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The Axis Bomber

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 1:36pm

A Kind Of Guise just dropped some very no-bullshit bombers because they’re from Munich and if there’s one thing Germany does not do it’s fuck around. I hear they’re straight flourishing economically, while the rest of Europe is basically filling...


Behind The Scenes At New York Fashion Week: Patrik Ervell Fall/Winter 2014

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 1:22pm

"Behind The Scenes At New York Fashion Week" is a photo series documenting the making-of some of New York Fashion Week's most buzzed about menswear fashion shows and presentations....


Narc Mom Cops All The Offensive T-Shirts From PacSun

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 1:02pm

Growing up did you guys have a friend whose parents were total narcs? I had one friend who had a total narc mom and dad. For spring break my senior year, a bunch of us went to Spain on a...

Four Pins Newsletter

See Your Likes Reach Such Great Heights

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 12:45pm

Before we all lost our collective minds over Hender Scheme, I wrote about Erik Schedin and his minimal, super dope sneakers and other assorted designs. Fast forward a little and Schedin and Comme des Garcons SHIRT have teamed up for...


New Yeezus Merch Alert!

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 12:28pm

NEW YEEZUS MERCH ALERT! NEW YEEZUS MERCH ALERT, MY DUDES! That’s what I’d be yelling if I got a job at DONDA because, clearly, they would make me work the merch booth at his concerts. I don’t even know if...


Isaora Spring/Summer 2014 Is Live And Direct

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 12:13pm

For S/S 14, New York City-based Isaora has shifted their business model to now be strictly direct-to-customer. That means you will no longer be able to buy their product in 3rd party stores. This might seem shitty at first, but...


20 Ways To Lose All Of Your Friends In Your 20′s

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 11:57am

For when you are in desperate need of purging your entire social circle...


How The Internet Ruined The Fine Art Of Faking It

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 10:52am

We all fake it sometimes. Didn’t see a movie? You’ll still probably nod if asked about it. Listening to someone rant about a new release? You might just react to what they’re saying or go off of the single. I...


Feb 18th


Some Graphic Design Professor’s Eye Is Twitching

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Tue, 02.18.14 at 5:32pm

Peep these new T-shirts from Japanese streetwear label Cav Empt, a brand founded by Toby Feltwell, Hishi and a design entity named Sk8thing, whose moniker you may dismiss for being completely idiotic, but is actually the man behind the OG...

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Nordstrom Really Got That Heat Though

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Tue, 02.18.14 at 5:03pm

I don’t typically associate Nordstrom with hypebeasting. The store actually just reminds me of all the times my mom bought me a sweater she thought would look “cute” on me. But I guess that’s why they’ve decided to stock a...


Pigalle Spring/Summer 2014 Is Winner Winner Hypbeast Dinner

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Tue, 02.18.14 at 4:17pm

Pigalle, the French brand you love to name drop, but whose hoodies and tees are the only thing you own, just unveiled their new S/S 14 lookbook. A lot of it is stylish and cool and French, etc., but other...


Chill Out With Slobbering The Bomber Knob

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Tue, 02.18.14 at 3:42pm

Did you guys know that the boss man Schlossman and I first met at a strug trade show that YMC was showing at? YUP. Anyways, YMC makes this wild plain coach’s jacket. And boy do I love a good coach’s...


Bricking Depictions Of Casual American Life

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Tue, 02.18.14 at 2:47pm

SENSE Magazine out of Japan just dropped a new visvim editorial that will inspire you to look like a rich hippie vagabond on a mission to sell fine hydroponic weed and the occasional, pro bono tulip. And that’s good because...


Cool To Do Drugs

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Tue, 02.18.14 at 2:13pm

Damn, our boy Brry is murdering all you Internet cool kids. This time he teamed up with Mr. Chris Black aka Done To Death to make some pencils that sort of endorse drug use. If you are in high school,...


Amazing Scents Offset The Crippling Claustrophobia That Is New York City Living

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Tue, 02.18.14 at 1:52pm

Damn, I want—no, NEED—more fancy candles in my life. I went to a few friends’ apartments while I was in NYC and, damn, they had those tiny shoeboxes they call homes filled to the brim with amazingly nice candles. Maybe...