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Our Legacy Fall/Winter 2015 Lacks Rap Squats, But Still Bangs

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Thu, 01.22.15 at 2:04pm

We did the same thing last market week with Our Legacy: saw it in person at MAN and then dropped the lookbook the next day, so why not do the exact same rollout strategy for F/W 15? Besides, it’s better ...


Off-White Fall/Winter 2015 Does Literally Everything At Once

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Thu, 01.22.15 at 1:35pm

Yesterday, Virgil Abloh teased what his forthcoming F/W 15 collection for Off-White would look like and this morning he presented it for the world to see. His apparent focus on mountaineering and hiking wasn’t a front either. This thing is chock ...


Shopping Japan With Four Pins: Nigel Cabourn, The Army Gym, Nakameguro

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Thu, 01.22.15 at 12:59pm

"Shopping Japan With Four Pins" is an ongoing series in which Amardeep Singh takes us on a tour of the country's best shops. ...


Exploring The Past, Present And Murky Future Of New York Fashion Week

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Thu, 01.22.15 at 12:29pm

Nowadays, we tend to take New York Fashion Week for granted. It comes to the city and fucks everything up for a couple weeks and then, just as quick as it came, it leaves and everything returns to normal. But ...


The Best (And Most Ridiculous) Looks From Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015: Part II

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Thu, 01.22.15 at 12:00pm

F/W 15 is here. ...


Market Week Recap: Uniforms For The Dedicated Fall/Winter 2015

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Thu, 01.22.15 at 11:47am

We probably don’t give Uniforms For The Dedicated enough shine around these parts if I’m being completely honest. It’s a brand in the fashion world with a conscience, one that champions the use of recycled fabrics and fibers and makes doing ...


Market Week Recap: Rascals Fall/Winter 2015

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Thu, 01.22.15 at 10:34am

What’s the deal with Copenhagen *Jerry Seinfeld voice*? I mean, seriously. Rascals and Han? In one city? We’ve said it before, but there’s something in the water over there. Anyways, I like Rascals because a lot of their gear is ...


Good Business Acumen

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 5:35pm

Check out this $612 dollar backpack from Bedwin & The Heartbreakers. It’s dope because it’s got molle webbing and two pockets on the back. Don’t complain about the price, for a couple of reasons: One, no one likes someone who ...


Market Week Recap: Arpenteur Fall/Winter 2015

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 5:14pm

Shoutout to Arpenteur for making basically the same exact thing every single season and yet still keeping someone like me interested. I’m fickle as shit too, fam, so the fact that I still pay attention to Arpenteur says at least ...

Shot 20-007

Band Of Outsiders Fall/Winter 2015 Is Wes Anderson Light

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 4:45pm

I’ve never owned or predict myself owning a piece from Band of Outsiders, but goddamn if the brand doesn’t have a loyal following. The stick-thin arms and torso crowd needs a brand to rally behind and BoO seems the be ...


On The Internet No One Can Hear You Talk

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 4:12pm

S.N.S. Herning makes this sweater with an ill take on cable knit that’s kinda on some Unknown Pleasures type shit. I have to confess something. When I first heard about S.N.S. Herning, I thought the name was “S.N.S. Herring,” like ...


Virgil Abloh Talks Upcoming Off-White Collection And The Kids Finally Turning Their Backs On Him

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 3:47pm

Over at GQ, Will Welch sat down with supreme vibes ruler, Virgil Abloh of Off-White to talk about the brand’s F/W 15 collection which he’s showing in Paris tomorrow. As a part of this new guard of fashion designers that do ...


Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2015 Is For Reckless Stunting

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 3:07pm

Say what you want about him, but Tom Ford’s collections could never be mistaken for anyone else’s except, well, Tom Ford’s. His blend of wealth and power and unadulterated flexing really comes through every single time he drops a new collection. ...


Facing Adversity On The Path To Wearing Shorts

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 2:38pm

I think I just found my new favorite pair of shorts, so a big thank you to Stone Island for making these joints. And, while I’m at it, being all thankful and shit, thanks for throwing in a crotch gusset ...


Market Week Recap: MSL By Billy Reid Fall/Winter 2015

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 2:08pm

Billy Reid stands as probably the only prototypical Americana brand that we’re still paying rapt attention to these days. The Alabama native has the ability to weave together old school pieces with an overall luxe look we can get behind ...