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Such Egregious Flexing Should Not Be Tolerated

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 1:48pm

There are some unspoken rules about the things we write about at Four Pins. Believe it or not, we do put in a little effort to write about things that are affordable. Sure, there’s the occasional $1,500 parka that we...


“Vibes” Are A Worthless Currency

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 1:15pm

New York City is a tangled juxtaposition of beautiful and horrible, arousing and repulsive, frustrating and relaxing, right and wrong, and those complicated feelings have manifested themselves into “vibes.” VIBES, VIBES, MOTHERFUCKING VIBES. They’re sweeping this city and are as...


Don’t Get Your Sweater Snatched

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 12:30pm

Wearing nothing but black sweaters this fall is totally the move. Like, just have a bunch of different versions to rotate between all season long. So, when someone asks you if you just wear the same sweater everyday, you can...

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Email Your Girlfriend Before You Buy An Expensive Coat

Written by
Wed, 10.22.14 at 12:03pm

Man, Monitaly makes really nice coats. And not, like, subtly nice either. Nah, really fucking nice. Everyone you know will definitely remark, “Wow, that’s a really nice coat.” Too bad it costs $800. That is a lot of money for...


The G.O.D.

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 11:44am

There are times when you realize who are the most important designers out there. And, like, yeah, we already knew Yohji was a god amongst mere mortals, but I guess he wanted to throw down the hammer of justice and...


Chanting Young Thug Ad-Libs

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Wed, 10.22.14 at 11:10am

Wow, Goodhood just made a coach’s jacket that pretty much everyone can get behind. If you don’t like this you probably have questionable taste, if not just straight up garbagio taste. Like, this jacket so good and so murdered out...


John Elliott “Shadow” Capsule Collection Is Not What We Deserve, But What We Need

Written by
Wed, 10.22.14 at 10:34am

John Elliott continues to bless us undeserving peasants with so much heat even the winter can’t hold us back. His newest capsule collection, entitled “Shadow,” took inspiration from a set design John wanted to use for a photoshoot: an enormous...


Oct 21st


Raise Your Cultural Cache

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 5:03pm

Raf Simons x Fred Perry came up with this sweatshirt that has a gigantic patch sewn on the front. I’m all the way down with this despite barely ever fucking with regular, mainline Fred Perry. You guys should cop because...


Dope Pants For Temperate Climates

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 4:34pm

The headline says it all on this one. These are $700 pants by Sacai and they are fucking dope. Because my life is relatively dope and I strive to do dope shit, I want to wear these dope pants. As...

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Passing Out Absolutely Anywhere

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 4:08pm

Holy shit, this Griffin down jacket with wool paneling is fucking insane. Granted, you’ll probably only be able to wear this jacket, like, two days this winter because it’s almost too warm, but who cares? On those two days, you...


Missing Out On Trends 15 Years Ago

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 3:08pm

No fucking shit, of course you can find a very similar shirt to these Unused thermals for A LOT cheaper than this, but it won’t have thumbholes or an elongated, curved hem. Not to mention, this shit is made in...


Check Your Hubris At The Door

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 2:23pm

Damn, Orslow is one of those brands everyone always tells me I would love and should buy because of my personal aesthetic. And for a while I was like, “Fuck you, guys. I’m a fashion writer. I know what brands...


Warmer And Better Fitting Than A Trash Bag

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 1:57pm

Okay, okay, this CMMN SWDN coat looks a bit like a trash bag at first glance. I fully understand that. But we’re all so committed to the homeless, Derelicte trend that I’m willing to literally look like I fused a...


Boobs And Rothko

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 12:02pm

You guys gotta know that I really like Stephan Schneider’s designs because I can never remember how to spell his name. He’s like my menswear Nietzsche. I could never remember how to spell that fucker’s name all through college until...


Senior VP Of Email GIFs

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 11:35am

God, I hate trousers—wool trousers, cotton trousers, flannel trousers, doesn’t matter. I possess a serious dislike. They’re stuffy and remind me of “business,” and “responsibility” and “being an adult.” Because I’ve never been, and likely never will be, involved with...