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Cozy Kingpins

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 2:10pm

Damn, my boy Patrik Ervell made a really nice, really cozy jacket. 100% wool with a 100% cupro lining? This is one fucking fancy, cozy jacket. I would wear this jacket all super relaxed and just lounge near a fireplace. ...


The Everlasting Thom Browne Suit

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 1:47pm

Over at A Continuous Lean, friend of the Pins, Jake Gallagher has a nice commentary on the lasting effect of the Thom Browne suit. Yes, we’ve all been hit over the head in regards to how vital TB has been ...


Judging Everyone At The Mall

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 1:07pm

Velva Sheen was founded in 1932 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The only thing I know about Cincinnati, Ohio is that Hi-Tek is from Cincinnati. Don’t front, Train of Thought was fucking dope. Anyways, Velva Sheen is now in California making expensive ...


Trés Bien Drops Merch For All The Groupies

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 12:35pm

We’ve already covered the F/W 14 collection of Trés Bien’s in-house line and that shit is thoroughly good, but , let’s be real, it’s a bit on the pricey end of the spectrum for some of you. So, to give ...


How You Totes Ruin A Holiday Party

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 12:18pm

You guys probably only use tote bags sparingly now because you’re slaves to the fashion cycle or something. Well, I still fuck with totes heavy. I’m not giving you a reason as to why because I don’t have to justify ...

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Buy Positive Instagram Comments For Just $30 A Month

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 12:00pm

Okay, lemme just preface this whole thing by stating this is geared towards women. But in an industry and community as superficial and social media based as our is, we have to bring this to your attention. For just $30, ...


BREAKING: Study Concludes Men Find Women In Heels More Attractive

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 11:37am

According to an extremely vital study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior this month, it has been concluded SCIENTIFICALLY that men do indeed find women in high heels more attractive. Sorry, ladies. We really can’t help the fact that we are ...


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Aimé Leon Dore Fall/Winter 2014

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 8:15am

The time is now for designer Teddy Santis. ...

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A.P.C. Just Restocked The Kanye Collection

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 4:24pm

Real quick, because I know you’re just going to read the headline and locate the hyperlink anyway, but A.P.C. just re-stocked pretty much all of the Kanye collection. So, if you missed out the first few times around, you might ...


Skinny Mirrors Employ Evil Sorcery To Trick You Into Looking Thinner (And Buying Clothes)

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 3:19pm

According to The Cut, there’s a real, actual company out there selling a special mirror that makes your reflection look about ten pounds lighter. The brand, literally called “The Skinny Mirror,” adds some very subtle curves near the edges that ...



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Wed, 11.19.14 at 2:42pm

You guys need new socks and everyone knows basics need to come in at least packs of two. One time, I was too lazy to do laundry before a trip, so I just robocopped a pack of T-shirts, a pack ...


The Most Memorable Character In What Eventually Amounts To A Cult Classic

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 2:05pm

You should pre-order these Adidas Hamburg “Kopenhagen” and “Brussels” sneakers. Why? Because they feature a classic silhouette and have a gum sole. GUM SOLES FOREVER AND EVER. I would wear these sneaker with some pin-rolled navy chinos, a fishtail and ...


A Simple Coat Can Really Make All The Difference

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 1:10pm

I actually own a Vetra jacket quite like this one and it’s pretty fucking awesome. I mean, yeah, it’s super simple, but when you own as many overly-complicated and long garments as I do, a simple coat can really make ...


Hypebeast And The Madbury Club Perfectly Troll Sneaker Designers, Literally

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 12:53pm

Hypebeast enlisted the talents of The Madbury Club to create the perfect parody of every single sneaker design process video you’ve ever watched. Using a puppet named Benjamin Troll (who only wants Yeezys, visvim, “Hood By Troll,” “Been Troll,” and has ...


Gap’s New CEO Lays Out The Future Of The Company

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 12:30pm

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Gap’s new CEO lays out some of the plans for the company going forward. His name is Art Peck, and though he officially takes over as CEO on February 1st, he’s already got some big ...