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Stay Woke And Keep Your Heart

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 12:18pm

Acne makes these perfectly basic T-shirts. Acne is that brand I only first heard about because a really pretty girl who always wore really tight black jeans and gauzy tank tops told a mutual friend of ours that she only...


Bow Biters

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 11:57am

Everyone always cops the low-top ‘Gielas, which is cool, but do you really want to be like everyone else that spends over five hundred dollars on a pair of fancy sneakers? Just be careful what you wear with the velco...


Cheat Codes

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 11:36am

So you’ve been suckling wisdom from the teat of Mama Four Pins for the better part of a year or so. You’ve changed your personal style, added cool new words to your vocabulary and even acquired some genuine geranium leaf...

Four Pins Newsletter

How You Spend Most Weekends

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 11:20am

Grind Magazine just dropped this dope editorial featuring Japanese label Wacko Maria, which I probably didn’t have to explain is Japanese considering that name. Japanese brands pretty much just pull two American sounding words out of a hat and smash...


Three Months A Hypebeast: Selvedge, Stomach Cramps And Stupidity

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 11:06am

There’s nothing worse than pants that don’t fit. Maybe war, I guess? And famine. Yeah, that’s it: war, then famine, then tight pants. I’ve never marched into battle or wanted for a meal, but for three miserable months, I willfully...


Steez-Hungry Thots

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 10:31am

Did y’all know I ride a motorbike? I don’t wear protective leathers because anything which appears to potentially negate the risk factor of a life-threatening activity is absolutely not swaggy. Honestly, I can’t think of anything riskier than potentially falling...


Jul 7th


A “Just Because” Gift For Your Girl

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 4:51pm

Hey man, are you looking for a gift for your girl? No? WHY THE FUCK NOT? SHE PUTS UP WITH SO MUCH OF YOUR STUPID SHIT SHE DESERVES A “JUST BECAUSE” GIFT. Take it from me, significant others fucking love...


Why God Invented Narcotics

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 4:01pm

Do you remember when Gitman Bros. Vintage was that new new? I remember one time I showed up at a proto-influencer gathering at a bar-resto in NYC with a regular ol’ Gitman Bros. shirt on and Schlossman would barely talk...


NYC’s “Most Exclusive Credit Card” Is Neither Exclusive Nor A Credit Card

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 3:36pm

No, this photo isn’t a portrait of some weird, mega-wealthy family from Iowa that is secretly influencing American politics through Super PACs and campaign finance contributions. It’s actually a photo of a bunch of super douches in their private Fortress...


The Vernacular Of Our Time

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 3:00pm

This A.P.C. knitted sweater/sweatshirt thing is clean as fuck. FYI “clean as fuck” means it has them good lines lines and an overall minimal aesthetic. Sometimes people will tell me that they can’t really understand some of my posts because...


The Americanness Of Manchester United’s New Kits

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 2:27pm

Goodbye, Patrik Ervell. Hello, Chevrolet. Manchester United has a new home kit. The previous, a sharp number that paid homage to Manchester’s connection to the textile industry (i.e. gingham), clothed the Red Devils during David Moyes’ remarkably dreadful tenure as...


Watch Terrible People Steal Air Yeezy’s From A Homeless Guy

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 2:11pm

Wow, people are horrible. But, then again, people are awesome too. Anyhow, this video demonstrates how far some people will go to get their hands on some Yeezy’s. See, these guys got themselves some fake Red Octobers, pretended to be...


SLWK Spring/Summer 2014 Is All The Way Down

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 1:55pm

Damn, SLWK S/S 14 just fucking killed the game. Or not. I mean, everyone has individual opinions on lookbooks. But I’m down, like, all the way down with these looks. Shouts to the cargo shorts, shouts to the neutral colorways,...


Pale, Desolate Nether Regions

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 1:22pm

Have you ever invaded a papi elephant’s personal space with a Volkswagen Golf for the Vine? Life hack: Don’t. But yeah, elephants. I fuck with elephants because they have tusks and tusks are how the color ivory was discovered. And,...


Chic Burgs

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 12:55pm

Damn, we keep getting the shaft here in the U.S. when it comes to next level fast food offerings. You think a fucking waffle taco is mind-boggling? PEOPLE BEEN EATING SAUSAGES NEXT TO THEIR WAFFLES AT DENNY’S SINCE FOREVER. Expand...