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Do They Play Hockey In England?

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 1:07pm

Casely Hayford makes some pretty bomb shit. That’s about as simply I can put things. And while the “this brand fuses [one area of fashion] with [another slightly opposite area of fashion]” story has been beaten worse than a horse...


Ask Hadley Freeman About Menswear And You May Not Like The Answer

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 12:46pm

So, The Guardian’s Hadley Freeman, in her “Ask Hadley“ column, answered a query asking why men’s fashion coverage is so paltry compared to womenswear. And Freeman’s answer is, well, kind of insulting. Her main point is that menswear is either...


Tiptoeing In Your Tweed

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 12:34pm

Diemme makes these tweed slip-ons for you to tiptoe in. I know you could probably just buy a pair of Vans and call it a day, but would they be tweed and would they be Italian? Sometimes you just gotta...

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Peak Hybridization

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 12:11pm

I’ve discovered so much not trash hybrid clothing in the past 48 hours or so that I’ve racked my brain to see if I could fit in a Linkin Park Hybrid Theory reference, but so far I’ve come up empty. And...


Being A Snob Ruins Everything We Love About Fashion

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 11:52am

We’re all snobs, each and every one of us. Sometimes, we’re snobs about food. Other times, about movies. Maybe you’re one of those assholes that judges people on the fancy candles they burn when you come over. Me? I used...


The Saltiness Of Opening Ceremony x Adidas Stan Smiths Is Palpable

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 11:34am

There is an inverse relationship between the coolness of people who have ponies and clothing items that use pony hair. People who own ponies are decidedly uncool as fuck, but pony hair accents on sneakers? Even as a super masculine...


Sometimes You Gotta Lie To Yourself To Get Through The Week

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 11:16am

Guys, I have decided that this year I’m going to buy a really nice (read: expensive) wool cap. Normally, I just buy an olive drab joint from my local army navy surplus store and call it a winter. But my...


Acne Spring/Summer 2015 Is Super Sized

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 11:07am

If lookbooks are to be believed, it looks like Team Tight Pants could be on their way out. We honestly might be on the backswing of an oversized menswear movement ready to launch forward like the bat of an on...


All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go: The Perils Of Living Where No One Gives A Shit About #Menswear

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 10:47am

I have now seen anything plaid referred to as “flannel.” I have seen basketball shorts in a cocktail lounge, basketball shorts in a client meeting and jeans on a basketball court. I have lied about how much I paid for...


A Sweater Mirage

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Tue, 09.23.14 at 10:20am

UNIONMADE coming heavy with the single photo item listing. Sure, it happens all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less ballsy. You have to put your faith in these dudes to be good businessmen and not mislead you...


Sep 22nd


A Daily Routine Of Questionable Legality And Safety

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Mon, 09.22.14 at 5:40pm

Phenomenon dropping another phenomenal piece? Oh, that’s nothing new. Off the weirdness of that MA-1 with a million pockets on the back, the Japanese brand always come up with another way to chop and screw the ever popular flight jacket....


Carefully Calculated And Meticulously Planned

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Mon, 09.22.14 at 5:01pm

UNIS just beamed us over the first installment of their “Fall Looks” series of lookbooks. This one features their bomb varsities and bombers. Shit, I just realized using the adjective “bomb” probably wasn’t the best maneuver, but I already typed...


Finding Something Of Value In The Mall Aside From A Pretzel

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Mon, 09.22.14 at 4:41pm

I like Chapter’s clothing a lot because they stick to a totally neutral color palette and instead let the craft and silhouettes set themselves apart from other brands. Its sweaters rely on distinct textures and knitting patterns rather than gaudy...


Someone Was Bound To Say It To Your Face Eventually

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Mon, 09.22.14 at 4:19pm

I know that Monitaly is kind of a polarizing brand. You either love the quirky take on militaria and workwear or you just don’t get it. However, if you don’t like this sweatshirt (in black or heather grey) with a...

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A Fashion Week’s Worth Of Street Style In Under Three Minutes

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Mon, 09.22.14 at 3:44pm

We know, New York Fashion Week is over. But sometimes you gotta let things simmer and come back to them a little later to reflect on just how great they really were. Great friend of this here website and our...