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Helping Corporate Stay In Touch With The Cool Teens™

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 4:31pm

Inventory low key, or maybe even high key, has been killing it for a long time now. They got two brick + mortar stores, a fucking magazine, and a robust online shop. Remember back in the day when you would’ve ...


Get Some Deals At Capsule Market Square In December

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 3:48pm

I know we play the “you must live in New York City” card occasionally, thus polarizing our audience that does not live in The Big Apple™. We’ll do better, I promise. But coming up is Capsule Market Square, a pretty ...

3sixteen jacket black

As Dark And Black As Your Soul

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 3:10pm

Notre in Chicago got the ill first drop on this 3Sixteen denim jacket. 3Sixteen is obviously going to make a solid denim jacket and the black warp and weft threads will make sure the jacket stays as dark and black ...


Expect Mr. T To Slide Into Your DMs

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 2:40pm

This is a $175 piggy bank. Mr. Porter calls it a “money box” which is a not-so subtle way of telling you that if you put coins instead of folded up bills into this piggy bank, you are just so ...


Daily Routine Stories That Cool Guys Are Always Featured In

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 2:03pm

This is a nice Chesterfield coat from N. Hoolywood. It’s got a single button, which is how you know it’s perfect for that early winter morning coffee run. The kind you would say you always do if you ever got ...


Y-3 Spring/Summer 2015 Footwear Goes Full Ninja

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 1:29pm

When I see the lineups for Y-3 I get a little flustered and attempt to breakdown my finances for the next six months. I bust out math I haven’t used since I took algebra II during my junior year of high ...


Dressing Like A “Fashion Insider” Is Way Easier Than It Sounds

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 12:50pm

It’s always the coolest people who dress the plainest. Take, for example, Riccardo Tisci and his self-professed love of Air Force Ones. He wears them almost every day, which is admittedly kind of boring, but that’s what being a “fashion ...


Machus Celebrates Third Anniversary With Three Collaborations

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 11:57am

Dear Justin Machus, Thanks for allowing a throwaway quip about rare hemlines to become a running joke. Thanks for laughing at our tongue-in-cheek editorials about Chico’s influencing #menswear and street goths. Thanks for bringing tall tees back. Thanks, also, for ...


TV Anchor Wears Same Suit Every Day For A Year, Nobody Notices

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 11:40am

Karl Stefanovic of Australia’s Today, (who you may know from interviewing Grumpy Cat) wore the same navy suit every day for an entire year on the show in a display of support for his co-anchor, Lisa Wilkinson. The whole thing was ...


Supreme x The North Face Fall/Winter 2014 Scales Mount Hypebeast

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 10:52am

If you’re camping out for the latest Supreme drop, you gotta stay warm and alive so you can actually buy that one box logo shirt you’ve always wanted. With that seemingly in mind, Supreme put together all the essentials in ...


New York City Street Style: November 17, 2014

Written by
Mon, 11.17.14 at 10:17am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


The Definitive Frozen Pizza (And More) Rankings

Written by
Sat, 11.15.14 at 12:02pm

A few nights ago I stood waiting as one of my healthy yoga babe roommates pulled three fat, juicy, farm fresh chicken breasts from the oven. They were sprinkled with fresh thyme, mint from our garden, sea salt and crushed ...


Bathrooms Are For Customers Only

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 4:43pm

I feel like I’ve been writing a lot about sweatshirts. I’m no scientist, but I think it has something to do with the weather. Or maybe the fact that on most days I tend to work from home, which means ...


Instagram Famous Grandma May Be World’s Oldest Fuccgurl

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 4:05pm

You may have never heard of Baddie Winkle until today, but now you’ll never forget her, I promise you that. The Instagram and Twitter famous senior citizen has already amassed a mind-blowing 400k and 254k followers respectively by posting various selfies ...


An In-Depth Look At The Adidas Tubular

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 3:44pm

As Adidas attempts to rebound and really get back into the sneaker game against Nike and Jordan Brand, its most recent effort might be the one to really do it. The Tubular has been teased endlessly for the past few ...