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An Open Letter To Shia LaBeouf’s Rattail

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Tue, 03.03.15 at 9:48am

Dear Shia LaBeouf’s Rattail, Whoa! Hey there, little buddy. Where did you come from? I mean, if I had to, I could guess where you came from. Probably somewhere near the Heavy Metal Parking Lot, just beyond Thunderdome perhaps? Or ...


Sweats For The Squad

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Tue, 03.03.15 at 9:35am

Peep the fire flames from Uniform Experiment. Man, getting into the sweatshirt game these days is so much more complicated than back in my day. All we had to do back then was buy a blank from the local flea ...


The Beekeeper Chronicles

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 5:14pm

I fucking love beeswaxed outerwear. It’s definitely not a necessary design element in the modern age, but the anecdote of owning a jacket coated with beeswax, like a bunch of new the Nigel Cabourn in stock at The Bureau Belfast, ...

rip fashion

Fashion Is Apparently Dead According To Well-Known Fashion Consultant With Dubious Opinions

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 4:52pm

It seems that now more than ever, influential people within fashion are popping off with some variation of “fashion is dead.” Marc Jacobs aired some grievances with British Vogue last week and now Li Edelkoort—a fashion consultant, trend forecaster and one ...


Looking Like A Thotty Euro Boss

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 4:25pm

You already know Tres Bien thinks this Neighborhood x Adidas wind jacket is hella dope because it only posted one photo of it, taking, like, the first page out of UNIONMADE‘s playbook. I’m telling you guys, this would look amazing ...


When You Love Raf, But Hate The Price

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 4:05pm

Do you love Raf Simons, but hate the price? That’s exactly what I’d say if I ran into someone who was wearing this Raf x Fred Perry parka. Not really though. This is as affordable as Raf is ever gonna ...

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Midnight Studios Spring/Summer 2015 Is Kids Today

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 3:52pm

Midnight Studios is the brainchild of Shane Gonzales, a young designer who has previously logged time with classic streetwear brand SSUR. Press wise, Shane’s still fairly green—for what it’s worth, this is our first time writing about Midnight—but you may ...


Rating Jared Leto, Fashion Icon And Pinnacle Of Mediocrity

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 1:28pm

Letology 101. ...

margaret Howell

Mr. Porter Talks With Margaret Howell, One Of The Best Women Designing Menswear Today

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 12:06pm

This line sums up everything you need to know about Margaret Howell: “Ms Howell is one of Britain’s most quietly influential arbiters of style.” Howell, and her clothes, are quiet. They’re smart, simple and timeless. They’re not basic, but they’re ...


I Tweet, Therefore I Am

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 11:42am

I tweet, therefore I am. Twitter isn’t just an activity or an outlet. It’s a way of life. In the same way that camera phones now block sightlines at shows, Twitter mediates my daily existence. Did I say something witty? ...


Second/Layer Fall/Winter 2015 Isn’t Exactly What We’re Used To

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 11:13am

Brands are fucking weird, man. We’ve written about Second/Layer a few times, the last being F/W 14. So, like, yeah, you would expect that S/S 15 would be next, but that collection is nowhere to be found. It’s like the brand ...


If You’re Handsome You Can Get Away With Anything

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 10:46am

This Sophnet jersey sweatshirt is pretty interesting. And by “interesting,” I mean that you can probably only pull this off if you are handsome. If not, you’ll just look like that guy who thinks he’s fashionable and above trends because ...


Supreme x Clarks Wallabees Are Second To None

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 10:33am

Clarks Wallabees remind me of two things: 1. Breaking Bad, which is a top tier TV show with a top tier signature footwear choice for Walter White and 2. struggle visvim. Seriously, If you want a relatively similar look for ...


New York City Street Style: March 2, 2015

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Mon, 03.02.15 at 10:21am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


Steezy Surveillance Footage

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Fri, 02.27.15 at 4:48pm

This Nanamica coat is a top tier candidate for my Northern England Drug Dealer look. I would wear this a bit slimmer than usual with some baggy, but tapered canvas trousers and Air Max 90s or Wallabees. It’d always be ...