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On Landlords (And The Helplessness Of Existence)

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Mon, 12.15.14 at 12:18pm

In most ways, I am a grown ass man. I have a decent idea of who I am and what I stand for. I have a family. I am successful at a high-pressure job in a cutthroat industry. I have ...


Supreme x Timberland Field Boots

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Mon, 12.15.14 at 11:46am

If you think 6″ wheat Timbs are sooooo early 2013, then you should probably scoop up these Supreme x Timberland field boots because why wear the same boots that everyone else is wearing? With waterproof Horween leather and a suede ...

womens brands

Will Men Buy Menswear From Women’s Brands?

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Mon, 12.15.14 at 11:35am

We are unafraid to write about women’s clothes here at Four Pins. We’ve proven that many times. But the new issue bubbling to the surface is whether or not men will actually buy men’s clothing from designers who have made ...

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Get In On Strange Matter’s Ground Floor

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Mon, 12.15.14 at 10:59am

In the world of luxury sneakers, every brand just seems to be ripping off Common Projects. Like, “Hey guys, let’s make a minimal, designer sneaker brand and try to cash in on the people willing to pay $400 for some ...


Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Your High-Minded Bullshit

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Mon, 12.15.14 at 10:17am

A few months ago I spied this BBC camo crewneck and I was like, “WOULD,” but then I forgot I’m on this weird cusp of being poor, so I decided to let it go. Then when I was like, “Fuck ...


Pop Up Flea Street Style

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Mon, 12.15.14 at 9:58am

George Elder shoots this past weekend's menswear shopping event. ...


Clarks x MF Doom Might Make You Feel Better About Being A Knicks Fan, But Probably Not

Written by
Fri, 12.12.14 at 4:25pm

Are you a Knicks fan? BAHAHAHAAHAHA. Anyways, these Clarks x MF DOOM Wallabees might make you feel better about that fact, but probably not. Don’t let the association with the horrendous Knickerbockers stop you from copping because these are pretty ...


Draught Dry Goods Murdered It Again With Collection No. 6

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 3:55pm

WOOO! DRAUGHT DRY GOODS JUST FUCKING MURDERED IT AGAIN. The varsities, the attention to detail, the murdered out New England Outerwear boots—shit is fire, my guys. I don’t even care to hear your opinions on the matter. RES JUDICATA, BITCHES. ...


Patient Zero

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 3:28pm

Fuck, Inventory’s steady making and selling shit that I want really badly despite the fact I have something fairly similar hanging in my closet. Inventory is like patient zero when it comes to blogs starting stores and then becoming full-on ...

Bruiser Crew 1

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 3:03pm

Punny headlines are just about the only thing I’m good for around here. But it’s for a good cause because the homies at Gioventú New York just dropped their “Bruiser Crew.” These things are made of french terry that will keep you warm, but ...


Wiping Doritos Dust All Over Yourself

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 2:19pm

When I first read that this garment from Beauty & Youth was called a “sweat anorak,” I was like, “Nope, that’s just a sweatshirt.” But then I looked a little closer and yes, it is a sweat anorak. Look at that big ...


The 12 Fuccboi Days Of Christmas

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 1:37pm

It’s just about 12 days until Christmas, so Complex Style started the countdown with a fuccboi remix of the classic “12 Days of Christmas.” Because we’re all looking to get the most limited edition items this holiday season—for ourselves or ...

face tattoo

Shockingly, Man Regrets Getting Face Tattoo, Pens Essay

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 12:54pm

Among the many things you learn throughout life, the experience of getting a bad tattoo is particularly sobering. Yes, tattoos are an art form and, sometimes, a really fucking shitty one, as one man learned when he got a Mike ...


Andre 3000 Is Turning His Jumpsuits Into A T-Shirt Line

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 12:36pm

Last week, Andre 3000 opened an exhibit of all the jumpsuits he wore on the Outkast reunion tour. Each one delivered a different message with some profound and provocative meaning, ranging from the issues of social media to teachers not getting enough ...


The Reason You Keep Getting All Those Goddamn Catalogs In The Mail

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Fri, 12.12.14 at 12:22pm

Pottery Barn, you need to get a fucking clue as much as you need to find the chill. I’ve never bought anything from you and never plan to and yet I still receive your catalog at my apartment. What gives? ...