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Murdered Out SIG Sauer

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 1:05pm

Journal makes this geometrically patterned sweatshirt and I like it quite a bit. The woven pattern is very wavy and it would like nice with a monochromatic fit. I would let a bit of a white tee hang out the...

Getting Physicalâ„¢ Vs. Getting Activeâ„¢

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 12:35pm

A couple weeks ago, Jian got this super baggy, weirdly patterned Soulland suit that had pants that were probably 6″ too long. Everyone in the office was like, “Wow Jian, you’re so wack.” Honestly, we say this about most of...


Three Years Later And They’re Kind Of Killing It

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 12:12pm

J. Crew is really out here killing shit. You ever have a lame friend and/or acquaintance that always bit your steez, but you never worried about it because they did it in kind of a crappier, cheaper way that was...

Four Pins Newsletter

A Jacket That Won’t Judge You

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Tue, 09.16.14 at 11:58am

This Wood Wood jacket kind of looks like it was made by mistake. The pocket on one side looks totally normal, but then there’s the other side with the sealed-on patch and zip pocket and it feels like one of...


Sep 15th


Not Buying A Dope Bomber Is Not An Option

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 4:49pm

Even though it lacks double zippers, this Stampd LA bomber (availabe in black and olive) is on fucking point. It feels like an ode or spiritual successor, if you will, to the S/S 2002 bondage-themed Helmut Lang collection, one of...


Wealth-Fueled Isolation

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 4:14pm

This flight shirt from Garbstore is made from a heavy indigo cotton twill and, evidently, all these chest pockets you’ll never use feature “popper fastenings.” I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I hear “popper,” I just think of...

EDM fashion

High-Fashion Chugs Molly Water And Embraces EDM

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 3:52pm

If you’ve been turning up under a rock for the past few years, you may have missed the EDM revolution. Dance music was everywhere else around the world for a long time before it finally penetrated the United States stronghold....



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Mon, 09.15.14 at 2:45pm

I’m reading your mind right now, just get ready for it. You saw Wil Fry’s double layer shorts and bought them, but, like, you need a double layer shirt to wear up top to match. Somehow, none of your black...


Farting With Impunity

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 2:18pm

These Beams Plus “Mountain Pants” have the ill front cargo pockets that were officially a thing right when I first started blogging. I never understood why they fell out of favor. These particular iterations have a tapered leg aka you...


Check Out The Third And Final Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Force One

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 1:49pm

The third and final installment of the Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration was unveiled over the weekend on the day the U.S. Basketball Team took home gold at the FIBA World Cup. After the first two installments...


Armani Exchange’s Enigmatic House Of Cards Wrapped In A Paradox

Written by
Mon, 09.15.14 at 1:35pm

The week just started and we may have already gone off the deep end, guys. Yes, I’m writing about an a product from Armani Exchange. I guess the universe is as random as scientists claim and god isn’t real and...


Flowing Like The Tears Of Your Haters

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 1:10pm

Damn, Robert Geller is on a fucking roll, you guys. This lounge coat looks so nice and comfy. Plus, it has side vents with a slightly longer hem in the back. You might not be into the belted waist, but...


Our Legacy x Larose Paris Get (Paper) Buckets

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 12:41pm

Our Legacy hired French gunners Larose Paris to make them some paper buckets. I’m sure there’s some lame technical term for this hat shape, but fuck that noise, these look exactly like how I imagine dope French paper bucket hats...


Too Poverty-Stricken To Afford Actual FBTs

Written by
Mon, 09.15.14 at 12:28pm

Are you too poverty-stricken to afford actual FBTs or similar vis footwear? Of course you are, which is why I’m offering you these kinda-similar-but-not really murdered out Quoddy chukka alternatives (which are also kinda similar in dollar terms aka still...


Josh Reim Spring/Summer 2015 Earns A Merit Badge

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Mon, 09.15.14 at 12:20pm

Let’s get a little bit weird. I mean, it is Monday and we could all use a change of pace. So, why not let Josh Reim float in to give your day a little twist of lemon? The Canadian designer...