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Balmain Bikers For The Financially Challenged

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Thu, 07.03.14 at 11:21am

For some strange reason, I find it incredulously difficult to justify dropping more than $300 on a pair of jeans. A $900 Junya raincoat? I live in London. It rains a lot. Consider that shit an “investment.” A $2,000 Saint ...


“Fashion Bros!” Episode 17

Written by
Thu, 07.03.14 at 10:46am

Clothes before hoes. ...


2014: The Year Of The Wahlberg

Written by
Thu, 07.03.14 at 10:40am

Is 2014 the year of Mark Wahlberg? The short answer is: Yes. The long answer is: Yes, definitely. Wahlberg has a ridiculous SEVEN movies coming out this year, starting with Transformers: Age of Extinction, in which talking robot trucks are ...


Lying To Your Family

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 4:35pm

Guys, I’ve wanted a LexDray Tokyo Pack since I saw a LexDray Tokyo Pack on the Internet. I just can’t stop envisioning myself wearing it on my annual trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong that doesn’t exist. Check out all ...

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You Can Already Buy What’s Basically The A.P.C. KANYE Parka

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 3:52pm

A.P.C. just dropped their F/W 14 collection online and it’s full of good shit, but I couldn’t help but notice how familiar this “US Parka” looks just a day after A.P.C. KANYE F/W 14 was unveiled. In short, the US ...


A Sedentary And Luxurious Existence

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 3:32pm

You know I fucks heavily with MAAS & Stacks because I can’t just right-click-save the photos on their site. Nope, I gotta “inspect element” and find the images the hard way. DO YOU SEE THE SACRIFICES I MAKE FOR YOU ...


Really Long Names For Simple Sneakers

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 3:10pm

The Adidas Element Refine Tricot has a really long name for such a simple ass sneaker. This shoe reminds me of those swim shoes that were super popular amongst our parents in the ’90s. Remember swim shoes? Yeah, me too. ...


My World Cup Diary

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 2:49pm

JUNE 12: Wow! I was truly surprised when Four Pins offered to send me down to Brazil to cover the World Cup. I have almost no reporting background, and have far less soccer knowledge than, say, someone who covers soccer ...


Growing Up Punk And Never Looking Back

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 2:32pm

I spent my entire childhood practicing for a future occupation as Brian Padilla, the Punk Rock God. I watched grainy, shitty Sex Pistols performances, made my mom cop four electric guitars and played five chords repeatedly, as loud as physically ...


Diversifying Our Narc Dad Stock

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 2:20pm

Wow, I’ve never once in my life thought jeans when I think Stone Island, but these Stone Island narc dad jeans are pretty on point. Sure, you’re thinking, “Why wouldn’t I just grab some OG Ervell jeans if I was ...

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Maison Kitsuné Spring/Summer 2015 Balances The Vibes

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 1:37pm

Kitsuné is one of those brands that walks the line between expensive, minimal clothes you tell yourself you’ll wear forever, and high-end streetwear you’ll wear just to prove to everyone wearing Supreme that you’re better than them. Which, to be ...


Aimé Leon Dore Pre-Fall 2014 Is A Thirst Atomic Bomb

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 12:54pm

NEW AIME LEON DORE ALERT. NEW AIME LEON DORE ALERT. Not only did this brand sell out their entire debut collection of dope basics, but the brand just dropped images of its Pre-Fall 14 collection onto Instagram like a thirst ...


Seeing Dior In Your Future

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 12:32pm

Dawgies, I was scrolling through my v sfw Tumblr feed yesterday when these celestial looking Dior Homme S/S 15 sneakers somehow managed to crawl their way out from between two bukakke GIFs. I’m a big fan of your boy Kris ...


The Four Pins Guide To Pimping Your Ride

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 12:09pm

Make Xzibit proud. ...


It’s Unisex If You Want It To Be

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 11:41am

“Who’s this new chick with the mad futuristic sounding name writing for my favorite website?” I hear all you thirst lords prowling around my shit like I’m “French-American writer Emily Lever.” Newsflash, you human dehumidifiers: My name is unisex, just ...