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Less Like Wes Anderson And More Like You

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 2:25pm

Damn, EG’s F/W collection is already trickling into stores? DAIKI, HOLD UP THE DELIVERIES UNTIL SOME MORE DUCATS CAN TRICKLE THEIR WAY INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT. But if you happen to have somehow been fiscally responsible and can afford to...


Frank Costanza My Only Role Model

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 2:00pm

Everyone is sick of the super weak fashion satire and parody. You know, the “Celine Dion,” “Homies Paris,” “Comme des Fuck Down” fuckery that all the SoHo biddies wear as they stroll into Saint Laurent expecting the staff to take...


Why You Should Never Own A Pickup Truck

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 1:43pm

I’ve always loved these CdG shirts with the runoff stitching. True story: My little sister copped me the Junya x John Smedley version for my birthday a few years ago. It was dope and a size medium, which is my...

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COS Fall/Winter 2014 Is Fast Fashion Flexing

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 1:27pm

We know that COS is H&M’s slightly more expensive, slightly better quality, slightly more fashionable cousin. We are aware of this. And these new F/W joints got the gloomy feels vibing at full force. COS always aims for a minimal...


That Face You Make When You Realize You Never Have To Buy Another Coat Ever Again

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 1:09pm

WHAT UP, HAIDER ACKERMANN, WITH YOUR DOPE ASS WOOL COAT? Me and Haider finna be best friends because he designs boiled wool coats that are super minimal and awesome. And you already know I’m gonna sustain this friendship because I’ll...


The Perfect Shoes To Wear While Shmoney Dancing On A Hater’s Grave LMAO

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 12:40pm

Part of my job description requires me to write about a different pair of Margiela sneakers every single day, so here’s today’s allotment. I don’t know why the technical term for these shoes is “black skate sneaker.” These look more...


M4M: Looking For Male Friendship On Craigslist (And Getting Sexually Harassed)

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 12:09pm

Keeping things strictly platonic....


Please, For The Love Of God, Don’t Fund The Bluetooth Snapback

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 11:21am

Wearable technology is going too far, man. It’s bad enough our email provider is out here trying to get us to narc on each other with corny glasses #staywoke. Obama really gotta speak on all this shit. Now we got...


The Law Is On Your Side

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 10:37am

I’m an avowed atheist over here, but it’s always awkward when I get into a social circle of people that, even if aren’t super religious, say something offhand like “everything happens for a reason” or “it’s God’s plan.” It takes...


The Official Nike Air Max Power Rankings

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 10:00am

Because every day is Air Max Day....


Jul 31st


The Height Of Luxury (Is Not What You Think It Is)

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 5:37pm

Do you guys remember that Junya fishtail that dropped, like, forever ago? WOOO, THAT SHIT WAS FIRE FLAMEZ. Anyways, back then I was too poor to afford it. And now that CdG and Valstar teamed up to make this fishtail,...


Net-A-Porter CEO Celebration Illustrates Our Miserable Existence

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 4:58pm

On July 9th, Net-A-Porter CEO Mark Sebba showed up to work on his 11th anniversary and, instead of a normal day at the office, the entire staff overwhelmed him with a congratulatory rehearsed flash mob while singing Aloe Blacc’s “The...


Wood Wood’s Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook Will Get You Mad Tumblr Notes

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 4:20pm

You’re probably gonna want to live near some mountains for this heat because Wood Wood’s F/W 14 lookbook just took a dump on all your city lovin’ dreams. Rock climbing is definitely the next trend. I can feel it in...

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Blanco Buckets Get The Pool Party Poppin’

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 3:56pm

AXS Folk Technology has the most ridiculous name, but we always talk about that, so let’s just give it, like, half a bar and move onto to this white bucket hat. Do you guys remember when white parties were v...


Hey Guys, Check It Out! Streetwear Is Back, Baby!

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 3:16pm

Dear reader, I’m not sure how often you’re on the Internet, but apparently the Fashion Journalism Industrial Complex™ has gotten together to decree that streetwear is, in fact, back, baby! You never would have guessed it, would you? Crazy, right?...