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Check, Accurate, Yurp, You Betcha

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Thu, 06.05.14 at 12:14pm

Gentry’s editorials are always way too fye. I cry every time they drop a new one to be honest (rt if u cri everytiem) because they are so beautiful. Like, they have all the elements of dope menswear editorials and ...


Nobody Is Feeling Themselves More Than Yoox’s CEO

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Thu, 06.05.14 at 11:27am

Wow, the CEO of Yoox is really feeling himself in this Forbes profile. I mean, I would be feeling myself too if my company were worth $605 million. Yeah, that’s not a typo. The company you know for its wildly ...


Visvim Get In On The Stan Smith Orgy

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Thu, 06.05.14 at 10:51am

Well everyone, we’ve reached the point where visvim has made a high-end Stan Smith. I never thought this would happen to be honest, but I guess people, Hiroki Nakamura included, change and, I mean, 2k14 really is the year of ...


EXCLUSIVE: Entourage Movie Script Leaks

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Thu, 06.05.14 at 10:35am

Vince and the rest of the gang are back, and if you thought their antics were zany back on HBO, wait’ll you see ‘em on the big screen! As the writer of Entourage: The Movie, I’m here to show you ...


Tim Duncan: A Swagless Retrospective

Written by
Thu, 06.05.14 at 10:10am

In honor of the Fashion Anti-Christ's latest trip to the NBA Finals. ...


The Pop Up Flea Comes To Detroit

Written by
Wed, 06.04.14 at 4:56pm

Can you believe I’ve never ever been to a Pop Up Flea? And now, the PUF is coming to Detroit. That’s right, I don’t come to the Pop Up Flea, the Pop Up Flea comes to me. Next year Pitti ...


Murdered Out Toiletries

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Wed, 06.04.14 at 4:09pm

Do you guys have a fancy toothbrush yet? And no, not one of those weird vibrating ones, even though I hear a Sonicare is life-changing. No, I’m talking ’bout Morihata charcoal toothbrushes. Oh, you think that binchotan toothbrushes are weird? ...


New Survey Claims This Is What Women Want You To Wear

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Wed, 06.04.14 at 3:41pm

eBay Deals has just exposed the ugly truth about what women actually think about a man’s clothing choices. And I say “ugly” because most of the clothes they were asked about were straight terrible, including, but not limited to: deep ...


How Girls Feel About Beyonce

Written by
Wed, 06.04.14 at 3:21pm

This OrSlow T-shirt is such a summer essential. What makes this tee more essential than, say, your Hanes 5 pack? One, Japan. Two, indigo. Three, the side pocket. That left pocket near the hem is everything, my guys. EVERYTHING. I ...


Train Better With Isaora

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Wed, 06.04.14 at 2:54pm

Isaora just launched their new “Train Better” line to get your gym flow back in order. Chances are you’re probably starving yourself and doing two a days on the stationary bike before Memorial Day, but have since fallen off the ...


Dark Matter

Written by
Wed, 06.04.14 at 2:21pm

Man, the universe is a cruel, cruel motherfucker. I’m blaming the fact that this nonnative Postman shirt is available exactly at the moment I have zero discretionary funds on dark matter. FUCK YOU, DARK MATTER. I mean, unless you’re the ...


Is The NHL Really Getting More Fashionable?

Written by
Wed, 06.04.14 at 2:00pm

Today in “Athletes Have Sweg Propaganda,” WWD published an article on how the NHL is starting to become more fashionable. Because, like, former Rangers player Ron Duguay (above) wears terrible Robert Graham shirts and has a perm, I guess? Seriously ...


New Balance Sues Karl Lagerfeld

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Wed, 06.04.14 at 1:21pm

One hundred thousand shouts to fashion’s evil overlord Karl Lagerfeld for these terrible Canal Street bootleg versions of a New Balance sneaker. But New Balance ain’t having it. According to Hypebeast, who says according to TMZ, the sneaker company is ...


Authorial Intent

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Wed, 06.04.14 at 1:13pm

Congrats to my good friend Andrew Chen for teaming up with The Mayven to make a praying hands emoji. Tip: Always say “my good friend…” when referencing someone who makes things you want to buy no matter the true extent ...


Achieving Bathroom Zen

Written by
Wed, 06.04.14 at 11:12am

The physical world is a place of tension and stress. Often, this stress finds itself compounding in our minds and bodies. It is trapped in us—bound up, if you will. Perhaps the most direct way to relieve yourself of this ...