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Salvation Via Hedi

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 1:48pm

Last night Kanye wore Chelsea boots on Late Night with Seth Meyers, which means if you don’t have a pair this very second you’re blowing it. Like, literally everything in your life is a fucking sham and a complete waste...


Velcro Renaissance

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 1:30pm

This Folk jacket is pretty futuristic looking, isn’t it? It’s the hidden placket, quilting and color blocked pockets for those of you keeping score at home. I also like that this jacket has a Velcro panel over its zipper. Remember...


Kiss From A Bucket Hat

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 1:14pm

Sorry guys, but I’m filling in for Moy today on The Week In Bucket Hats. I don’t really ever wear bucket hats because they make me look like a lamp shade with a giant nose, but this one from Pigalle...

Four Pins Newsletter

“Normcore” Is Pretty Much Real Life “Derelicte”

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 12:52pm

Evidently, hipsters in New York and all across the Internet these days are cultivating looks that can only be described as decidedly boring. Or plain Jane. Or ubiquitous. NY Mag’s Fiona Duncan began to notice how all the downtown cool...


Doctor’s Orders

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 12:28pm

Nike SB is supposed to launch this new “Renewal” collection today. The drop features re-workings of the Koston, Janoski and Rodriguez models. I like the murdered out colorways and the silhouettes are tried and true SB favorites. I’m technically not...

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She Could Kick Your Ass If Rubbed The Wrong Way (Literally And Figuratively)

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 11:57am

A few weeks ago we wrote about the newest installment to the Louis W for A.P.C. collection. Now, an accompanying video has been released. Directed by Adrien Cothier, it basically depicts a couple of bros hanging out with some edgy,...


Current State Of Affairs: Rapper Guts

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 11:39am

Motherfuck a diet....


How Much Is Caring About Clothes Caring Too Much About Clothes?

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 10:41am

The most fashionable people see style as the barometer of morality: Most anything is forgivable if you’ve got a certain je ne sais quoi. Drug barons with untold amounts of blood on their hands are absolved, if not admirable, so...


The Women Of Milan Fashion Week: Part II

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 10:11am

Ciao bella....


Feb 25th


Old Navy Warriors

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 4:52pm

Not that you should be all that surprised by this point, but Wings + Horns just dropped another sick sweatshirt. It’s a black short-sleeved joint with robust navy blue waffle paneling on the sides. That v crucial detail will probably...


Are You Really Into Streetwear Or Just Whatever Kanye Wears?

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 3:37pm

This jacket from Neighborhood’s SVG Archives is pretty intense. Vultures perched on skulls? On some nihilistic Eli Cash shit? I have no idea what you’d wear with this jacket, but if you’re really part of the Illuminati it doesn’t matter...


Don’t Brick Your Next Prom

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 3:05pm

We don’t usually delve into the smart, affordable and practical too often, but every once in a while we gotta throw up a post for the people. Filling that void today is Black Tux, a tuxedo rental company that will...


Strange Doc Holiday

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 2:35pm

Nepenthes New York is featuring a new exhibitor and collection launching today. TWONESS: take two clothing is the work of Shin Murayama. The gear is exactly what the name makes it sound like: recreations of classic chambray and denim garments....

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Pollock’s Crocs

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 2:09pm

Wow, Jackson Pollock licensed Crocs? I can’t front, if you gave me any amount of money I’d be down to license the shit out of anything related to my life. And you already know Crocs got that Scrooge McDuck money...

ARC Jacket Black Reverse

Gallery Openings, Cirque Du Soleil, Farm To Table Dinner Parties, Jazz Concerts, Etc.

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Tue, 02.25.14 at 1:43pm

Abdul Abasi is probably best known amongst the menswear set as “that super cool dude who works at Nepenthes that I’m kind of afraid to talk to because he will probably think I’m lame.” But few know that he recently...