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The Most Intricate Western Shirt The World Has Ever Known

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Wed, 09.24.14 at 2:01pm

Kapital is all about strange plackets and a confusingly high number of buttons on their garments. Technically, you can wear this shirt regular style, but that’s for fucking chumps. Why would you buy easily the most intricate western shirt the...


Coating Everything In Everything Else

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Wed, 09.24.14 at 1:16pm

We should just be coating clothing items in other materials all the time. Drop denim in some wax. Throw a shirt in a tub of oil. Your shoes? Dip them shits in some paint. Obviously, all those have already been...


Grown Ass Man Expertly Traverses Airport In Heelys, Is A Legend

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Wed, 09.24.14 at 12:40pm

This is the subject line I got when this video was forwarded to me by my editor: “BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME OF AN ADULT MALE WHO USES HEELYS TO TRAVERSE THE AIRPORT LMAO.” And, to be honest, once the...

Four Pins Newsletter

Ranking Quality Based Solely On How Expensive An Item Is

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Wed, 09.24.14 at 12:08pm

Damn, I’ve seen A LOT of new bucket hats this season. And a lot of them have cool details that you’ll never use like pockets and rivets and shit like that. This one from Kapital is probably one of the...


Two Military Garments Collaborate On One Jacket

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Wed, 09.24.14 at 11:51am

When you can describe an item with “while the cut and fit is the same, each and every piece is different and unique,” I have a minor brain aneurysm. How can they be different if they’re actually the same? How...


We Guarantee It (Well, Actually, We Don’t)

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Wed, 09.24.14 at 11:00am

Damn, it’s like Skylar incepted me or some shit with all this talk about hybrids lately. Like, now I really need this Golden Bear harrington meets mac (available in both khaki and “steel,” which to me seems just, like, olive)....


East Dane Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary By Collaborating With Everybody

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Wed, 09.24.14 at 10:40am

The Amazon-owned menswear spot, East Dane, rang in its first year anniversary in style last night at a party Four Pins was actually invited to despite our reputation for being free booze and gift bag moochers who show up for...


Sep 23rd


The Scent Of Royalty

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 4:33pm

Naturally, I didn’t have an entire key to drop on the $1,000 Air Jordan IVs by Hender Scheme, but I do have a small sum of change stored up in my sofa that might be enough to pay for a...


Ethnic Garm Versatility Scale

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 4:01pm

Cosmic Wonder are tight. I caught sight of this cotton flannel cache-coeur on my Tumblr dash earlier today and felt absolutely compelled to write a piece for those of you who missed out on that Four Horsemen black noragi tingaling...


Stabbed In The Gut Vs. Stabbed In The Throat

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 3:42pm

You still need to invest in way more fancy pins. You know what I do with fancy pins? I turn blankets into shawls that I then wear around my waist. It’s a dangerous game because if that pin happens to...


Pair With A Hair Tie

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 3:26pm

If I keep writing about good ol’ Yohji, will somebody from the Y-3 press department send me some tax free goods? Is that how it works? I literally have no idea. I’m not even an intro level #influencer tbh. Whatever,...


Preset To Auto-Cholo

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 2:46pm

In the rare instance I look up workwear/Americana brands, Tender Co. always stands out. To be honest, the hardest thing about this fashion business is actually taking a long, hard look in the mirror and giving yourself a label. Is...


Just Kids

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 2:09pm

The Gentry fam let us take a look at their newest editorial featuring everyone’s favorite Japanese brand that we can’t really afford or figure out how to style on our own bodies in a flattering manner: Needles. Entitled “Just Kids,”...


Waraire Boswell x Grover Is Sky High

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 1:57pm

You may have heard of Waraire Boswell. You may have not. Well, he’s one of those guys that makes custom suits for NBA players like Tyson Chandler, LeBron and Chris Bosh, since they can’t just stroll into Men’s Wearhouse and...

Larose Paris FW14 lookbook light grey fedora

Larose Paris Fall/Winter 2014 And The Beauty Of Language

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 1:26pm

Larose Paris makes some of our favorite hats the world over and their F/W 14 collection has a little something something for everyone. Me? Shotty the green wool baseball cap. In the words of our buddy Nick Grant via Gchat,...