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Sep 10th


Instead Of Being Judgmental, Be Prepared

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 4:47pm

Winter Session makes these two-tone canvas backpacks. I like the fact that the bottom panel is a waxed canvas. I have accidentally put many a backpack in some crazy gross shit. That’s on my unobservant ass. But I’ve also been...


Dope Sweatshirts Are Going To Be Very Big For Fall

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 4:05pm

I know better than to admit I’m not too familiar with a brand because—HELLO—I’m a fucking menswear expert guys. I go to fashion shows and make really strong observations like, “The zippers on the tunic? So dope.” And then I...


Bulletproof Alphets

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 3:33pm

You guys remember the era of 50 Cent wearing bulletproof vests? Man, those were the days. I mean violence is never a good look, but bulletproof vests sure are. I would most definitely wear a bulletproof vest if it wouldn’t...

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Isaora Fall/Winter 2014 Helps You Move Better

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 3:05pm

Amongst all the other techwear brands out there today, I like Isaora most because its clothes don’t make me look like I’m a walking piece of futuristic technology. Instead, they’re just super cozy, fit well and repel a lot of...


When Everything Reminds You Of Cigarettes

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 2:48pm

Hello, dawgies. It Me Again™. Sorry, I’m not actually dead. My life is mad busy because I’m not an unemployed philosophy graduate like you. Have you ever tried to quit smoking? I’m trying right now and it’s much more difficult...


That One Guy You Always Struggle To Have Something To Talk About With

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 2:29pm

I’m all about collarless jackets lately. They’re basically cardigans, but with more pockets and different fabrics. This one from Post Overalls is in an indigo dyed flannel and has a little logo patch placed at the perfect position for you...


How The Fuck Is It September Already?

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 1:51pm

Wow, fam, we all collectively bricked it. What feels like three weeks ago, we were lamenting how summer is the most swagless sartorial season of all and Jake Woolf was still serving Four Pins and dropping thinkpieces defending minimal layers...


Uniqlo To Bring Back +J This Fall

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 1:19pm

One of the most successful collaborations of all time, Jil Sander for Uniqlo is coming back this fall. The company is running back some of the greatest hits from the five seasons of +J that Sander helped design from 2009...

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Watch Anna Wintour Answer 73 Random Ass Questions

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 12:50pm

I once heard Anna Wintour got a fashion designer to re-walk their show because she showed up too late, so they literally ran the entire thing back for her. Despite that validity of that anecdote, she is a certified legend...


Hender Scheme’s $1,000 Air Jordan IV Finally Drops

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 12:29pm

Every once in a while, an item comes along that causes the menswear community to invariably shit its pants in excitement. The Hender Scheme MIP-10 aka an all-leather Air Jordan IV is that item right now. We’d seen photos putzing...


It’s Nothing To Stunt: A Day In The Life Of Bauce Sauce

Written by
Wed, 09.10.14 at 12:04pm

A glimpse into the world of a legend....


The Women Of New York Fashion Week: Part II

Written by
Wed, 09.10.14 at 11:22am

See how the fairer sex stepped out....


Apple Is Officially On Watch

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Wed, 09.10.14 at 10:52am

Greetings to all the Mac Daddies, playas and pimps out there steady surfin’ the webs responsibly. I see you playboys. Yesterday, Apple decided to smarten up the wristwear game a lil’ and release some of that new crack, straight from...


New York Fashion Week Street Style: Part VII

Written by
Wed, 09.10.14 at 10:27am

Live from the S/S 15 shows....


Sep 9th


Getting Wild Reckless Way Too Early

Written by
Tue, 09.09.14 at 5:26pm

I’m not a bad boy by any means, but I like to shirk tradition and occasionally bend the rules. I think recommending a linen long coat right before fall hits qualifies as such. Four Horsemen, the Canadian menswear shop that...