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May 12th


Keeping Things Practical With A $300 Screenprinted T-Shirt

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 5:12pm

As far as Hood By Air products go, this T-shirt is pretty un-flagrant. By that I mean, when you wear it, no one is going to think you just teleported in from another galaxy where leather and zippers are their...


Stabbed In The Kidney With Keys

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 4:49pm

The Bureau Belfast is a store that I would really like to visit in person one day. They seem to stock every single brand I want, but can’t really afford and Belfast seems like a cool place to check out....


Nicorette For Stupid Ideas

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 4:01pm

Easy Earl Life, aka EEL, is not a DMX joke, but a Japanese clothing company and Blue Button Shop their first retailer outside of Japan. These shirts feature lower apron-style pockets which, I mean, c’mon, are totally fucking awesome. You...

Four Pins Newsletter


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Mon, 05.12.14 at 3:40pm

Stampd LA makes these Céline-inspired swim trunks, so that you will look as cool as possible on vacation. Usually, I don’t give a fuck about bathing suits because it’s not like the guy bringing me piña coladas gives a fuck...


The Basic Human Desire To Own Decent Shit

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 3:17pm

Have you ever noticed that a good number of young parents wear light hiking boots? You probably have noticed that this societal niche also drives Subarus and champions Community Supported Agriculture. You probably assume these folks don’t give two shits...


Here We Are, Talking About Sheen

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 2:43pm

I guess White Mountaineering finally OD’d on the patterns and put out these triple needle trousers in a nice, simple dark colorway. Evidently, these are made from a polyester/cotton composite, which makes it sound like it’s some sort of weight...


Straight Running The Mall

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 1:44pm

This Kapital sweatshirt makes me think of Abercrombie & Fitch in its heyday when it was straight running the mall. For some reason, the rugby style shirts and sweatshirts were super popular back in high school, which is weird because...


Yo Shorty, What That Shacket Do?

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 12:31pm

Yo shorty, what that shacket do? I own, maybe, like, 2 shackets and that is nowhere near close to enough, especially when there are versions like this joint from Freeman’s Sporting Club that I don’t own. This would look dope...


The Wealth Gap Explained Geographically

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 11:54am

Most definitely buy this Barena cardigan. Most definitely invest in multiple white and gray tees to wear underneath this Barena cardigan. Most definitely wear this to Nantucket. I really liked Nantucket. I had no idea how far that island really...


The Four Pins Guide To Developing Good Taste

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 11:40am

It's 2014 and you have no excuse....


Supreme x Vans Spring/Summer 2014 Is A Half Brick

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 10:51am

Another Monday morning means another Supreme collab to report. Today, Supreme unveiled their latest collaborative effort with Vans, which consists of a Chukka style and the classic Era. Both silhouettes feature the same, I don’t know, kind of, like, staircase...


Pop Up Flea Street Style

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 10:23am

George Elder shoots this past weekend's menswear shopping event....


May 9th


Free To Drink More Booze

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Fri, 05.09.14 at 5:07pm

Are we still doing the whole Flyknit Chukka thing? They were, like, my favorite shoes last year, but got old pretty fast if I’m being honest. And I didn’t think they would survive into the new year, but they appear...


Doge On Your Lapel

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Fri, 05.09.14 at 4:40pm

Wow, Brry Bnds out here proving that there is life after a Four Pins internship and that despite it you can go on to do great things. Case in point, he teamed up with artist Dana Akashi to make these...


A Wormhole Directly To Nerdstation, Deep Space Douchebag

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Fri, 05.09.14 at 4:18pm

From far away this Post O’Alls jacket will look like just another work jacket. And that fact will elicit groans from no one because no one gives a shit what you wear. But this indigo swirl pattern, seen up close,...