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Time Traveling Hoodies

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Thu, 12.11.14 at 12:29pm

This Levi’s Vintage Clothing hoodie reminds me of Cornholio for some reason, but I still want it. I love the separate hand pockets. I like the colorway. Evidently, this pattern was originally produced in the ’50s, so you could travel ...


All Overdue Everything

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Thu, 12.11.14 at 11:52am

These boots from nonnative are pretty crazy. I mean, they’re not really that crazy, but you assholes are gonna be all “these are butt” or fucking try out in the comments section for a job here, but just remember I ...

bean boots lead

PSA: There’s A National Bean Boot Shortage

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Thu, 12.11.14 at 11:45am

Public service announcement: The signature L.L. Bean Boots are literally backordered until next year. Clicking through a few of the sizes, widths and styles, it seems the earliest you’ll be able to receive them if you order today is January ...


“Fashion Bros!” Season 2, Episode 11, Featuring Mike Will Made It

Written by
Thu, 12.11.14 at 11:16am

Clothes before hoes. ...

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How Tommy Hilfiger Had Its Biggest Year Ever

Written by
Thu, 12.11.14 at 10:59am

While Tommy Hilfiger was chilling in his extravagant Miami mansion, he was also busy turning his clothing brand around. This past year was literally Tommy’s biggest in history. And considering I haven’t seen anyone wearing Tommy Hilfiger since, like, 2003, that’s ...


Raf In Retrospect

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Wed, 12.10.14 at 5:18pm

Style Dot Com got the exclusive look at the upcoming 032c Raf Simons 20 year retrospective issue that features a lengthy interview with man himself. The excerpt features Raf dishing on the Internet and how fashion is afraid to evolve. ...


NYPD Seizes More Than $2 Million In Fake Goods

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Wed, 12.10.14 at 4:37pm

A seven-month investigation by the NYPD known as “Operation Treasure Hunt” culminated yesterday with the seizure of more than $2 million worth of counterfeit goods in a Queens warehouse raid according to WWD. Officers sawed through the “Louis Vuitton of locks” to ...


Puffy Vest Infomercials

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Wed, 12.10.14 at 4:19pm

You guys still fuck with puffy vests? Probably not. You guys probably just swaddle yourselves in a bunch of antique cloth and old quilts. Well I still fuck with puffy vests because they are the shit. They go with everything. ...


Your First Look At Pusha T x Adidas

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Wed, 12.10.14 at 3:44pm

GQ got the exclusive first look at the upcoming Pusha T x Adidas collaboration set to hit stores on December 23rd and spoke to the man himself about some of the inspiration behind the shoes. By all accounts, Pusha is ...


Pigalle’s $348 Mesh Shorts Are The Ultimate “Come Thru” Move

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Wed, 12.10.14 at 3:20pm

Holy shit, these are $348 dollar mesh shorts. Pigalle is fucking insane. If you buy these and don’t immediately text every single person you’ve ever wanted to have sex with a pic of you wearing them, what the fuck are ...

ervell csc

Turn Up With Patrik Ervell At Carson Street

Written by
Wed, 12.10.14 at 2:28pm

Maybe it’s because we’re totally good friends with the guys at Carson Street or maybe it’s because Patrik Ervell is a prophetic genius who makes amazing clothes, but we had to bring your attention to this Patrik Ervell pop-up going ...

holiday shopping

NEWSFLASH: Holiday Shopping Deals Online Are Not Actually Deals At All

Written by
Wed, 12.10.14 at 2:17pm

By now, everyone has heard the blowback about Black Friday and made up their minds about it. Either you go full turbo despite busting at the seams with Thanksgiving leftovers or you believe it’s just a ploy for stores to ...


Pop Up Flea NYC 2014 Is Here

Written by
Wed, 12.10.14 at 1:48pm

AYY FAMOTRON, IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. POP UP FLEA, BITCHES. I still haven’t made it to the Pop Up Flea in NYC yet, but it always seems like a good time. I know for a fact you get ...

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Inside London’s Mysterious (And Incredibly Lame) Sock Society

Written by
Wed, 12.10.14 at 1:34pm

Do you love socks with every fiber of your being? Are you willing to pay real, actual dollars to become a member of a club that revolves solely around socks? Well, you are in luck, because the Sock Club of ...


The IT Guy Really Stepped His Game Up

Written by
Wed, 12.10.14 at 1:04pm

I’m a big fan of what Mountain Research has been making. Take this funnel neck sweatshirt for example. I love shit like this. I had a sweatshirt very much like this one, except I bought it in Montreal and it ...