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Trophies (And Nike Does Have Some Slides For That)

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 3:14pm

TROPHIES (and Nike does have some slides for that). Personally, I know these are fucking ridiculous and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sandals in New York City streets because I value both my personal health and brand too much,...


Everybody Wants To Be The Boss, But Nobody Wants To Be The Boss: Why Being A Soldier Is Best

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 2:42pm

Gatorade ran an entire ad campaign based on the fact that kids wanted to be like Michael Jordan. There was even the corny jingle to go along with it. It makes all sense though. MJ was the alpha male of...


The North Face Purple Label Fall/Winter 2014 Is Toasty

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 2:13pm

And you can bet your ass I mean toasty like Quizno’s, motherfucker. The North Face Purple Label’s collection are always some form of on point. Usually, it’s with like some crazy leopard or zebra print though. This time around, they...

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Standing On Top Of Your Laptop Reciting “O Captian! My Captain!”

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 1:24pm

I’m gonna write about this Coppens sweatshirt despite just writing about another Tim Coppens sweatshirt because Tim Coppens is the fucking man despite me probably having to write a replacement hit for this because my editor will send me an...

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Joggers For People Who Never Go Jogging

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 12:30pm

OH SNAP, BARENA OUT HERE MAKING JOGGER PANT TROUSERS. Lmao I hate that phrase “jogger pants,” especially since absolutely no one will ever jog in them. Dubious nomenclature aside, these sweatpant trouser hybrid things are dope because you can wear...


(The Rest Of) Summer Movie Preview Blowout Spectacular!

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 11:59am

August is almost halfway over, which means soon you’ll have to pack up your beach umbrellas and put your Slip’N Slides back into your Slip’N Slide closet. But you aren’t the only one who is packing up for summer. Oh...


Caucasian Anime Characters

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 11:35am

Oh shit, peep that new C.E. aka Cav Empt aka that brand you pretend to like because that one chick who looks like a Caucasian anime character and captions all her selfies “it me” wore a Cav Empt coach’s jacket...


Too Cool For Online Shopping

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 11:22am

Let’s talk about these Needles long cardigan/shirt looking tings, dawgies. YEP, I can confirm these things are very tight. I like Needles a lot and if it wasn’t for their self-imposed scarcity I’d probably own a lot more of their...


Pretentious Since The 18th Century

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 10:54am

Wow, End are all up on that fancy French garb hype. A whole bunch of Arpenteur just dropped and, as you dawgies already know, I fuck heavily with that fancy French garb. Arpenteur have produced some really cool looking jawns in...


Talking To Teens And Revisiting Raf Simons Spring/Summer 1997

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 10:31am

This nifty guide on “How To Talk To Your Teen” brings up some salient points. You’re probably wondering why I’m even having you read some tips on talking to teens in the first place. Well, for starters, because these are...


Pretty Chill Hat TBH

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 10:14am

Like, a week ago or something, “Arby,” my Editor-in-chief, emailed me this link to this “pretty chill hat tbh.” I checked it out and was like, “Alright. Word. This is a pretty chill hat, I guess.” And then promptly forgot...


New York City Street Style: August 11, 2014

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 9:46am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish....


Aug 8th


An Abraham Lincoln On Deck Just In Case Of Emergency

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 5:04pm

Tim Coppens is one of those designers that I still completely fan out over in, like, an embarrassing way. Back in the day, when I didn’t even have a blog, I low-key convinced myself that when I got older and...


Who Inspires The People Who Inspire You?

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 4:35pm

Do you guys ever wonder who inspires the people who inspire you? I’m not actually sure if Shinsuke Takizawa has inspired you or not, but I bet at some point you’ve at least contemplated buying something from Neighborhood and I...


BREAKING: Daiki Suzuki Gets A Haircut And Tries On Some Clothes

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 3:41pm

If you don’t regularly check out then you don’t really love cool things. Take for example, this quick little behind-the-scenes feature of Engineered Garments’ own and my BFF Daiki Savior getting a shape-up and trying on some fucking amazing...