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Check Your Hubris At The Door

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Tue, 10.21.14 at 2:23pm

Damn, Orslow is one of those brands everyone always tells me I would love and should buy because of my personal aesthetic. And for a while I was like, “Fuck you, guys. I’m a fashion writer. I know what brands ...


Warmer And Better Fitting Than A Trash Bag

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 1:57pm

Okay, okay, this CMMN SWDN coat looks a bit like a trash bag at first glance. I fully understand that. But we’re all so committed to the homeless, Derelicte trend that I’m willing to literally look like I fused a ...


Boobs And Rothko

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 12:02pm

You guys gotta know that I really like Stephan Schneider’s designs because I can never remember how to spell his name. He’s like my menswear Nietzsche. I could never remember how to spell that fucker’s name all through college until ...


Senior VP Of Email GIFs

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 11:35am

God, I hate trousers—wool trousers, cotton trousers, flannel trousers, doesn’t matter. I possess a serious dislike. They’re stuffy and remind me of “business,” and “responsibility” and “being an adult.” Because I’ve never been, and likely never will be, involved with ...


Footwear Conversations

Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 11:00am

Stussy and Timberland teamed up once again to make these special edition “Euro Hikers.” For some reason (read: being too lazy to do even the slightest bit of research), I always just called this Timberland model the field boot, but ...



Written by
Tue, 10.21.14 at 10:23am

Kickstarting Ronnie Fieg's new era. ...


Currently Residing On Your Girlfriend’s Pinterest Board

Written by
Mon, 10.20.14 at 4:05pm

Since you guys are my style confidants and the only ones who (occasionally) listen to my musings about style, you already know I wear black and blue clothing almost exclusively. But goddamn, lately, burgundy is really making a case to ...


Pasta Party

Written by
Mon, 10.20.14 at 3:29pm

According to Tres Bien this Apesi “Vodka coat” is “crafted from polyamide.” I have no fucking clue what polyamide is and I don’t know why Aspesi calls this a vodka coat. What I do know is that I love penne ...


A Dope Smock For A Lame Afternoon

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 2:53pm

Mamnick is doing some dope shit over in the UK. Take these Edale smocks for example, inspired by walking jackets of the 1950s originally made from cottons and tweeds before shit like nylon and Gore-Tex caught on/was invented. Mamnick decided ...


What The Men’s Magazines Don’t Tell You

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Mon, 10.20.14 at 2:19pm

Guys, I’m really super sorry about all the topcoats I’ve written about in the past few weeks. It’s a problem, I know. You can only wear one coat at a time, which should theoretically limit how often I write about ...


Special And Exotic

Written by
Mon, 10.20.14 at 1:34pm

I’ve always been a big fan of Puma. I remember buying this black/neon blue Puma tracksuit in my final year of high school. Everybody dug it. Dudes I’d never seen before would pop up and ask me where I copped. ...


Outerwear To Get Lit In

Written by
Mon, 10.20.14 at 1:10pm

Wow, this Eidos blouson is super clean. Let the record show that the perfect piece of outerwear to get totally fucking lit in is a blouson. Meaning, it’s not big and cumbersome like a coat, field jackets have too many ...


Why You Dress Subtly

Written by
Mon, 10.20.14 at 12:31pm

I’m super into this Portuguese Flannel shirt. Wildly literal brand name aside, I like it because it’s formal enough to wear with a jacket, but still casual enough to wear on its own. And this is the kind of fire ...

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Beautiful Fül Fall/Winter 2014 Is For Aspiring Renegades

Written by
Mon, 10.20.14 at 12:03pm

Beautiful Fül is one of the most low-key, underrated brands out. I don’t know if you can be low-key and underrated. Maybe it should be low-key amazing or low-key, like, the fucking best. Either way, don’t let my feeble grasp ...


Discovering New Euphemisms For Cocaine

Written by
Mon, 10.20.14 at 11:34am

This Baracuta G9 is all white, but I won’t call it “coke white” because, according to the copy, this colorway is called “McQueens Stone.” GUYS, WE JUST DISCOVERED A NEW EUPHEMISM FOR COCAINE. “Aye, I got that McQeens Stone. Shit ...