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Imagining Jordan x High-End Fashion Collaborations

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 2:31pm

Dead Dilly, who we recently commissioned to imagine Kanye x Adidas and even rebranded the NBA, is back with a new series of illustrations that imagine collabs between Jordan and high-end fashion labels. While merely a dream, a lot of ...


Not So Guaranteed Lifetime Guarantees

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 2:10pm

Have you ever justified a purchase by telling yourself that the company has lifetime guarantee for the product? Yeah, me too. Hopefully, you aren’t like the asshole in Pearson v. Chung, who sued a local store for $54 million in ...


What Happened To Summer Vacation?

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 1:28pm

WOOOOO! FLORAL BUCKET HAT ON DECK FOR MY SUMMER VACATION STEEZ. Remember when summer vacation was a real, actual thing in your life? Now, summer vacation is the same as every other day except you’re more sweaty than usual. But ...


Instead Of Pondering High-Level Societal Commentary, Just Robocop

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 12:51pm

Am I to assume that perforated garments are a comment on social media and the Internet age and how we all overshare with strangers rendering us “transparent”? LOL NAH. Instead of pondering high-level societal commentary, just robocop this fucking laser ...


Are Women The New Sneakerheads?

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 11:55am

Sneakers in fashion and fashionable sneakers currently have a stranglehold on the style community. We at The Pinz rave about high-end sneakers and new Nikes on a daily basis, an infatuation that’s lead to some more senior members of the ...


Specificity Is Important In History

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 11:36am

Wow, what a relaxed shirt. Linen, zippered placket, shawl collar, this Our Legacy shirt basically screams, “Hey guys, I’m out of the office for the next three and a half weeks, using my sabbatical time to live on a macadamia ...


Throwing Caution To The Wind And Purchasing Ridiculous Garments

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 10:52am

You’ve probably seen these Rebuild by Needles flannels all over the Internet and on Four Pins before because they’re dope as fuck. They look so good in lookbooks on my computer screen, but I’ve never seen a guy in real ...


Biggest #Menswear Nerd Of All Time Writes 60 Page Masters Thesis On Tres Bien Shop

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 10:33am

Clearly we love to write about menswear, but goddamn, son. Someone at Paris-Sorbonne University just published their Master’s thesis paper on one of the greatest online stores: Tres Bien Shop. Part of me wants to tell this dude to just ...


Steroid Allegations

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 5:07pm

If you don’t have a luxe basbeall jersey by now you’re straight trippin’, dawgie. Luckily, the peoples at Inventory and Ebbets Field have teamed up on some v minimal joints you can wear with everything. Rock these over a plain ...


Be Like Daiki

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 4:15pm

Whenever I see some behind the scenes footage or shots from a runway show or presentation, I’m always struck by how the designers dress themselves. I always expect Daiki Suzuki to be wearing a weird popover, an apron, a tunic ...


The Dirty Secret Of Bucket Hats

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 3:53pm

A lot of people love to wear bucket hats. Our own Jon Moy is a self-proclaimed bucket hat aficionado. He’s even gone so far as to call himself a “bucket hat purist” when presented with more outlandish bucket hat options. ...


Very On And Poppington

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 3:05pm

Shoutout to UNIONMADE for talking about how many amazing features this Chimala waxed cotton pullover has, but only putting up one photo of the whole thing. I CAN’T EVEN SEE THE BACK DAWG? Cool. Here’s my 483 dollars. Seriously though, ...

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Acronym Spring/Summer 2014 Is Mesmerizing

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 2:25pm

If you haven’t heard of Acronym by now, I feel bad for you, son. These technical ass ninjas consistently makes some of the best outerwear in the game. I could give zero shits about a two-way zipper when Acronym brings ...


Thriving Outside The Dress Code

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 1:53pm

You gotta love The Wall Street Journal and its fashion-related articles. They’re always linking style and modes of dress with first impressions, social cache and how it can help you get ahead in business. If that were really the case, ...


Getting So Hammered That You Forget You Even Have Feet

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 1:23pm

April is coming, and as the saying goes, “April showers are fucking swagless.” Actually, at this rate I’d take warm rain over the relentless, if sunny, brickery we’re still enduring in NYC. I would be especially open to some springtime ...