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Common Projects Fall/Winter 2014 Butters You Up Real Nice

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 1:18pm

Common Projects gave Style Dot Com a peek at the upcoming F/W 14 collection that’s sure to be on thousands of feet in the coming months. For the most part, it sticks to the signature CP steez: minimalistic, solid colors, quality...

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Introducing: Sewing Boundaries

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 12:49pm

Learning Korean is one of those things I’d really like to do, but will definitely never actually get around to doing, like learning to ride horses or moving out of my mom’s basement. Sewing Boundaries are a Seoul-based garm zaibatsu...


Semi-Purse Life

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 12:29pm

Don’t judge me on this product post, guys. Just walk with me for the next 250 words or so and you’ll see where I’m coming from. You guys might think tiny pouches like these are for Gandalf and dudes who...

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Open Water PTSD

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 11:25am

Wanna get away, but have no money in your slush fund to book a flight? Japanese brand EOTOTO (don’t even ask me how to pronounce that) has your beach dreams covered with this ivory shell pattern shirt that could inspire you...


Lead Singer In Your High School Brother’s Emo Band

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 10:53am

As the Sad Boyz™ movement continues to gain steam, there is a serious lack of lead singers for the emo bands working their hardest to make a comeback. That’s where you come in. Your emotions run high at all times....


John Elliott Fall/Winter 2014 Is Here

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 10:29am

While we already got your jimmies rustled in anticipation for that JE + Co. S/S 2015, you can’t forget this coming fall. That’s why John Elliott swooped in and dropped his F/W 14 stuff this morning. Gotta keep the audience...


Jul 30th


Traipsing Around Downtown Chicago

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 5:01pm

You guys, I used to be really into wearing camping and hiking gear IRL. Like, you would catch me at the local al fresco dining spot wearing a Pataguccinelli fleece, North Face zip-off convertible shorts and ACG Nikes. Yeah, picture...


Absent-Minded Plant Watering

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 4:45pm

Man, everyone has gotten tired of collaborations haven’t they? I kinda have. When there’s a full line separate from the already established collection, man, that’s tiresome. I can only look at so much product everyday before my taste level takes...


Babies Who Look Like They Don’t Know Shit

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 4:03pm

Thanks to Global Warming™, we only have two seasons a year now: summer and winter. You know I hate to be the guy to put a dampener on your already severely moist life, but summer is nearly over, fam. Winter...


Do The Old Man Shuffle

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 3:33pm

Wow, these New Balances might be the most orthopedic nurse ass looking New Balances in a minute. If you wear these with some dope wool trousers or navy chinos, you will look like a cool geriatric dude. Cool geriatrics are...


No One Wants To Be Around You When Your Chi Is Thrown Off

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 2:57pm

Thermal pants in the summer is such a fucking power move. Hop up out da bed and don’t even think about the weather before turning your swag on. Don’t bother checking the weather app on your phone, just slip into...


Why I Quit Tumblr

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 2:15pm

After six years, I’ve ended one of the most meaningful relationships of my life. Our love affair started small. She was vast and I didn’t know what to do with her. But soon she opened my eyes to a world...


Different People With Separate Lives

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 1:28pm

I know we’re all just waiting for the murder she wrote Qasa drop, but in the meantime Y-3 is trying to remind us that there’s a whole clothing collection and—GASP!—even other sneakers made by the collaborative label. Like, check out...


She Doesn’t Need To Know

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 12:56pm

Bro, you ever even seen Bullitt with Steve McQueen? Dude was so stylish that God had to take him up to heaven because we weren’t worthy of his presence on earth. And yo, that chase scene though? OHMYFUCKINGGODAMAZEBALLZ. Best in film...


Nonnative Fall/Winter 2014 Is 100% Dank

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 12:28pm

Don’t act surprised when you realize you want almost every piece of nonnative’s F/W 14 collection. It’s fucking nonnative, you assholes. nonnative is always 100% dank. ARE THOSE LONG QUILTED SHIRTS? BRB starting a store called Coppington Gardens just so...