon Moy Masturbates To

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 1:51pm

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Hmm, I wonder what Jon Moy masturbates to?” If that’s the wildly creepy and borderline uncomfortable case, then look no further than the Engineered Garments S/S 14 lookbook. This offering is a straight wall-to-wall...


This $10,500 Backpack Doesn’t Even Come With Any Cocaine

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 1:32pm

YOU GUYS, THIS BACKPACK COSTS TEN AND A HALF FUCKING G’S. Yes, it’s made from matte black python. Yes, the interior is tan nappa cowhide. Yes, each bag requires over 4,600 hand-stitches and 80 total hours of production. Yes, there...

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The Knowledge That You’re Wearing Rare Japanese Hoodies Should Be All You Need To Get By

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 12:54pm

Kapital made this weird kind of double breasted sweatshirt with a gigantic hood and expects us to pay 286 dollars for it. AND THEY ARE CORRECT. Nickel and rope hardware? A single pocket on the left side of the waist?...


Alone In Amsterdam: One Man’s Sort Of Spiritual Journey

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 12:20pm

Have you ever looked a prostitute in the eye before? Square in the eye, as if there were nothing unusual about the experience? Well, I have and it was the emotional climax of my solo vacation in Amsterdam. Now, first...


Meet The 10 Randos Who Are Following You On Twitter

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 11:50am

Where are all those faves and retweets coming from?...


20 Disturbing Things You Didn’t Realize About Christmas Movies As A Kid

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 11:05am

Proceed at your own risk....


TSA Searches Based On The Color Of Your Bag

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 10:32am

There seems to be a lot of rad companies, like Topo Designs, based out of Colorado. That last sentence really isn’t a factual statement at all since I have only been inside the Denver International Airport on the way home...


Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus, It’s Supreme x Timberland

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Tue, 12.17.13 at 9:45am

On the heels of news that Supreme will be carried at Dover Street Market, the seminal NYC-based teenage dream crusher has just announced their latest collaboration with Timberland. And happy birthday, Baby Jesus, because they’re 6 inch boots. With snakeskin...


Dec 16th

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The Best Player On The Planet By Default

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Mon, 12.16.13 at 5:29pm

You already know about our borderline uncomfortably skrong feels re: Nike Air Pythons, although the sad realization that we may not be able to cop those extremely superior Dover Street Market joints is becoming realer by the second. So, if...


Industry Insiders On The Today Show

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Mon, 12.16.13 at 5:08pm

Here’s another standout piece from Our Legacy’s Assistance collection. A simple jersey blouson? Damn, it’s almost as if Our Legacy strives to create really simple basics with quirky details and shit. What are the quirky details on this blouson, you...


She Ain’t Tryna Have Your Baby

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Mon, 12.16.13 at 4:28pm

I’ve always been a fan of Post OAalls’ C-Post style shirts and this new joint has gotta be my favorite version to date because of that taffeta shell. It gives the shirt a cool shiny look like Missy Elliot when...


Dover Street Market Will Be The First Store In America Not Named Supreme Where You Can Buy Supreme

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Mon, 12.16.13 at 4:02pm

Last week, The New York Times published an article detailing the creation of Dover Street Market NYC, the highly anticipated retail location from Comme des Garcons. The piece outlines Rei Kawakubo’s overall unrelenting design vision (she literally had the location...


Making Up Games As We Go

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Mon, 12.16.13 at 3:27pm

Shoutout to Remi Relief for just killing the pullover super long convertible parka game that wasn’t a game until just now. You can wear this shit all long or as a boxy ass, short waisted jacket. Damn, I really just...


Manchester Is Obviously Way Cooler Than Milwaukee

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Mon, 12.16.13 at 2:41pm

Size? is a shop out in England that just put out their own F/W lookbook like shops tend to do nowaday. This particular shoot was styled by Glenn Kitson and shot by Ewen Spencer in and around Manchester’s Northern Quarter....