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Feb 20th


Steve Nash Riding A Longboard On His Way To Go Play Soccer In The Park

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 5:27pm

The Adidas Busenitz sneaker is essentially a Samba seen through the lens of skateboarding, and that’s dope because Sambas are easily one of the top “Tier Strug” footwear options of all time. This particular version is outfitted with Kangaroo leather,...


Dope Ass Folklore

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 4:45pm

Shoes like Pottery makes a bunch of vintage looking kicks, but I’m partial to the storm trooper hi-tops. Sure, you could get Chuck Taylors and call it day, but are you really a “get generic sneakers and call it a...


The One Instance It Paid To Refrain From Copping Point Blank

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 4:19pm

Yeah, I know, so we told you about a particular colorway of the Adidas Consortium Equipment Running Sport sneaker last week, but we didn’t know they were also coming out in these more pared down, heater colorways. So, like, sorry...

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You Can’t Come Out And Play If You Haven’t Finished Your Chores

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 3:51pm

This jersey chore coat from OAMC is not cheap, my friends. Neither was this duck dish Woolf ordered at a Thai spot when a bunch of grabbed dinner during NYFW. But, you know what? It was fucking delicious and I...


Drop The Top On These Fuccbois

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 3:26pm

Here’s a garment that is totally insane, but we will try to convince you to cop regardless. Okay, so it’s an indigo silk quilt from Levi’s Red that you basically wear like a poncho/cape because, you know what, you are...


An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg The Gawd

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 3:08pm

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Goddamn, you’re shittin’ gold these days. So many fuckin’ feexinz. No one even knows what a WhatsApp is, and you still finessed that shit straight cash for 19 billion dollars. Damn Zuckerberg, stunt on them h8rz. The...


20 Douchebags More Likely To Get Laid Than You

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 2:21pm

Say hello to the bad guys....


Get On Trend, Ya Dorks

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 1:23pm

Size? has been making clothes in-house since 2005 and their Basics collection is dope, so peep game. They pretty much cover all the cozy basics in one fell swoop with hoodies, crews, sweatpants, tees and even baseball jackets. The real...


How Your Parents Describe Their Relationship With You

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 12:57pm

Is it just me or did Our Legacy drop the best indigo shirt of the season? Cotton/hemp blend with natural indigo dyeing is cool, but having a single top button and a zippered placket is cooler. You can still wear...

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Rug Game

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 11:33am

“Ion’t give a motherfuckin’ fuck/Mud on my shoes, steppin on hundred thousand dollar fuckin’ rugs.” – Young Thug You probably have heard of Mikael Kennedy through his work. The talented photographer has shot for everyone from Rogues Gallery, to J....


“Fashion Bros!” Episode 2

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Thu, 02.20.14 at 10:44am

Clothes before hoes....


Feb 19th



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Wed, 02.19.14 at 5:04pm

This brand called Amsterdam Shoe Company just hit us up and we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt because Amsterdam is close enough to Scandinavia, so I don’t know, maybe they caught some runoff steez or something. Either way,...


Drink The Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2014 Kool-Aid Because It’s Absolutely Delicious

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 3:36pm

WOOOOO! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, like, the past 6 months of whatever. It’s the new Engineered Garments lookbook and if you have even a little bit of taste in your body then you’ve got a boner...


Racist, Basic Bitches

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 3:01pm

Did you guys know that Wtaps is pronounced “double taps”? ME NEITHER. I never have to say these names out loud. I’m probably pronouncing ever designer’s name and label and stupidly named store completely incorrectly. BUT GUESS WHAT? IT DOESN’T...


Was Punk Ever Really Alive?

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Wed, 02.19.14 at 2:18pm

Do you guys know who Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood are? Probably because everyone was telling their non-fashion friends that Pharrell’s hat was “actually an archival piece by Vivienne Westwood.” But back in the late ’70s, when shit was really...