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10 #Menswear Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Won’t Understand

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Thu, 05.08.14 at 11:54am

Stick to the shit you know to show her how much you love her....


Losing Shirts On Vacation

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Thu, 05.08.14 at 10:53am

Damn, this J.S. Homestead “Hill-Side” workshirt is fucking nice. First, it’s made from “Matsusaka Momen” fabric, which is a special kind of cotton skein dyed by hand in indigo vats used to make stripe and plaid patterned kimonos. Because the...


“Fashion Bros!” Episode 11

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Thu, 05.08.14 at 10:28am

Clothes before hoes....

Four Pins Newsletter


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Thu, 05.08.14 at 10:19am

Check out this new Our Legacy lookbook for their summer collection, entitled “Splash.” Okay, that’s a pretty fucking good name for summer collection. Then again, it’s also half of the name of the world’s largest cesspool, Splash Mountain. That shit...


May 7th


Wear This Motorcycle Jacket In Your Prius

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 3:44pm

I so badly want a fucking leather motorcycle jacket. Specifically, a “D Pocket” Perfecto. Made from Horween Chromexel, this Schott jacket made for Context is tougher than you. Literally. I seent you tear up when G-Money scored a touchdown on...


Gauging Reactions

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 2:41pm

So, Epaulet is now making what they’re calling a Kamigata jacket, which is basically their version of a noragi. Well, #actually, Epaulet, this is more of a lhamo shirt than a noragi as evidenced by the barrel cuffs. Either way,...


The Four Pins Guide To Hangovers

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 2:08pm

Assuming you're a big baby....


You Just Got Influenced

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 1:49pm

Damn, popovers are quickly becoming the shirt version of bucket hats for me. This should come as a surprise because I thought my shirt version of bucket hats was the western shirt. I guess I finally realized that only buttoning...


Spending All Your Hoodie Money On Expensive Noodles and Organic Vegetables

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 1:20pm

I’ve always liked those Wtaps cross bone hoodies, but I never bought one because the one guy on SuFu that was always trying to sell one in my size seemed wild shady. Thankfully, Wtaps decided to re-release these joints. Okay,...


Oil Blue

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 12:34pm

Oi Polloi got that Our Legacy connect, which means they get bomber jackets made exclusively for them like this oil blue joint right here. Our Legacy might make one of the stronger bombers out there because they have the cool...


Already Dirty And Off-White

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 12:01pm

Adidas Stan Smiths are, you know, fine, but like any white shoe, the main risk you take on when wearing them is the constant fear of getting them dirty. It’s like, you take one wrong step crossing the street to...

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Blockaded From The Black Plague

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Wed, 05.07.14 at 11:05am

Have you heard of Kenneth Mackenzie? He’s a Scottish designer living in London, who, since roughly 1996, has been making some pretty under-the-radar, but still super covetable outerwear. Maybe 6876 rings a bell. Certainly, Kenneth’s regularly collaborators, Cash CA, should....


May 6th


Doing The Electric Slide In A Nice Shirt

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Tue, 05.06.14 at 5:57pm

Horizontal stripe shirts are a spring essential. Stay tuned for Four Pins’ first ever Spring Essentials issue due out next October. DEADLINES ARE HARD, GUYS. Anyways, this Eidos shirt has a French placket and gusset inserts, which means it’s probably...


Super Dope In Theory

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Tue, 05.06.14 at 4:16pm

Wooo! My cocaine visions are 20/20 right now thanks to this white hooded RRL coat. Man, this shit is super dope…in theory. You could definitely rock this to a cool, nighttime Miami party with some white jeans and sneakers and...


Life Before Corrected Vision

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Tue, 05.06.14 at 3:31pm

Anachronorm had these nerd glasses made by BuddyOptical in Japan. Budd Optical’s mission is to create quality eyewear to “…be your best friend.” And when you think about it, eyeglasses are your best friend. That is, assuming you can’t see...