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Championing Idiosyncratic Looks

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 12:15pm

I wrote about some gold croakies a while back, but that particular number featured large links and, like, you might not feel comfortable flexing that hard. These new croakies from Super are a little more pared down. SOTO calls these ...

leto fanny pack

Jared Leto, Fanny Pack Salesman

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 11:50am

Jared Leto is a god, right? Like, what other guy out there could pull off being both a lead singer of a relatively big-name garbage rock band, then go right ahead and win an Oscar for playing an HIV-positive trans ...


Grown Ass Man Uggs

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 11:18am

Fuck yeah, engineer boots. These boots from Bedwin are dope because they’re like burlier, gnarlier versions of Chelsea boots. I mean, at least to me. For all I know, you’re looking at a pair of grown ass man Uggs. But ...


The Mirror Of The Future Will Point Out Your Flaws

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 10:40am

At the annual gathering of the country’s biggest nerds, CES, Panasonic showed off their new technology for mirrors that will point out all of your flaws. Okay, it doesn’t just do that, but it feels like the most important element. It’ll ...

male gaze

Can Men Feel The Objectifying Gaze Women Do? Maybe

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 4:45pm

Roll call for Tuesday’s women’s studies workshop. This piece over at Jezebel about men feeling the objectifying gaze of the opposite sex is really fun, mostly because it has to do with baked goods. Elizabeth Preston and her husband were ...


Rookie Mistakes

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 4:15pm

Nepenthes NY just got these New Balance “Re-Engineered 696” sneakers. The two piece suede upper with the Frankentstein stitch along the heel is fucking nice. I’m so into drab sneakers, like the sand and sage colorways of these joints. The ...


Straight Up Hunger Games In This Bitch

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 3:36pm

We all know Acne pump out heaps of crazy shit. That’s their jam, right? But this navy biker is echelons above your everyday psych ward ensemble. First off, it’s fucking navy. When is the last time you saw a regular* ...

designer carousel

Sorry, 2015’s Fashion Designer Carousel Is Going To Be Super Boring

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 3:26pm

Fashion designer musical chairs is a well known occurrence. Brand sales slump, “oh, there must be something wrong with the designs,” the designer is fired, another is poached from somewhere else and the vacancies and hiring that follow them trickle ...


“You Would Never Skate In Those, Bro”

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 2:39pm

Are you guys like me? Constantly looking for all white sneakers? Are you like me in that you can’t really afford/justify Common Projects and you’re still waiting for the Stan Smith re-release machine to calm down a bit? Well, then ...


Helmut Lang Shredded His Entire Clothing Archive For The Sake Of Art

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 2:04pm

Helmut Lang quit being a fashion designer in 2005. Now, because he is way smarter and more creative than just about anyone on the planet, he’s an artist. The Wall Street Journal Magazine has a really interesting profile about his second ...


The Most Ridiculous Products (And A Few Other Things) Of 2014

Written by
Tue, 01.06.15 at 1:31pm

From the overpriced, to the overrated, to the downright ridiculous. ...


Hood By Air Spring/Summer 2015 Is Almost, Dare We Say, Pedestrian

Written by
Tue, 01.06.15 at 12:36pm

Where do we stand on Hood By Air in 2015, guyw? Has its influence over fuccboi culture usurped its status as a standalone fashion brand? Has it totally jumped the shark? Did A$AP Rocky actually dead the whole movement in ...


What If World Leaders Wore Fire Jawnz?

Written by
Tue, 01.06.15 at 12:08pm

A swag summit of epic proportions. ...


Wearing A Hoodie In Oklahoma Could Become A Crime

Written by
Tue, 01.06.15 at 11:38am

For nearly 100 years, it’s been a crime to wear a hood while committing a crime in Oklahoma, a law originally in place to deter the Ku Klux Klan. But a new proposal could make simply wearing a hood in ...


NEEDS/WANTS New Fleece And Flannels Are Winter-Ready

Written by
Tue, 01.06.15 at 11:02am

NEEDS/WANTS is based in Toronto and since I woke up this morning to a light snowfall here in New York, I know what winter is all about in the Great White North. I can relate. I fucking get it. The first few ...