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Them Girlies Love Taekwondo

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Tue, 07.22.14 at 12:07pm

Peep this Alexandre Plokhov hooded cashmere poncho tho, dawgies. It’s like if Ricky O collaborated with Professor Snape. It’s drapey, ominous and apparently only comes in one size: “Unique.” Fuck knows what that means. I read the description in a...


Dickie Greenleaf Steez

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Tue, 07.22.14 at 11:42am

I’m never going to stop telling you guys you to start embracing cardigans. We been had weird hemlines, so now we need something sensible to layer over it when it starts to get chilly out. I’m all about cardigans because...

Maha 22

Market Week Recap: Maharishi Spring/Summer 2015

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Tue, 07.22.14 at 11:34am

With Maharishi, one can usually expect a few tiny, zippered pockets, ventilated patches on the sides of a shirt and some elastic pull-cords here and there. This season, Maharishi did a little of this and a little of that, combined...

Four Pins Newsletter

Baby Jordan Ergonomics

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Tue, 07.22.14 at 11:12am

Wow, you still wear Jordans? I had pair of Jordans when I was literally, like, 2 years old. They were the first ever incarnation of baby Jordans and the ergonomics hadn’t quite been ironed out. Back then, baby Jordans weighed...

Han 14

Market Week Recap: Han Kjobenhavn Spring/Summer 2015

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Tue, 07.22.14 at 10:54am

Han Kjobenhavn is a brand that cannot be stopped. The label, which recently opened its doors in New York on Prince, has once again come correct with a killer collection for S/S 15. Dubbed “A Rainy Summer in July,” the...


Capsule Street Style: Part I

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Tue, 07.22.14 at 10:35am

NYC Men's Market Week is here....


Jul 21st


Brunch’s Sixth Man

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 6:10pm

If you don’t own a pair of twill terry shorts then you are actually pretty fucking normal because it’s 2k14 and we have fancy workout shorts technology these days. Living in wonderful times aside, I’m telling you that a solid...


The Exact Moment When You Realized College Was Awesome

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 5:46pm

Archival Clothing makes a bunch of stuff that I’m very into, like big ass totes, waxed canvas and sweats. And, would ya look at that, their latest lookbook features all of these things, plus my alma mater. So shouts to...


Tracing The Evolution Of Capsule, Menswear’s Most Important Trade Show

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 5:11pm

This is what Capsule looked like circa 2009. Ya boy got those Vistaprint business cards, hit up Spirit Airlines and—BOOM—there I was, climbing up to the third floor of some weird building to look at a brand of notebooks or...


That Girl You Keep Forgetting You’re Moderately In Love With

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 4:48pm

Folk’s one of those companies that I’ve liked for a really long time, like that girl you’ve known for 5 years that you keep forgetting you’re moderately in love with. And then every once in a while you run into...


Olaf Hussein Cannonballs Into The Menswear Pool

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 1:59pm

Straight out of Amsterdam, Olaf Hussein is a young label that announced itself with a bang yesterday and, hopefully, we can be your introductory course. While the brand put out a denim-focused line last year, this newest collection doesn’t so...


Stretching Questionable Sources Of Income

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 1:44pm

Did any of y’all peep that A.P.C. x Kanye drop video on Complex? Shout out to the “unemployed” homies copping stacks worth of product and bleating about it on camera. I’m a white suburban Jew (so what the fuck do...

Free 2

You Can’t Be Trusted

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 12:39pm

I don’t know what it is about Europe, but, for some reason, they get all the best sneaker colorways. It must have something to do with all the socialized medicine over there because it’s seriously busted that us over here...

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Kith x Dover Street Market “Achromatic” Collection Will Have You Colorblind

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 12:13pm

No shades of gray up in here. Ronnie Fieg’s finally dropped the lookbook for his upcoming ”Achromatic” collection for Dover Street Market and it’s as black and white as Casablanca. But it won’t have you looking like a Humphrey Bogart Halloween costume. Pieces...


The New Middle Class: Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 11:48am

We owe a lot to the comic book writers who invented the notion of the normal, mild-mannered person transformed into a remarkable mutant by freak accident. As a result, our generation must do extraordinary things. We have to! It would...