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The Best (And Most Ridiculous) Looks From New York Fashion Week: Part II

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 11:43am

S/S 15 is here. ...


Your Whole Existence Is A Lie

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 10:51am

Remember when raw denim season was in full effect and everyone said you had to buy them in a super long inseam, like 36″, and just get a tailor to hem them shorter or rock a big ass cuff so ...


Attached To Your Frame

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 10:39am

Knitted bombers are tight. If you get the sizing right, they attach themselves really nicely to your frame and look absolutely en pointe layered over a white shirt with curved hems. And this Dries Van Noten joint is pretty much ...


Capsule Women’s Street Style

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 10:21am

All the girls standing in the line for the trade show. ...


How To Ruin A Wedding

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 3:56pm

Evidently, this Gitman Vintage shirt looks so much like Harris Tweed that Oi Polloi had to say it wasn’t Harris Tweed parenthetically and then reiterate that fact in the product copy. So, if you will, please email Oi Polloi inquiring ...


Dope Ninja Mask Turtlenecks

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 3:03pm

I really want a neck gaiter, but I have this big ass beard and I feel like it would be a waste to have put up with this thing throughout summer only to shave it in the winter in order ...


The Best (And Most Ridiculous) Looks From New York Fashion Week: Part I

Written by
Fri, 09.12.14 at 2:48pm

S/S 15 is here. ...


Your Favorite Websites You Love To Hate

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 2:00pm

Are you guys excited for winter yet? I AM. Can’t. Fucking. Wait. I may or may not have purchased a fairly expensive winter coat that will allow me to look like a million fucking bucks. SPOILER ALERT: I DID. It’s ...


Turning Up A Year Too Late

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 1:29pm

Wow, the underlay shirt is really becoming a full blown thing, you guys. I can’t wait ’til the lame guy in the clique finally cops an underlay shirt in, like, another 9 months and the whole squad daps him publicly. ...


Common Projects Confessions

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 12:40pm

I have a confession to make: I don’t own any Common Projects. I KNOW, they’ve been around forever and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to cop, but I just always end up wasting my money on something else. Like, I’ve ...


Welcome To The Future Of Next Level Alphet Maintenance

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 12:18pm

I don’t have a steamer. Do you have a steamer? You probably don’t have a steamer. So what do you do on those nights when you just NEED an alphet, but your first string is dirty? Well, you gotta clean ...


Keep Your Brain Warm

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 12:06pm

It’s true, this A.P.C. hat is $95 dollars, dawgs, which is a lot for a hat, but this shit is quilted. That easily makes the pricepoint more palatable. Not really, but c’mon, guys, I just spent the last week coming ...


Uniqlo’s Pure Blue Japan Project Got Barz

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 11:43am

Before you even ask the question I know you’re going to ask: NO, this is not a collaboration between Uniqlo and famed denim label Pure Blue Japan. How crazy would that shit have been though? That would have been a ...


Are You Even Human Anymore?

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 11:31am

Shout out to Blue Button Shop for continually stocking brands with names that I can’t even fathom how to pronounce. This here parka is made by Efilevol. Whatever. It has a single line of cocaine white running down the hood, ...

thesuperfluousculture_fourpins_aw2014 (7 of 14)

Consider This Your Introduction To Superfluous Culture

Written by
Fri, 09.12.14 at 11:06am

Holler at me if you are a French Canadian clothing brand. I have become the go-to source for all things Quebecois fashion. I’ve already written about the good folks over at Le Protocole Outlook and seemingly out of nowhere I ...