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Are You Really Into Streetwear Or Just Whatever Kanye Wears?

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 3:37pm

This jacket from Neighborhood’s SVG Archives is pretty intense. Vultures perched on skulls? On some nihilistic Eli Cash shit? I have no idea what you’d wear with this jacket, but if you’re really part of the Illuminati it doesn’t matter...


Don’t Brick Your Next Prom

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 3:05pm

We don’t usually delve into the smart, affordable and practical too often, but every once in a while we gotta throw up a post for the people. Filling that void today is Black Tux, a tuxedo rental company that will...


Strange Doc Holiday

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 2:35pm

Nepenthes New York is featuring a new exhibitor and collection launching today. TWONESS: take two clothing is the work of Shin Murayama. The gear is exactly what the name makes it sound like: recreations of classic chambray and denim garments....

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Pollock’s Crocs

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 2:09pm

Wow, Jackson Pollock licensed Crocs? I can’t front, if you gave me any amount of money I’d be down to license the shit out of anything related to my life. And you already know Crocs got that Scrooge McDuck money...

ARC Jacket Black Reverse

Gallery Openings, Cirque Du Soleil, Farm To Table Dinner Parties, Jazz Concerts, Etc.

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 1:43pm

Abdul Abasi is probably best known amongst the menswear set as “that super cool dude who works at Nepenthes that I’m kind of afraid to talk to because he will probably think I’m lame.” But few know that he recently...

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What Your Raincoat Says About Your Coffee

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 1:26pm

I seriously can’t wait for spring, so I can complain about 46 degree highs and the rain DESPITE THE FACT THAT PRECIPITATION IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE SYSTEM THAT PROVIDES US WITH WATER AKA THAT THING WE NEED FOR...


The Four Pins Guide To Overanalyzing Text Messages

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 12:45pm

What do they really mean?...


Adidas Taps Nigo

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 12:36pm

Adidas’ come up cannot be stopped. They’re straight copping up all the available, hot talent in the design world and probably hoping that it will finally—truly—make them better than Nike. Spoiler alert: It won’t, but, hey, similar strategies have worked...


My Las Vegas Trade Show Hustle: A Photo Essay

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 11:26am

The Vegas trade show hustle is exhausting. Florescent lighting and air conditioning make the geographic location irrelevant as you spend 10 hour days on your feet, selling, buying, schmoozing and eating overpriced food inside a massive, fluorescent lit, air-conditioned room....


Alec Baldwin Is Pissed

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 11:07am

You guys, Alec Baldwin is pissed. And it’s not like those other times he was pissed. It’s way worse than when he called his 11-year-old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig,” or when he threw iced coffee at a carful...


Feb 24th


Banal And Borderline Psychopathic Takes On Classic The White Tee

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Mon, 02.24.14 at 4:48pm

Shirts like this one from Margiela are a true test of one’s cool factor. I mean, if you’re a regular dude, you’re gonna spend 400 bucks to look like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. If you’re a cool guy, you’re...


Legends Of The Hidden Temple Consolation Prizes

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Mon, 02.24.14 at 4:19pm

Originally released in 1993, the Fila Overpass Runner is apparently a shoe that people much older than me rocked with back in the day. Can you corroborate this claim, Moy? Now, the sneaker is set to make a return March...


Sensible Pins For The Sensible Lapels On A Sensible Topcoat

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Mon, 02.24.14 at 4:00pm

Cool pins and patches are so fucking cool again, guys. I remember every year there would be one kid running for student council that would have a patch with their name over the Black Flag logo or some shit. Instead...


Now That You’re Single

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Mon, 02.24.14 at 3:24pm

If you saw the Yeezus tour then you know Kanye’s last alphet change of the show consisted of a Margiela man skirt. But given that almost all of the Jella he wore on tour was custom, you probably thought ever...


Add To Your Spectacular Mountain Of Jawnz With Garbstore Spring/Summer 2014

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Mon, 02.24.14 at 2:30pm

We just got blessed with the new Garbstore lookbook, so take a gander. There’s some super dope printed indigo pants that I would very much enjoy wearing because they will look impeccable with white sneakers and a white oxford, assuming...