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Russian Internet Cowboys

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 1:17pm

Russian designer names are so fire. Like, fuck, Vladimir Lenin? Grigori Rasputin? Gosha Rubchinskiy? That sounds like some historic Russian emperor that ran shit back in the 1500s and killed anyone who spoke ill against him. Such a fire name. ...


Nike x Fragment Tennis Classics Are Cheap And Beautiful

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 12:38pm

I know summer is pretty much definitely over (as if you even left your virgin bunker lmao), but you should already be preparing for 2015. That’s what separates us from the lames. These Nike x Fragment Tennis Classic SPs are ...


Clear Out Your Storage Unit

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 12:06pm

Raise your hand if you were on Tumblr during what I like to call “Peak Undercover.” That was around 2011-12 when all the lamestreamers (like myself) finally discovered Undercover, shit our collective pants and immediately deemed the brand the best ...


Wear This Sweater If You Want To Attract 30-Year-Old Women

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 11:53am

Haider Ackermann makes these oversized sweaters and they are dope. They vibe very Jordan Catalano. WOW, did I just throw out an extremely stale reference? Did you guys even watch My So-Called Life? ME NEITHER LMAO. That show was melodramatic ...


Massive Brand Crush

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 11:34am

I can’t even front, I have a massive brand crush on Ambush Design. The gawds Verbal and Yoon have built an empire out of nothing in little more than 12 years, collaborating with the likes of Colette and Louis Vuitton ...


BREAKING: High-End Brands Are Now Making High-End Sneakers

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 11:06am

Surprise, surprise, everyone, WWD did a piece on designer sneakers. You wouldn’t believe the renaissance they’re having in the high-end space. It’s really amazing. You may not believe it, but even some of the most mundane high-fashion sneakers for women ...


Mental Breakdowns Aside

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 10:46am

I don’t own any Alexander Wang. Why? I actually have no idea. Maybe I’m a basic bitch and I just don’t know it? This Melange Dobby Bomber Jacket is calling my name and, at barely $900, I could probably afford ...


Writing About Co-Workers

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Tue, 08.19.14 at 10:26am

I want everything in the Nanamica S/S 14 collection. That is not an exaggeration. In particular, I really want this crewneck sweatshirt. Why? BECAUSE OF SIDE SEAM POCKETS. Every garment needs to have side seam pockets: oxfords, T-shirts, anoraks, dresses, ...


If Ninjas Wore Big Ass Boots

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 5:17pm

Yuketen’s Maine Guide boots are certified classics. Buy them now so you don’t have to buy the commemorative edition in, like, five or ten years and pretend like you always loved them. You can do that with Only Built 4 ...

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Scientifically Proven To Attract Stains

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 4:49pm

Hoodies are the de facto fall outerwear. While we love side zips and any other bells and whistles to differentiate some high-end designer shit from your typical “check out all my student loans” number, not every joint can be so ...


Scott Disick Before He Met Kanye

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 4:05pm

Wow, there is a lot going on with this Sacai shirt. At first, it looks like one of those shirts Scott Disick wore before he met Kanye. But then you realize it’s reversible and has an elasticated hem and metal ...


Straightforward, Commercial Clothes (And Cathy Horyn) Are Back

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 3:43pm

Cathy Horyn, The New York Times’ iconic fashion critic who retired in January of this year, is back. The sharp-tongued, best-in-class voice who previously found herself at odds with many inside the industry, most notably Hedi Slimane and Oscar de la ...


BREAKING: Iraqi Fashion Is “Shitty” And “Weird”

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 3:08pm

Bullett’s out here doing the lord’s work, traveling to Iraq and reporting from the ground. And by “reporting,” I don’t mean talking about the crippling lack of infrastructure, the terrifying details of the ISIS campaign or the United States’ role ...

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Post-Branding Branding

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 2:46pm

Aside from our own Personal Brand™, we hate branding. The stuff Abercrombie, Hollister, and thousands of others made a living off of has effectively been deaded in 2k14. While some continue to sprinkle in some post-branding branding here and there ...


Fashionable, Chic And A Tad Bit Derelicte

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 2:08pm

Damn, I’m gonna have to cop my dude Robert Geller an Edible Arrangement or some shit in September because this linen long-sleeve is fucking fire. That double neckline detail? HOT LAVA. Slightly longer length? LA FLAME. You guys are probably ...