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Take A Dump Without Going Topless

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Thu, 10.23.14 at 1:36pm

You fuck heavily with unusual, oversized Japanese garb, right? In that case, this Sunsea ganjey shirt is the fucking move. This is the type of shit Sun Tzu wore to bed. Probably. The quarter-placket is weird and exotic and definitely...


Know Your Role And Help Keep Four Pins In Complex Magazine

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Thu, 10.23.14 at 1:14pm

We’ve somehow survived three installments in Complex admittedly with some help from you guys. Thanks for that. We did the three-peat. But, once again, we need you, the Four Pins reader, to send us questions for our next spread. While we only have...


Office Thermostat Set To Inferno Levels

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Thu, 10.23.14 at 12:48pm

This Our Legacy sweatshirt is billed as reversible and, while that fact may be true, we all know that none of us would really be wearing the faux shearling side out. But we all know that each and every one...

Four Pins Newsletter

“Fashion Bros!” Season 2, Episode 7

Written by
Thu, 10.23.14 at 12:11pm

Clothes before hoes....


Aligning Your Taste With Your Financials

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Thu, 10.23.14 at 10:59am

This is a 700 dollar backpack. Since it’s the product of a collaboration between Porter and Undercover, I’m sure none of us are surprised at the pricepoint. But I love how technical and burly this pack is. It has the crucial side-zipper...


Sailing To Chicago In Expensive Japanese Garments

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Thu, 10.23.14 at 10:29am

Natic Marine is a brand that I really envision myself wearing. I can totally see myself cruising around the Great Lakes wearing dope quilted popovers like this joint. Except for the fact that I have zero sailing experience and, according...


A Functioning Adult With Multiple Concussions

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Thu, 10.23.14 at 10:09am

Holy fucking shit, guys. You know how hockey tops are totally becoming a thing in menswear and I was totally the first person in the industry to spotlight it as a trend? Well, Wtaps said, “Fuck that, let’s just make...


Oct 22nd


Rare Plackets

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 4:57pm

First we had rare hemlines and now we’ve got rare plackets apparently. That bottom button placement isn’t gonna be for everybody, particularly my get money gut brethren out there as that detail can make us look a little, well, better...


Poorly-Timed, But Earned And Deserved

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 4:04pm

Fuck, why is sashiko stitching so amazing? I want sashiko stitched everything. This Blue Blue Japan jacket is 560 dollars, but that is 560 dollar bills that really couldn’t be better spent anywhere else. Those dollar bills have a destiny,...


No One Actually Dry Cleans Anything

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 3:26pm

Wow, this William Fox And Sons sweater is v white, v high contrast aka v difficult to keep clean. And, looking at the fabric, it’s inevitable that the care tag says “dry clean only.” No way you could drop this...


Sleeping With Expensive Women

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 2:49pm

In bars like D.C.’s Smith Point and New York’s Dorrian’s, the subtleties of dress are important. Flamboyance need not apply. The women at these establishments are too conservative to be swayed by rare hemlines and elongated anoraks. Instead, they are...


Internet-Stained Hands

Written by
Wed, 10.22.14 at 2:12pm

Hey, check it out, Esemplare just made a sweatshirt especially just for me. KEEP YOUR GRUBBY, INTERNET-STAINED HANDS OFF UNTIL I CAN SAVE UP SOME STRUGGLELANCER PAYCHECKS. Green with the ripstop inserts? Finna head to Reggio Emilia, hit up my...


Such Egregious Flexing Should Not Be Tolerated

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 1:48pm

There are some unspoken rules about the things we write about at Four Pins. Believe it or not, we do put in a little effort to write about things that are affordable. Sure, there’s the occasional $1,500 parka that we...


“Vibes” Are A Worthless Currency

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 1:15pm

New York City is a tangled juxtaposition of beautiful and horrible, arousing and repulsive, frustrating and relaxing, right and wrong, and those complicated feelings have manifested themselves into “vibes.” VIBES, VIBES, MOTHERFUCKING VIBES. They’re sweeping this city and are as...


Don’t Get Your Sweater Snatched

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 12:30pm

Wearing nothing but black sweaters this fall is totally the move. Like, just have a bunch of different versions to rotate between all season long. So, when someone asks you if you just wear the same sweater everyday, you can...