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A Disgusting, Shitty Sauna That Costs $2.50

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 3:30pm

Haven, one of our favorite stores in all of the Great White North, recently dropped their S/S editorial. While the clothes themselves are of the finest quality, the lookbook fails to depict the sweaty realities of summer. This dude is...


Earth Day

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 3:06pm

Tres Bien is in it. “It” being the long T-shirt game, of course. Man, I hope this trend doesn’t implode like every other trend because I feel like I’m fully committed to these rare hemlines. Although, are they even that...


The Semi-Well-Dressed-But-Something-Is-Just-Off-About-It-All-Streetweary-Mensweary-Downtown-NYC-Cool-Guy

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 2:39pm

The only Asics I’ve ever owned were for going to the gym, but these Gel Lyte Vs are pretty excellent. Yeah, I never even got into Asics when Ronnie Fieg was making them (and in the process, himself) a thing...

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Do You Even Vintage, Bro?

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 2:00pm

This is a nine hundred and ninety five dollar M-65. Why buy a jacket that is a re-make of a jacket that you could probably buy much, much cheaper from Alphet Industries or something? BECAUSE IT’S JAPANESE AND OVERDYED BLACK,...


Your Work Will Undoubtedly Go Unappreciated Until After Your Death

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 1:24pm

Cash Ca has a paneled T-shirt in almost every collection and this season is no different. These S/S version comes with a drawstring waist, which gives a nice bit of visual detail. Just whatever you do, don’t actually cinch this...


This Disney Music Video From 2011 Is The Most Influential #Menswear Song Of All Time TBH

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 12:57pm

If you’re rocking socks with sandals in 2014, thinking you’re on some next level shit, then we would like to direct your attention to the above music video. Composed by world renowned music group So Random! back in 2011, the...

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Nature Is Wack

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 12:11pm

Yo, Urban Outfitters just came through with the, like, pretty good baseball jersey shirt for summer. And unlike something from, say, Alexander Wang, it’s only $54. It features a minimal, white design with black mesh side panels for keeping you...


The Latest Trend In Womenswear? Menswear

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 11:34am

Lately, as a woman, looking at a man can feel like looking at full-length mirror: sneakers, sweatpants, Birkenstocks, slides, shawl collar jackets, the cut of our trousers. Our jeans is the same, and is this shirt from your section of...


Governors Ball NYC 2014 Street Style

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 11:02am

All the action from New York's biggest party....


Swagless USA Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Men’s National Soccer Team

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 10:41am

America has a soccer problem. Or rather, America has a Team USA problem. As a country built on industrious advantages and physical superiority, we’re staring straight down the barrel of Jurgen Klinsmann’s diamond midfield and looking right into mediocrity—the biggest...


New York City Street Style: June 9, 2014

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 10:09am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish....


Is Supreme x Anti-Hero Spring/Summer 2014 Anti-Microbial?

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Mon, 06.09.14 at 8:18am

After an image of what we expected to be an upcoming collaboration between iconic skate brands Supreme and Anti-Hero surfaced last week, the official lookbook and product images of the collection have now been released. Founded in 1995, Anti-Hero, like...


Jun 6th


Ordering Yogurt And Steel Milled Oats Instead Of Del Taco

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Fri, 06.06.14 at 4:02pm

Man of the World No.8 has a Tom Sachs cover, which should be reason enough to pick up the magazine. But if you need more reasons, I don’t know, how about to read some things and look at pretty pictures...


The Growing Intersection Of #Coffee And #Menswear

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Fri, 06.06.14 at 3:46pm

Our buddy (read: boss) Jian Deleon wrote for (James Beard Award-winning publication) First We Feast about the growing intersection of coffee and #menswear. It’s no secret that coffee and fashion have gone together for decades now. First it was the...


PacSun Gets #Relevant With A$AP Mob

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Fri, 06.06.14 at 3:15pm

PacSun is trying very hard to be #relevant by getting all these rappers and cool guy collectives to collaborate with them, but, I guess we can’t knock the hustle. Their latest collaborative effort, after teaming up with Kanye West and...