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The Beauty Of Getting Lost This Summer

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 11:17am

As a kid I never liked the summer. I always expected too much of it, thinking I needed to have the best summer ever and inevitably setting myself up for failure by staying inside reading books all day. Of course,...


Exactly What They Say On The Tin

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 10:46am

Wow, this is the second pair of trousers I’ve posted about this week. I’m like that guy you know who used to be cool, but since he had a kid he just keeps telling you about really boring things that...


Market Week Recap: Marshall Artist Spring/Summer 2015

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 10:38am

We know the sweet release when you cop the most fire piece of clothing that coincidentally also costs upwards of four bills. But we can also get behind the idea of accessible fashion. Besides, we know you just load up...

Four Pins Newsletter


Jul 23rd


Poster Pages

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 5:52pm

Guys, we need to reinvest in magazines printed in languages that we are actually capable of reading. Or not. I mean, I really like the intellectual and cultural flex of telling people that “I don’t have to be able to...


Market Week Recap: Manastash Spring/Summer 2015

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 5:19pm

How much camping do you do? None? OK, how much camping to you want to do? Also none? OK, how much camping do you want to look like you do? A fuckton? That’s more like it. And that’s why Manastash...


Canvas Cousins

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 5:05pm

Spring Court will always be a favorite of mine because the sneakers aren’t that pricey and the insoles are mint scented. So, it is with great pleasure that I present these particular suede joints that are little bit fancier and...


Market Week Recap: AXS Folk Technology Spring/Summer 2015

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 4:52pm

When it’s hot out, every style writer tells you to wear light fabrics. I mean, just ask our boy Dave Infante. Listen though, if you’re wearing seersucker, you have two options: 1. Look like a goddamn fool dancing your ass...


A $700 Sleeping Bag For When You Go Fancy Camping With Rich Girls

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 4:29pm

Scout Seattle, we know about ya. I see you swapping out Italian selvedge for that raw, uncut Japanese shit and subsequently flipping what was already the most expensive sleeping bag of all time at $487 into a $712 yam. I...


Stuffy Old Man Fabrics

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 3:57pm

08 Sircus has a brand name that makes me think of a sneaker company founded in Venice Beach that hires models to wear bikinis at their booth during trade shows. But, evidently, it’s a brand that makes really fancy blousons....

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Exclusive: Your First Look At John Elliott Spring/Summer 2015

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 3:34pm

We love John Elliott and we know that you love John Elliott, which is why we had to hit him up ASAP to cop a little preview of his S/S 15 collection to get the blood flowing. Fortunately for fans...


Our Legacy Fall/Winter 2014 Is For Everyone And, Yet, Too Weird For Anyone

Written by
Wed, 07.23.14 at 3:15pm

Our Legacy’s F/W 14 collection and lookbook is very conceptual and, like, futuristic. And by futuristic I don’t mean robot chauffeurs, I mean this is how we should all be dressing in T-minus a few years. As the brand grows,...


Market Week Recap: Diemme Spring/Summer 2015

Written by
Wed, 07.23.14 at 12:33pm

Online fashion is great because half the time we read about labels we think we know how to pronounce and then when we hear them said in real life we come to the convenient conclusion that we were dead fucking...


Agenda Show NYC Style

Written by
Wed, 07.23.14 at 12:17pm

Snapping streetwear's market....


Market Week Recap: Norse Projects Spring/Summer 2015

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 11:56am

The outerwear game was strong at Capsule this year. With Spring/Summer on the mind, many brands opted in for lightweight jackets and shackets (shirt jackets are perfect for layering, bro), but nobody slaughtered the temperate and rainy months like Norse...


Market Week Recap: Mark McNairy Spring/Summer 2015

Written by
Wed, 07.23.14 at 11:29am

One of the OGs of the Capsule scene, Mark McNairy once again strolled through the show with his signature brand of fuck you fashion. Mark’s S/S 15 collection has a little bit of everything: T shirts with ironic phrases straight...