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A Bag So Expensive It Probably Comes With A Free Brazzers Subcription

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Wed, 04.16.14 at 12:58pm

Frank Clegg has been working that leather since 1970, which means his skills have that ill patina. They just re-launched their online store courtesy of creative agency Knowuse, making it easier than ever to cop this $9,000 alligator duffle bag. ...


The Four Pins
Brick Index

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Wed, 04.16.14 at 12:37pm

Calculating just how dope your favorite brand really is. ...

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D.I.Y. Lies

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Wed, 04.16.14 at 11:21am

These overdyed Vans Authentic and SK-8 Hi styles have been out for a minute, but chances are you didn’t buy them upon their initial release because there was still a foot of snow on the ground, so, like, nah, son. ...


Get That Lifestyle

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Wed, 04.16.14 at 10:24am

Damn, UNIS beamed over the first installment of their “Spring Looks” photo series, highlighting the label’s S/S 14 tees. All I know is that solid basics like these are v germane to a dope lifestyle that involves exploring urban areas, ...


You Don’t Need Hair To Appreciate Beautiful Fül Spring/Summer 2014

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 5:06pm

Beautiful Fül just sent over their S/S 14 lookbook, which vibes v California and v greaser. I wish I could be a cool greaser, but, let’s be real, I’d totally be a herb like Pony Boy or that punk bitch ...


Having Terrible E-Commerce Is Finally Catching Up With Luxury Fashion Labels

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 4:54pm

You know how you’ll go into a store and try some shit on that you saw online because you want to see it in person, only to get cold feet, look at it a million times on the Internet later, ...


A Bunch Of Fed Up Former Interns Are Putting Out Intern Magazine

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 4:41pm

I don’t know about you guys, but, damn, I’ve been hearing a lot about interns lately. Like, there was that intern that sued that company and then all those people wrote all those thinkpieces about unpaid work and how it ...


Stunt On Them Eskimo Haters

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 4:17pm

The Elder Statesman is a brand that sounds so sophisticated that the words on your screen are currently reeking of old money, so it makes sense that this cardigan not only exists, but costs 2 stacks. Sure, spring is rapidly ...


Ethnic Details We Haven’t Co-Opted Yet

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 3:25pm

Needles does a lot of weird things, like throw Chinese style buttons on a denim coverall jacket. But that’s cool because Chinese buttons like these are a new ethnic detail we haven’t co-opted yet. We gotta give Native Americans and ...

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Simon Miller Spring/Summer 2014 Will Help You Return The Favor For A Change

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 2:58pm

Between the long T-shirts, your constant references to “rare hemlines” and your affinity for bucket hats, chances are your girlfriend hates the way you dress. But if you were to wear exclusively Simon Miller, even if for only a couple ...


Like A Cozy Butterfly In Thom Browne Sweats

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 2:41pm

Thom Browne sweats are definitely the truth. And I don’t even fuck with your boy Thom that much. The first time I saw these in person, my buddy wore them on a flight to Italy (FLEX) because we were going ...


Don Draper Is A Terrible Style Icon

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 1:41pm

If you aspire to look like Don Draper, what you’re essentially saying is, “I want to dress in a way that pleases everybody.” Zero of Draper’s style choices are informed by what he’s actually into—he just wears it because it’s ...


Realistic Editorial Execution

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 1:16pm

SENSE just dropped this Supreme S/S 14 editorial, which is basically what you do when you’re a Japanese magazine. For their photoset, OG ‘Preme employee Aaron Bondaroff stars in a scene that depicts people looking cool in Supreme, which is ...


Ralph Lauren Is Still Hungry

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 11:55am

If there is one true gawd in the world of men’s fashion it is Ralph Lauren. Without Ralph, American menswear as we know it today would not exist. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never ...


Clothsurgeon Spring/Summer 2014 Is For The Cultured Sportsman, Whatever That Is

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Tue, 04.15.14 at 10:34am

Clothsurgeon just unveiled their S/S 14 collection, entitled “The cultured sportsman.” What exactly is a cultured sportsman? I am not really sure, but it seems like a guy who both fucks bitches (sport) and gets money (culture). As for the ...