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No One Cares About Your Comfort

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 4:10pm

Clothsurgeon, the brand behind some of the best leather-based gear we saw in 2013, is poised to serve up more fire for your corporeal being this year. Although the above shoe is ridiculously named the “SNIPPER” (sneaker + slipper? Come-the-fuck-on,...


Wild Reckless Slurpee Creation

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 3:53pm

I’m not particularly good at my job so I didn’t even know Tellason made sweatshirts. Apparently, they do and they are 26oz. cotton fleece. As you can probably deduce, I don’t really know what that means. However, I do know...


The Things Most Likely To Flourish In 2014

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 3:13pm

2013 is dead to us....

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Luadable Duffel Bag Impressions

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 2:41pm

Man, I want a really nice duffel bag. And not just for all the duffel bag boy references that would suddenly become available to me on a daily basis, but also because they look so fucking good. There’s always that...


Carson Daly Reminding You Of Your Mortality

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 2:18pm

DAMN, PATRIK ERVELL, I WISH I HAD BOUGHT THIS FORMAL SHIRT FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE. Instead, I wore the same thing I wear every day and almost missed midnight because I was at this party where they were too cool...

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.30.18 AM

GTFOH/NAH Colorway

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 1:43pm

Oh hellz yes. Nike finally woke the fuck up in celebration of the new year and dropped the OG Flyknit Racer in a somewhat OG color scheme of black/white/volt. This is one of the most wearable colorways the brand has...


The Gap Mannequin Project Already Won 2014

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 1:10pm

AYO was 2014 gonna be your year? The year you got that freelance retrospective on the style of some racist actor from the ’60s work up in GQ? FUCK THAT NOISE, SON. IT’S ONLY THE 2ND AND THIS DUDE’S “PROJECT”...


Been Trill Launches New Wesbite, Is Who We Thought They Were

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 12:50pm

Creative collective Been Trill just launched their new website, a digital cacophony of Internet things including random Youtube clips and previously unreleased videos. The new website also serves as a platform for a new online store, which, for the time...


20 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make In Your 20′s

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 12:25pm

We're all going to grow as people for real this time....


The Best Deal Of Supreme’s Winter Sale Is Not Getting Stabbed

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 11:54am

Supreme’s winter sale is here, which means that all the struggle colorways of the products people didn’t wait in line for are now available for 30% off. For instance, you now now cop that horrific Nascar jacket on the low...


Readily Accessibly Weaponry

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 11:19am

Ya boy C Kimbs just dropped a bunch of exclusive (WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTAR!) bracelets over on his site and they are the product of legitimately beautiful insanity. Made with waxed linen roping—fully adjustable for your bear claw hands—these are bona fide...


Somewhere, Somebody Is Crying

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Thu, 01.02.14 at 10:49am

Somewhere, somebody is crying over this LVC hotness. Made with 100% sheepskin leather, presumably by an overworked, bespectacled Italian craftsmen, this jacket comes in an en-fuego-at-all-times Bossa Nova red. Big ups to Levi’s for naming colorways after hybrid jazz styles...


Dec 31st

Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 12.10.41 PM

The Most Ridiculous Products (And A Few Other Things) Of 2013

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Tue, 12.31.13 at 12:16pm

WOO 2013 is almost a wrap my dudes. You’re probably knee deep in year-end lists right now while you try and figure out how you’re going to pretend to do work for the rest of the week.  Call me #menswear...


Dec 30th


The Wolf Of Wall Street Has Almost As Much Cocaine In It As Martin Scorsese Circa 1978: A Review

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Mon, 12.30.13 at 12:25pm

Sometime in 2011, Martin Scorsese picked up his telephone and began to dial the number of his old flame. His heart pounded in his chest and he nervously hung up. “You know the rule, Martin. Wait three years.” Instead, he...


Dec 28th


What To Expect From #Menswear Blogging In 2014

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Sat, 12.28.13 at 12:36pm

#The #future #is #now....