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Just Point To The Patch

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Fri, 10.10.14 at 12:04pm

First off, friends, let me apologize for writing about something so egregiously out of all of our price ranges. It’s really unbecoming of me. I legitimately cannot afford this jacket. It’s more than the limit on my credit card. When ...


If You Can’t Surf With The Big Dogs, Stay Off The Net

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Fri, 10.10.14 at 11:29am

I don’t know if there’s a single image that more succinctly encapsulates all that is Four Pins than this beautiful tapestry from our friends over at Big Dogs. I mean, we basically surf with the big dogs every damn day, ...


Retire Early To Avoid Being Made A Fool

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Fri, 10.10.14 at 11:23am

Maybe this is pure nostalgia speaking, but this Kendama has really got ya boy drowning in feels. See, I went to a really small middle school and it was super insular, so our class size was seriously, like, 10 people. ...


Yung Alien Feet

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Fri, 10.10.14 at 10:54am

I’m not one for super high tech sneaker designs, but I am all about never tying shoelaces again because that’s 3.7 seconds that I could use to stare at my monitor like it’s a Magic Eye that will slowly reveal ...

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Tasteful Yet Vexed

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 5:04pm

Damn, Bleu De Paname really came through with this gabardine denim twill coat. The denim is a really tasteful shade of blue and the brass-looking buttons compliment it perfectly. Those huge flap closure pockets on the chest have a sneaky ...


Moms Always Find A Way

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 4:52pm

Another day, another $800 Tim Coppens sweater I attempt to talk myself into buying. I sometimes get caught up in the knitting patterns on sweaters. Do you see how many different textures are going on right here? It’s absurd—big stripes, ...


Judging You Right To Your Face

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 3:36pm

Man, you could learn more about a garment by looking at all the detailed product shots at No Man Walks Alone than you could by holding it in your hands. That may be an exaggeration, but I’m always impressed with ...


Not Sure How Old Drake Is

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 2:59pm

Damn this LVC bucket is something you would see on, like, Redman and/or Method Man when they were doing an appearance on TRL. You guys remember TRL? I’m talking, like, golden age TRL when the god Carson Daly was hosting. ...


Dressing Like A Creative Director

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 2:26pm

If you’re even considering these trousers from Cmmn, then you better be a fully matured human being and not in the midst of a crash diet to drop some pounds because they don’t have any belt loops. What’s most amazing ...


Grinding With A Girl In A Really Tight Tank Top

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 1:54pm

I remember way back in 10th grade, I wore a thermal shirt with some really wavy Gap jeans and Adidas Sambas and went to this dance and there was this girl there in an incredibly tight tank top and incredibly ...


The New Age Of Crew Necks

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 1:21pm

Okay, so maybe you weren’t a particularly big fan of the Robert Geller zipper sweatshirt I posted yesterday. That’s alright. We all make mistakes. But I’m back here with a different Robert Geller zipper garment, this time a sleeker sweater ...


Half-Assed Thank You Notes

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 12:53pm

These 100% Alpaca caps are made by a company called Lynn & Lawrence. No, not our fearless leader, some other guy named Larry. I know for a fact Lawrence didn’t make these hats because each one comes with a pouch ...


Oscillating At Present

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 12:23pm

I don’t know what it is about garms with three-quarter length sleeves, homie, but they are definitely oscillating with me at present. And this three-quarter sleeve GANRYU hooded field shirt is no different. I’m usually very much against weird flannel ...


LONGJOURNEY Spring/Summer 2015 Is A Turning Point

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Thu, 10.09.14 at 12:12pm

Let me hit you with the brief on LONGJOURNEY, who we’ve written about a few times here: The LA-based brand channels pieces of yore for new silhouettes and designs, often sourcing vintage fabrics to create interesting modern pieces. The signature ...



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Thu, 10.09.14 at 11:54am

Have you guys noticed how much I enjoy a good coach’s jacket? If you haven’t, you’re unobservant as fuck and probably one of those assholes that used to always complain about not being able to find the link to purchase ...