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Gratuitous Use Of The Eggplant Emoji

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 11:40am

Are you tired of Timberland boots yet? Have the past two years not informed you that they’re back “in,” like, super hard? Maybe you’ve noticed, but just haven’t taken part in the revolution, or maybe you’re the exact opposite, buying ...

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Raf Simons Stars In Upcoming Dior And I Documentary

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 11:10am

Fashion documentaries are typically some of the best and most interesting. The visuals and coverage surrounding the topic at hand are so well done and in-depth that you leave with a newfound sense of respect and admiration for what is ...


The Garment District Journal

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 5:00pm

The Garment District Journal is the latest project from Nepenthes. A seasonal publication, the first issue has an interview with Jeremy Lewis, an editorial by longtime Nepenthes crew member JIMA and some other stuff you can read about on Nepenthes’ ...


Retaining Your Sense Of Superiority

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 3:54pm

I love over-sized, contrast buttons like these. Shout out to Creep for continually making singular garments that I never think about, but constantly want after seeing them. This waffle coverall is pretty simple and isn’t that different from the work ...


What The Fuck Happened To Gilt?

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 3:35pm

Remember all those sick deals you could always score at Gilt? Like, discounted Hickey, Black Fleece and Y-3? Man, those were the fucking days. Gilt was the leading contributor to many a stupid impulse purchases that I got simply because ...


Panels Of Awesome

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 3:20pm

You guys ever realize just how badly you need a panel of some patched cotton mosquito netting? I’m convinced that if I ever open a very expensive, very artfully curated vintage store, I will need large panels of this mosquito ...

gucci revolving door

Go Behind The Scenes Of Gucci’s Creative Director Drama

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 3:04pm

We covered the Gucci creative director move relatively closely. First, there were the rumblings that Saint Laurent savior Hedi Slimane would take over at the house. Then, whispers had Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci taking the helm or a dramatic Tom Ford ...


Four Pins Presents Honest Unboxings: Supreme Spring/Summer 2015 Haul

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 2:16pm

A Four Pins original video series. ...


Digging Through The Jersey Drawer

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 1:45pm

Yo, it’s like the Gentry crew knows the exact way into my heart. And the path to my heart is paved with throwback Pistons jerseys, cropped but still baggy and kinda sagged trousers and dope coats. That sounds like a ...


Folk Spring/Summer 2015 Knows Flexing Isn’t Always A Viable Option

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 1:27pm

It’s been a minute since I lent my pen to Folk, a brand that I really like. Folk is a simple brand, but a lot of its pieces impress in person, knits and outerwear specifically. I’m constantly looking to come ...


Lonely Weekend Dads

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 12:55pm

Acne Studios makes this sweatshirt with a spray paint detail. Don’t you guys wish you could artfully fuck up garments and even, like, your apartment with spray paint? I’ve tried to have an artfully disheveled apartment for half a decade ...

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Universal Works Spring/Summer 2015 Is For The Dichotomous Urban Gardener

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 12:39pm

Look at how conceptual and artsy this Universal Works lookbook is. It’s like I just stepped into the MoMA or something, even though this feels more post-modern than simply modern. Just kidding. I have no idea what the fuck I’m ...

yeezy boost

The Yeezy Boosts Are Releasing Again This Weekend At, Like, A Lot Of Places

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 12:29pm

Maybe you were one of the many people this past weekend who tried to cop Yeezy Boosts online and were ultimately unsuccessful. Are you now thinking about dropping a resale rack for a pair? Don’t fucking do it. Remember when Kanye ...


The Fall/Winter 2015 Street Style Awards

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 11:51am

Breaking down all the best and worst the NYFW streets had to offer. ...


Life Comes Full Circle If You Give It Long Enough

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Mon, 02.23.15 at 5:33pm

You guys ever fuck with painter pants back in the day? No? WELL, FUCK YOU. Painter pants were the fucking shit back in the day. I feel like some people called them “carpenter pants” back when they were popping, but ...