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The 20 Menswear Brands That Truly, Actually Matter

Written by
Thu, 06.19.14 at 12:20pm

We can't even begin to imagine a world without these guys....


Pitti Uomo 86 Street Style: Day 2

Written by
Thu, 06.19.14 at 11:10am

Chris Fenimore snaps the world's most stylish men at the world's most stylish trade show....


“Fashion Bros!” Episode 15

Written by
Thu, 06.19.14 at 10:57am

Clothes before hoes....

Four Pins Newsletter

A Little Extra Cabbage

Written by
Thu, 06.19.14 at 10:49am

EPLA is Epaulet’s in-house line and they just dropped these indigo sweatshirts. You’ve probably seen literally a million indigo sweatshirts by now, but these are only 95 and 125 bucks. That’s pretty fucking incredible considering I’ve written about, oh, I...


Tevas Are Dope, Fuck You

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Thu, 06.19.14 at 10:30am

One of the greatest assets you can look for in a piece of clothing is that it provokes an extreme reaction. There’s a weird feeling of power that comes with giving people the opportunity to decide if they love or...


Everyone Has The Right To Be Fat

Written by
Thu, 06.19.14 at 10:18am

This Billy Reid jacket is fucking awesome. Just look at all those pockets, man! The cotton herringbone doesn’t hurt either. Herringbone is a v dope pattern. Those patchwork pockets, though? Yeah, thems the real deal. Wear this really slouchy with...


Jun 18th


Ralph Lauren 2016

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Wed, 06.18.14 at 4:13pm

What would cause America’s greatest contribution to the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren, to be in the swagless epicenter that is Washington, D.C.? Only when he’s getting laced with awards by Hilary Clinton and the Smithsonian for being such a...


Funny Feelings In Special Places

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Wed, 06.18.14 at 3:05pm

I’m here to let the people know that this Yaeca trench is my new favorite trench. Do you guys see the button vent? That shit is crazy dope. Your crappy trench just has a stupid belt that you never use...

Vans x Ace Hotel1

Dope Vans That Have Something To Do With A Skateboarding Video Game No One Cares About

Written by
Wed, 06.18.14 at 2:33pm

Damn, the Ace Hotel’s footwear collab game is very on point these days. Just after unveiling their extremely awesome Hender Scheme slippies, they’ve come through with these dope Vans Eras that have something to do with a skateboarding video game...


The Universe Can Be Fickle Like That

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Wed, 06.18.14 at 1:56pm

I’m starting to think the design team over at Digawel are designing clothes just for me. Obviously, that’s not even remotely true, but you never know exactly how far your digital influence can reach. Speculation about my personal brand aside,...


Custom Cleats Of The World Cup

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Wed, 06.18.14 at 1:05pm

Damn, soccer players really like embroidering the names of their kids and their own names on their cleats. I’m actually super down with your kid’s names on your cleats because, like, that’s mad cute and endearing. Do you guys remember...


A.P.C. Opens New Los Angeles Store

Written by
Wed, 06.18.14 at 12:30pm

If there’s one thing A.P.C. does better than making you feel superior to everyone around you re: your taste in the simple, if fine things in life, it’s design really beautiful stores. A few months back we interviewed Jean Touitou...


Confessions Of A D-List #Influencer

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Wed, 06.18.14 at 11:54am

As I type this, there are 9 brand new pairs of Filas sitting in my apartment: 95s, 96s, KJ7s, Stackhouse Spaghettis and a bunch of other ones that I don’t even know how to identify. Those are just the ones...

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.23.29 AM

Nick Wooster x Lardini Is Full Of Wonderful Things

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Wed, 06.18.14 at 11:23am

Pitti Uomo is in full effect, meaning it’s that time of year when we all remember the good ol’ days when we thought unstructured sportcoats, spread collar shirts and double monks were the fucking tits. It also means that a...


Did The Internet Make Me A Bad Person?

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Wed, 06.18.14 at 11:07am

Left, left, left-right-left. No, I’m not marching single file into battle. It’s past midnight and I’m swiping through girls on Tinder. I imagine that’s not an uncommon sight these days. Intellectually, I know this app is essentially the worst and...