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Market Week Recap: John Elliott Spring/Summer 2015

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Fri, 07.25.14 at 11:49am

You got the preview, and now you get the full treatment. We got a walk-through of John Elliott’s upcoming S/S 15 collection last night and we could barely make it out the door we left so lightheaded. He probably should...


Features Galore

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Fri, 07.25.14 at 11:18am

At least 80% of my wardrobe is black and white, man. I’m not sure when it happened, but it did and I’m fully committed to that cybergothic cholo chic. I it’s too late to go back now. It’s fine though,...


’80s High School Students Explain Fashion

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Fri, 07.25.14 at 11:00am

Dogs, 1984-85 at Antioch High School was so turbo. It basically looked exactly like The Karate Kid. Side note: I plan on circulating an Internet rumor that Ernie Reyes Jr. was supposed to get the role of Daniel, but studio...

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Market Week Recap: Outerboro Spring/Summer 2015

Written by
Fri, 07.25.14 at 10:33am

This goes without saying, but I’ll restate it for anyone unaware: One of the many great things about market week is the exposure to new brands. Sure, we can wax poetic about the likes of Mark McNairy or explain why Maharishi...


Jul 24th


Market Week Recap: Wood Wood Spring/Summer 2015

Written by
Thu, 07.24.14 at 5:36pm

Wood Wood co-opted one of our favorite phrases/philosophical truths here at Four Pins for S/S 15. The “NTBT” motif seen throughout the collection stands for “not to be trusted” and, frankly, if you can’t get behind this stuff, well, you...


Looking Like A Bob Ross Painting

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 4:50pm

LOL Like I’m not gonna write about this Blue Blue Japan jacket. It’s pretty much built for my wardrobe, which consists almost entirely of garments in shades of blue. I need to buy this jacket now, which kinda sucks because...

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Michael Bastian Spring/Summer 2015 Checks Into Hotel California

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 4:13pm

But seriously. Even Bastian himself says it: “There is something about the Sonoran Desert [in Arizona] that allows me to turn my brain off and really relax.” Not only that, but classic dad band The Eagles played an integral role...


The Unbearable Sadness Of A Great Night Being Over

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 3:48pm

It’s 8:30am on Sunday morning and I feel like dying. I haven’t slept. I’ve been partying for four days straight. I’ve been drinking. I’ve been doing drugs. I’m about to finish the last eight cigs in my girlfriend’s pack before...

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An ’80s Cyclist On Vacation In Antwerp

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 3:26pm

A really good friend of mine that has really good taste (i.e. better taste than me) is not down with half-zips like this A.P.C. joint. And I’m always like “LOLZ ME TOO, BRO,” but secretly I’m kinda freaking out because...


Market Week Recap: Nanamica Spring/Summer 2015

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 2:57pm

Nanamica means “house of the seven seas.” Just wanted to let you know that. So if you leave this post unsatisfied (which you definitely won’t), at least you’ll have learned something. The Japanese brand known for its outerwear brought out...


Lighting A Joint With A Burning Twig

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 1:53pm

Keeping up with our ridiculous theme of fancy camping goods, this Log Tote from Winter Sessions and CampWell is perfect for your crappy apartment. Or crappy car. Or crappy tent that seemed way bigger when you imagined the measurements in...


Market Week Recap: Études Spring/Summer 2015

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 1:36pm

The Études way founds itself on making the most of black and blue in perfect harmony with a few volts of amped up color energy thrown in for good measure. The French brand’s sixth collection is a growth and expansion...


Why You Could Never Be A Concept Designer

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 1:09pm

The jogger pant is everywhere these days, guys. And while I’m not as against it as some of our esteemed fashion Illuminati, I do kinda prefer a pinroll to non-sweatpant pants. But then I see a pair that look pretty...


Market Week Recap: Our Legacy Spring/Summer 2015

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 12:53pm

For accessible as Our Legacy has become—a decade old now and stocked in stores around the world—the Swedish label doesn’t make clothes for a wide audience or the newly fashion initiated. The S/S 15 collection embodies an approach to fashion...

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.27.11 PM

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 12:33pm

SOCKS, man. I feel like socks don’t get enough love in general. I always Shake My Fucking Head™ when I see dudes rocking the en pointe alphet, but then, like, $2 black socks. That shit is max level fucking lame...