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The Dark Lord Of Fashion Is Just Like Your Mom

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 2:30pm

It’s been, like, four months since I’ve noted my favorite Rick Owens fact in the entire known universe: Rick Owens designs coats to have pockets big enough for a book and a sandwich. That shit makes me smile no matter ...


The Neighborhood Lifestyle

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 1:58pm

Neighborhood makes a lot of garments that I would like to purchase for myself, such as this Navy-inspired coat. The Neighborhood lifestyle involves me owning two or three automobiles from the mid to late ’60s that I work on occasionally, ...


The Year Pop Culture Was In Love With The Coco: On Cocaine’s Comeback

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 1:39pm

In Pulp Fiction, John Travolta buys some heroin and his dealer goes, “Coke is fucking dead as dead. Heroin—it’s coming back in a big fucking way.” That was the height of heroin chic. You know, when Calvin Klein deliberately styled ...


The Future Of Robot Mannequins

Written by
Fri, 12.19.14 at 1:30pm

In today’s “shopping is about to get really fucking creepy” news, The New York Times took a look at the future of the mannequin thanks to a company that develops and sells displays with embedded electronic sensors. The mannequin is an extremely ...


Fancy Sweatpants Changed My Life

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 1:02pm

I am not swaggerless. As a prerequisite to write for The Pins, you have to submit to rigorous swag testing. Lawrence personally flies out to your home and combs through your closet. If he doesn’t pour the contents of your ...

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How Did The Great Instagram Purge Affect Fashion Bloggers?

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 12:34pm

Assuming you’re not an old and were even remotely alive you noticed that yesterday Instagram threw down the hammer of justice on the millions of bot and spam accounts taking up space on the social media photo sharing platform. The ...

bad santa

In Celebration Of Bad Santa, The Realest Christmas Movie Of All Time

Written by
Fri, 12.19.14 at 12:05pm

Christmas is a sham and if you disagree your upbringing was too comfortable. It’s a holiday that took Jesus’ birthday and trampled it in a stampede of Walmart shoppers. But getting presents is tight. Such is the struggle of the ...


Shopping Japan With Four Pins: White Mountaineering, Shibuya

Written by
Fri, 12.19.14 at 11:30am

"Shopping Japan With Four Pins" is an ongoing series in which Amardeep Singh takes us on a tour of the country's best shops. ...


The Week In NBA Style: December 19, 2014

Written by
Fri, 12.19.14 at 11:10am

Pauly C vs. the National Basketball Association. ...


Tax-Free Menthols

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 10:50am

Context had The Hill-Side make them this jacket from Brown’s Beach Cloth and then promise that no one else could sell it. I don’t blame Context. This jacket is fucking awesome. I want to found a private club/society that raises ...


Woman Tricks Everyone And Becomes An Instagram Celebrity For The Sake Of Art

Written by
Thu, 12.18.14 at 5:28pm

Amalia Ulman has 240 posts and 65,000 followers on Instagram, but the content of every single one of those photos is 100% fake. Not because she’s some Russian stripper that always shows up in my Tinder matches, but because for ...


Homeless Dudes In The Year 2035

Written by
Thu, 12.18.14 at 5:01pm

The gawdess Dana Lee always makes one or two pieces that fit perfectly into my current aesthetic, which right now is a strange mix of technical gear and super old fashioned gear. So, like, a homeless dude in the year ...


Which Fashion Brand Names Are Actually Real People And Which Ones Are Bullshit?

Written by
Thu, 12.18.14 at 4:40pm

It’s usually pretty easy to tell which fashion brands are named after real people. Typically, brand names are eponymous: Patrik Ervell, Tim Coppens, Marc Jacobs, the list goes on. But there are a few out there that are a bit more ...


Legendary Former Shopping Addict And Author, Buzz Bissinger, Is Auctioning Off All His Clothes

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 4:02pm

Do you remember last year when Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights and noted journalist, wrote a super long piece for GQ about his shopping addiction? The dude who bought so much Gucci and so much leather that he single-handedly took down a ...


Social Stumbles Working To Your Advantage

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 3:37pm

I fucking love casual but still kind of dressy trousers. Generally, they’re wool and in the case of these trousers from Garbstore (available in navy and grey herringbone), can be paired with a corresponding jacket to make a pretty great ...