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Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

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Wed, 06.11.14 at 1:43pm

I never got to fuck Robyn. She effectively friend zoned me from fifth grade to the last time we hung out a few years ago. We made out for, like, 15 seconds my first weekend in college when she just...


A Real, Actual, Non-Internet Lady Friend

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Wed, 06.11.14 at 1:21pm

NYC-based skate brand Quartersnacks makes this dope as fuck “Arthouse” T-shirt, incorporating their Snackman logo into an artsy looking picture of two chicks who look dangerously close to getting weird with one another, which, if you’re a living, breathing, heterosexual...


Honesty As Armor: Why Telling The Truth Became Cool

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Wed, 06.11.14 at 12:13pm

How telling the truth has ripened for our generation....

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England’s Jewels Remain Still Gleaming

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Wed, 06.11.14 at 12:01pm

30 years of hurt, jewels remain still gleaming… In 1996, comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner wrote a song to coincide with the Euro 96 tournament and basically remind everyone in England that the national side had been a decided...


In Defense Of Justin Bieber (The Swag Lord, Not The Racist)

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Wed, 06.11.14 at 11:07am

Justin Bieber is tight. I believe that and I came here to preach that. But yo, I haven’t been that up on the latest news. I was unaware until I was Googling some Bieber facts that a newly released video...


F.C. Real Bristol Is, Ironically Enough, Not Real

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Wed, 06.11.14 at 10:42am

Everyone is a bit soccer crazy these days, with the World Cup happening next week and all, and whether that means recapping every World Cup kit ever worn, or calling FIFA out on their corrupt bullshit. Now, Nike and Sophnet...


Jun 10th


Working Slowly Has Its Benefits

Written by
Tue, 06.10.14 at 4:27pm

Whoa, the Self Edge website redesign is legit. Even more legit than their coding skillz are these Self Edge x Imperial jeans. Being part of a collaboration with Self Edge has gotta be like having Thugger ask you to guest...


World Cup Kits Through The Ages, An Interactive Guide

Written by
Tue, 06.10.14 at 3:45pm

We’re not that huge on infographics here, but sometimes there’s a good one that is both colorful and interactive enough for our simpleton brains. Like, this World Cup kit history put together by The Guardian, for example. Included are the...


Jokes On You, Mom And Dad

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Tue, 06.10.14 at 2:37pm

This is a v expensive, v simple French bucket hat. I’m all about a Parisian lifestyle. I’m not really sure what that exactly entails ’cause I’ve never been to Paris and the extent of my French vocabulary is what I...


Added Pleasures

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Tue, 06.10.14 at 1:57pm

Finally, an Air Tech Challenge II that won’t make you look like a beach-dwelling bro at the University of Miami circa 1988. While the silhouette of this sneaker is as iconic as any (you may recognize the sole unit from...


As Versatile As A T-Shirt Can Be

Written by
Tue, 06.10.14 at 1:39pm

Yo, this reversible T-shirt by Anachronorm is very versatile. Well, as versatile as a T-shirt can be. I do like that only one side has a pocket. Sometimes you feel like a pocket tee and sometimes you don’t. And the...


Dior Homme Invents New Season In The Interest Of Selling More Clothes

Written by
Tue, 06.10.14 at 1:07pm

Man, fashion brands love making up bullshit seasons to move more product. We’ve got Pre-Fall, Pre-Spring, Cruise, even Resort, and now Spring—just fucking Spring—according to Dior Homme. That’s right, this collection is totally different than the Spring/Summer 14 one Kris...


Just Because You Can Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Should

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Tue, 06.10.14 at 12:36pm

You guys need to re-embrace casual blazers. For a minute there we eschewed anything even remotely tailored, but we all gotta be more well-rounded. You can’t always wear long shirts and sweatpants, my guy. I mean, you can, but you...


Fashion Grandpas, The Patronizing Instagram Account “Taking The Internet By Storm”

Written by
Tue, 06.10.14 at 12:08pm

This is a photo of the babe behind Fashion Grandpas. What’s Fashion Grandpas? Only an Instagram account that sends out official press releases touting it as “the newest menswear account taking the internet by storm.” YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. If I...


Mark Ruffalo And Zack Snyder Are The Same Person: A Conspiracy Theory

Written by
Tue, 06.10.14 at 11:39am

Today, I woke up naked on my basement floor staring at a wall made up of pieces of information—clippings, papers, print-outs—connected by yarn and thumbtacks, manically defaced with red magic marker. I’ve been huffing spray paint fumes out of a...