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jnco comeback

Inside The JNCO Revival

Written by
Thu, 03.26.15 at 11:40am

By now we’re all aware that somehow, against all conceivable odds, JNCOs are back and re-launching this fall. But how the fuck did this happen exactly? Racked explores how this nonsense went down and why one of the most iconic ...


Global Citizen: How Robert Geller’s Life Became One Of Menswear’s Best Brands

Written by
Thu, 03.26.15 at 10:48am

Get to know one of the best designers working in men's fashion today. ...


Raf Simons, Cushion Designer

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 4:18pm

This is why fashion designers are so rad. Let’s be real, they can do whatever the fuck they want and it’s cool because they’re creative and inspiring. Remember when Rick Owens put a bunch of super insane, but very expensive ...


Cultured Clutches

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 3:28pm

Damn, the homie Mikael Kennedy is like the Indiana Jones of this antique rugs shit. Now, he’s letting people make clutches from 100 year old rug scraps. Yo, that is such a strong anecdote for a foldover clutch. Imagine you ...

mens week

The CFDA Details What To Expect From The First Ever New York Fashion Week: Men’s

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 3:07pm

Yesterday, The CFDA hosted a super secretive, invitation-only breakfast to hash out some plans and address the remaining goals before the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s kicks off this summer, according to WWD.  The major note that came out of the meeting, ...


Bragging About The Shit You Own

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Wed, 03.25.15 at 2:12pm

North American Quality Purveyors just dropped the newest Victory Sportswear model. Called the Speed Shü, it’s another fantastic, hand-lasted, individually stitched, resoleable sneaker done up in the most fire colorway of the year, black and tan. The cool thing about ...


BEAMS Spring/Summer 2015 Is Grimy, But Chill

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 1:37pm

Who is going to be the third brand to base their lookbook off the inherent ironic coolnes of a bowling alley? LVC did it for S/S 15 and now BEAMS is on board copping cheese fries at the snack bar. ...


Indigo, God’s Favorite Color

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 1:10pm

You guys tired of chore coats yet? Well, it doesn’t matter because, like I said before, I’M THE EIC NOW. This Needles zigzag stitch chore coat is dope because it has an unfinished style collar and is in God’s favorite ...

fran leibowitz

Fran Lebowitz Hates Your Shorts And, Well, Everything Really

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 12:41pm

Author and noted curmudgeon Fran Lebowitz is sort of like the Gilbert Gottfried of the fashion world: loud, a little obnoxious, but usually on point even if you don’t usually pay attention to her. Lebowitz gave an interview to Elle ...


Million Dollar Smiles And Thousand Dollar Outfits

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 12:30pm

Have you guys finally read enough articles and op-eds about cultural appropriation that wearing a noragi actually makes you feel weird? Well, thankfully the crew at ts(s) made this cardigan shirt. You can pretty much wear this cotton shirt exactly ...