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Voluntarily Remaining More Uncomfortable Than You Technically Have To

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 4:20pm

You guys aren’t one of those weird guys that have proscriptions on particular items of clothing are you? I know people who refuse to wear shorts, which boggles my mind. Why would you voluntarily remain more uncomfortable than you technically...


Too Cool For School Internet Caucasity

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 3:35pm

Damn, remember when the adjective/adverb of choice for too cool for school Internet Caucasity was “wavy”? Too bad this shirt didn’t come out then. Now when I describe this TS(S) shirt, I can’t say it’s wavy because that won’t reach...


Inside PacSun’s Big Year

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 2:59pm

The douchebags over at Complex Style just went inside the elusive, mysterious, sometimes magical world of one of the world’s most hyped-up retailers, PacSun. Okay, so PacSun is basically none of those things, but the point is that they’re trying...

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Cav Empt Spring/Summer 2014 Is Picture Day For Rich Kids

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 2:29pm

Cav Empt is crazy because their collections always vibe so futuristic to me, but when I really look at the individual pieces, they’re fairly contemporaneous to our own timeline. Same with the backdrops used for S/S 14. They’re like those...


The CFDA Award Nominations Are In

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 2:02pm

The CFDA Awards are probably the only important award given to fashion designers, which is why they’re a big fucking deal. Unlike, say, film, where there are the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Oscars, for fashion designers, the CFDA Awards...


Waiting Until We’re Hands On With Eastlogue

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 1:31pm

Do you guys still read blogs? ‘CAUSE I DO. I was perusing the good ol’ ACL the other day and the homie Jake Gallagher wrote about this Korean brand that looks like a cross between EG, Nigel Cabourn and White...


Become Somebody’s Step-Dad By Week’s End

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 1:12pm

Y’all are tripping on some sweet ass drugs because this Supreme mesh pullover is still available. Oh, I’m sorry, is looking like a 46-year-old bald man on a drizzly day after 18 holes not good enough for you? Fuck, this...


Beef Squashed: Men’s Wearhouse Acquires Jos. A. Bank For $1.8 Billion

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 12:49pm

I’ve been Four Pins’ official beat reporter for the Jos. A. Bank vs. Men’s Wearhouse beef that has been shattering lives and striking fear into the hearts of sellers of crappy suits everywhere. Thankfully, much like Jay Z vs. Nas—with...


You Don’t Really Have A Say In The Matter

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 12:03pm

Why do you need a jacket that’s turned inside out? I don’t know, but The Fresh Prince did it before he went on to become a Scientologist and birth the world’s most insufferable teenager, and it looked fucking awesome. Plus,...


Totes Deep

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Wed, 03.12.14 at 10:52am

This White Mountaineering shirt is actually pretty conservative and plain when you consider the designer. I mean, it still has fabric-covered buttons and a bunch of totally necessary, but completely unnecessary embroidered embellishments, so you still know it’s a White...


Mar 11th


Body Your Springtime Butt

Written by
Tue, 03.11.14 at 4:45pm

John Elliott aka Cashmoney Rushmore aka Lord Disick’s Cotton Consigliere just dropped a brand spanking new grip of sweatpants and sweatshorts to body your springtime butt. While his Escobar sweats have been his eponymous collection’s runaway favorite, the Lima sweatpants might...


The First Bullet Point On Your Intro To Fashion Syllabus

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Tue, 03.11.14 at 2:50pm

Throw your hands in the air if you a true player (that loves contrast sleeves). The gray and black work well together and the slightly contrasting back panel is just translucent and weird enough to let people know you spent...

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Broji Yamabroto

Written by
Tue, 03.11.14 at 2:09pm

Remember those Y-3 Adidas Superstars with the frilly, tallit-like threads? Well, that same sort of thing is now happening with the Stan Smith thanks to Broji Yamabroto. This time around, a black canvas is utilized alongside grey suede and white...


Wishing You Were Still Young And Dumb Enough To Smoke A Joint In Public

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Tue, 03.11.14 at 1:09pm

I know what you guys are thinking, “IT’S GONNA BE, LIKE, 50 DEGREES OUTSIDE SOON. SPRING HAS SPRUNG, SO WHY ARE YOU SHOWING US SCARVES? ALSO, WHY DO YOU STILL USE CAPS LOCK?” But slow your fucking roll, my guy....


To Stunt, Not Train

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Tue, 03.11.14 at 12:18pm

Wow, Feit brought out a really complicated manufacturing process for their new trainers. Like most expensive trainers, you can’t actually wear these to train in, but you can wear them to stunt in. And let’s be honest, being a little...