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You Never Really Know With Japanese Brands

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Wed, 06.04.14 at 10:19am

Moy is usually the guy to write about workwear-y shit from Post O’Alls, but I actually really dig these shirts for summer. They’re called the “Cruz” shirt, but I think they mean “Cruise,” right? That makes way more sense. But...


Jun 3rd


Hotel Pigalle

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 5:13pm

Union just got new Pigalle T-shirts in so that’s pretty cool. This one doesn’t have the label’s classic box logo on it, though, so maybe you don’t want it anymore if you’re that kind of person. But the “Hotel Pigalle”...


Origami At The Table

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 4:48pm

You guys, I have a confession to make. I have a really nice leather card case that was never meant to be a full wallet that ‘’ve forced into conscription as a full blown wallet. And man, is it struggling...

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Every Man In NYC

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 4:11pm

Even though we’ve been patiently waiting for a response to the question, “Why does Wallace & Barnes exist?” for years now, they keep putting out product anyway. And sometimes, the higher-end, but exactly the same looking J.Crew sub-label puts out...


On The Wrong Side Of History

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 3:33pm

Sunspel is responsible for these long sleeve jersey polos. I know, long sleeve polos can vibe v narc dad, but don’t worry. All you need to make it magic is a long tee underneath. It’s probably a little too hot...


The Impossible Cream Jeans

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 2:42pm

Damn, Sean Sullivan lives one of those cool ass lives we all dream about living when we start a blog or something. Of course, none of us thought to call our blogs “The Impossible Cool” and none of us have...


Ladies Is Comfy Too, Welcome To The #Cozygirl Movement

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 1:49pm

It’s starting to seem like girls are finally playing catch up to the boys when it comes to style trends (that was completely sarcastic btw). Anyhow, Refinery 29 just put up a slideshow all about embracing your inner #cozygirl. Yeah,...


Floating Like The Black Mamba Into Some Foolish Dude’s Girlfriend’s DMs

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 1:33pm

Since being unveiled last December, the Kobe 9 Elite has been one of the most talked about sneakers of 2014. While in its original, ultra high top form the shoe is virtually unwearable, its low version is a sleek Flyknit...


Meet The CFDA’s Inaugural Instagrammer Of The Year

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 1:17pm

Dawgs, this is the guy the public chose as the CFDA’s inaugural Instagrammer of the Year. YEAH, HE WEARS SHORTS WITH TIES. WHAT THE FUCK, CFDA? IS ANYONE FACT CHECKING THIS SHIT? WHERE’S ERNST & YOUNG WHEN YOU NEED THEM?...


The Swagless Guy’s Summer Survival Guide

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 12:51pm

Get ready to bust out your sandals and chug some Mike's Hard Lemonade!...


The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2014 CFDA Awards

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Tue, 06.03.14 at 10:57am

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how hard you party....


Jun 2nd


Purchases Based On Personal Anecdotes

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Mon, 06.02.14 at 5:30pm

Way back when, I was visiting a trade show and none of the brands would let me take photos with my film camera. I pretended like I was really into the “warmth” of film, but really I was just a...


Moby Dick

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Mon, 06.02.14 at 5:01pm

By now you should know that New Balance 998s are sweg. They’re just a good shoe and they’re made in the USA, which is cool if you believe the Internet. Now, they’re set to drop in this “Moby Dick” colorway,...


Hot Dog Fried Rice

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Mon, 06.02.14 at 4:30pm

Are you guys tired of seeing popovers on your computer screens? WELL, TURN THEM OFF THEN. I don’t really give a fuck because I haven’t actually bought that many popovers this season and I need to exercise that impulse somewhere...

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A $400 Polo With A Stain On It Just Like Kanye In The “All Falls Down” Video

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Mon, 06.02.14 at 2:57pm

Shit like this makes me want to straight eject my whole everything from this clothing shit forever. Even as the well-documented President of the Kanye West Stan Worldwide Fan Club according to Four Pins commenters, I can’t even cope with...