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A Simple Coat Can Really Make All The Difference

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 1:10pm

I actually own a Vetra jacket quite like this one and it’s pretty fucking awesome. I mean, yeah, it’s super simple, but when you own as many overly-complicated and long garments as I do, a simple coat can really make...


Hypebeast And The Madbury Club Perfectly Troll Sneaker Designers, Literally

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 12:53pm

Hypebeast enlisted the talents of The Madbury Club to create the perfect parody of every single sneaker design process video you’ve ever watched. Using a puppet named Benjamin Troll (who only wants Yeezys, visvim, “Hood By Troll,” “Been Troll,” and has...


Gap’s New CEO Lays Out The Future Of The Company

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 12:30pm

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Gap’s new CEO lays out some of the plans for the company going forward. His name is Art Peck, and though he officially takes over as CEO on February 1st, he’s already got some big...

Four Pins Newsletter

Everything Is Fake And Nothing Is Tight

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 11:53am

I pitched this aritcle last week as a suggestion for an article to the (velour sweat) suits over at Four Pins Corporate and they instantly hit me back with an emphatic “down.” Honestly, the fact that they were so down...


Here’s Why Anna Wintour Put Kim And Kanye On The Cover Of Vogue

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 11:12am

Fashionista is a classy publication that gets invites to events held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while we here at Four Pins are left with our dicks in our hands, blogging in the everlasting glow of our monitors. At...


WWD Sits Down With The King Of Cashmere, Brunello Cucinelli

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 10:42am

Women’s Wear Daily sat down with the lord of the cashmere plains, Brunello Cucinelli, and came out with one of the most extensive profiles on the Italian designer to date. It’s extremely long and detailed, though it could probably be...


Uniqlo Spring/Summer 2015 Gets Leisurely

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 10:14am

Over at Style Dot Com, there’s a nice S/S 15 look at the god of fast-fashion, Uniqlo. Following the “athleisure” trend, Uniqlo is pushing into the arena a bit slower, so the upcoming season is the company’s first deep dive into the...


Nov 18th


Keeping Your Best Blunts Close To Your Heart

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 4:57pm

You’re telling me you don’t like blackwatch and I’m sitting here with my mouth agape. Blackwatch is one of the few #menswear 1.0 tropes that has endured all the trends and fads. Which is why this Haversack jacket is really fucking...


“Vape” Is The Word Of The Year, Vapers Everywhere Vape In Celebration

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 4:03pm

Well, all you Cool Teens™ and smokers trying to quit out here, I hope you’re fucking happy. Because of your e-cigs and pocket vaporizers, the word “vape” was chosen as the Oxford English Dictionary word of the year. Can you...


Quit Your Job And Work At Ippudo So You Can Wear Exclusive Engineered Garments

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 3:37pm

Complex network friend First We Feast got a look at the raw Engineered Garments and Ippudo clothing collaboration that now outfits the kitchen managers in a dope navy apron-jacket hybrid combo. I’m so used to seeing the typical all white or all...


A Thorough Examination Of Several Instagram Feeds

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 3:08pm

Blurhms is a Japanese brand and they make this indigo jersey cardigan. I can’t wait to be back at Complex HQ (“HQ” sounds so much better that “office,” FYI) because I’m gonna wear all kinds of dope cardigans like this...


You Would Understand If You Really Gardened

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 2:16pm

I fucking love Sassafras. Talk about a good idea for a brand. LIKE, I’M OBSESSED WITH GARDENING, YOU GUYS. And not that bullshit you call gardening where you just artfully arrange potted plants on that scrap of artisanal rug in...


An Insider’s Look At How Your Favorite Brands Create Fire Branded Content™

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 1:33pm

Brands, for all intents and purposes, are people. At least in the eyes of the United States Supreme Court and Twitter Dot Com. Their main purpose is to engage consumers at a colloquial social level. This means infiltrating your timelines,...


Not Every Fit Has To Be Completely Murdered Out

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 1:10pm

I bet you guys already own a pair of black Timbs or at least act like you do on the Internet. Maybe instead you should cop these McNairy boots from Goodhood. They got the crucial heel tab and thick ass...

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Over All Master Cloth Spring/Summer 2015 Is Intergalactic

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Tue, 11.18.14 at 12:36pm

OAMC was kind enough to beam us over their S/S 15 lookbook and all the functional details and inspiration are still there: suspenders for jackets, lots of pockets, rip-stop fabrics, split hem sweaters and a whole bunch of other stuff...