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The Difference Between The Y-3 Qasa And Adidas Tubular, According To The Guy Who Designed Them

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Wed, 11.26.14 at 3:23pm

Hypebeast sat down with Nick Galway, the principal designer of the sneakers of the moment, the Adidas Tubular Runner, to discuss the difference between it and the Y-3 Qasa, which has been the natural comparison ever since the Tubular was ...


Turns Out You Fickle Assholes Like Workwear After All

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Wed, 11.26.14 at 2:25pm

Did you guys know that long shirts were prevalent in workwear, worn by factory workers underneath their coveralls and shit? SO, YEAH, GUESS YOU LIKE WORKWEAR AFTER ALL, YOU FICKLE ASSHOLES. Anachronorm makes their version of the denim long shirt ...

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Spirit Of Place

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Wed, 11.26.14 at 1:31pm

Dawgs, you peep the latest “Spirit of Place” Nepenthes editorial? Shit makes me want to go back to school, get my PhD and become an associate professor at a small liberal arts school somewhere pastoral as fuckā€”most likely northern Connecticut ...


Three Layers So You Know It’s Good

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Wed, 11.26.14 at 1:09pm

You guys own a fancy robe yet? Me neither, but I feel like we’d be well-served if we copped this cabin fleece robe from Wings+Horns. I figure if you’re gonna invest in a fancy robe, it should be cozy as ...


Getting Your Loved Ones Gift Cards In Denominations Too Small To Actually Purchase Anything

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Wed, 11.26.14 at 11:19am

Garbstore makes this conductor’s coat that’s 100% wool and has this cool zipper pocket inside one of the patch pockets. Plus, it also has a tape loop inside to hang your scarf when you’re not wearing it. WUT? FUCK, WHY ...


Wearing Pedestrian Sneakers With Aplomb

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Wed, 11.26.14 at 10:41am

You guys probably took one look at these sneakers and were like, “Ew, Blazers, gross,” which is a little understandable, but aren’t you so stylish and dope that you can take a relatively pedestrian sneaker and make it slightly less ...


Firm, But Just Seamless Leadership

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 4:11pm

Don’t you guys wish that when you got together with your friends you guys made a something as cool as this jacket C’H’C’M’ and 6876 made? But no, instead all you end up doing is bickering about who should place ...


Trying For 95%, Settling On 45%

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 3:21pm

Have you guys ever owned a reversible shirt that has a hood? Me neither. But now’s our chance. We just have to head out to Japan and cop some Cash Ca. Or, you know, just use the power of the ...


Hiroki’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 2:28pm

Wow, visvim and I have a fucked up relationship. The only things I ever want to buy are footwear or outerwear and those are, like, the two most expensive categories in the entire catalog. I always love going to the ...


The Gigi Spring/Summer 2015 Doesn’t Look Back

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 1:47pm

If you were #menswear blogging a couple of years ago, you already know that Boglioli is pretty much the epitome of casual tailoring. Since then, Pierluigi aka “Gigi” and Mario Boglioli, who left the family business back in 2012 when ...


Jungle Jackets

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 12:59pm

These Journal Standard x The Hill-Side modified jungle jackets (in navy and olive) are something I would wear if I were a spy or consulate worker in a Graham Greene novel set in Vietnam or some shit. Most likely, though, ...

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MADE Kids Is Terrible Streetwear For Children (And The Awful Parents Who Dress Them)

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 12:25pm

In the days of North West being as much a fashion icon as she is an actual baby, children’s clothing has become a burgeoning market for parents who love to live vicariously through their kids. And, sometimes, Gap Kids and ...


Spouting Venom On Your Haters

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 11:46am

I know everyone has their favorite style of footwear. Like, I know guys that still wear Red Wings exclusively, guys that only wear sneakers, guys that wear whatever Kanye is wearing, guys that wear flip-flops everyday like fucking psychopaths, etc. ...

levis field

Levi’s Turns An Entire Football Field Into “Field Of Jeans” To Promote Recycling

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 11:19am

Levi’s has the naming rights to the San Francisco 49ers’ new stadium and in and effort to continuing spouting the gospel of Levi’s and denim in general, the brand took to the gridiron and covered entire field with more than ...


You Never Know When You’re Gonna Have To Rely On Some Hired Muscle

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Tue, 11.25.14 at 10:50am

Long sleeve polos like these “Riviera” joints from Sunspel are the fucking shit, especially when they have button cuffs. I remember I knew this one kid in college that always wore a black long sleeve polo and got into fights, ...